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When developing these household magic machines, Xu Yi had used Magic Arrays as power sources, allowing these magic machines to perform the same task as those household electronics from earth.

The driving power supply of this was the Magic Crystal that powered the Magic Array.

Most times, there wasnt any interference because of this. The Magic Crystal supplied the Magic Array with the magic it needed to function and then it was turned into a variety of useful magic.

But when developing the Magic Lamp, Xu Yi had encountered a problem.

When Xu Yi was developing the Magic Lamp, he imagined the lights hung from the ceiling on earth which was used to light up the entire room. But because thee Magic Crystal and the Magic Array had to be together, if the Magic Lamp was put on the ceiling, the position of the switch became a problem.

Thinking about it, when one wanted to turn on the Magic Lamp on the ceiling, they had to use a ladder to push the switch on the ceiling. And to turn it off, they had to do the same thing. How troublesome this was.

The City Lords Manors banquet hall had many Magic Lamps on the ceiling and walls, that was because of the Lord City Lords special request and that the City Lords Manor had enough servants to take care of this matter.

But if it was a normal family, who would have the patience to climb up a ladder to turn on and off a Magic Lamp each day

Feeling helpless, Xu Yis plan of creating hanging lights turned into making a simple desk lamp in the end.

Although the Magic Desk Lamp sold very well, which surprised Xu Yi, it was all because of the very fine design that it had. It wasnt related to the well designed structure that Xu Yi considered the most important.

After this, Xu YI had requested Akali and Evita to research how to allow a Magic Crystal to provide energy to a Magic Array from a distance.

Xu Yi thought that this was very complex and it would be like the Magic Array coding that Sancheli couldnt finish even after such a long time, but he never thought that in just a few months, they would actually have concrete results!

Thinking of all the changes and possibilities that solving this problem could bring, Xu Yis voice began to tremble in excitement. He grabbed Akalis shoulders and asked, “Tell me, is it true Did you really solve this difficult problem”

“Sir chairman, it hurts.” Akali knit her brows as she pushed away Xu Yis hands holding her shoulders, “It isnt just this, keep watching.”

“Theres more Could it be that be a more important discovery than solving this problem” Xu Yi asked in surprise.

“Just keep watching.” Akali revealed a proud smile to Xu Yi, before raising her voice to call out, “Evita, you can start the second experiment!

After saying this, Akali reached out to point at the Magic Lamp that Evita had personally designed on the roof.

Xu Yi strangely looked up at the Magic Lamp. This thing just proved that Evita and the others had solved the problem of long distance magic transmission, could it be that they made something new

This thought had just appeared in Xu Yis mind when he noticed that the Magic Lamps light was actually dimming.

After looking carefully, he realized that it wasnt a mistake.

The bright white light of the Magic Lamp began to weaken in front of Xu Yis gaze. Not long after, the light that was strong enough to light the entire room became weaker, as it became a bit of light like a firefly in the night.

The Magic Lamp was about to extinguish, but the light gradually became stronger. Not long after, it became as bright as before.

When the light began to dim again, Xu YI suddenly shouted, “Stop!”

The Magic Lamp stopped changing. Xu Yi thought about it before shouting, “Evita, make it a bit brighter for me.”

Evita hiding in an unknown place outside the room gave a crisp response and the Magic Lamps light became brighter.

He looked up at the Magic Lamp on the ceiling before Xu Yi looked down at Akali and asked, “Akali, other than solving the problem of transmitting magic, did you also solve the energy gradation problem”

The smile on Akalis face became even more proud as she said with a smile, “Sir chairman, you guessed it”

“Answer me!” Xu Yi suddenly roared out.

Everyone was scared by this. Akali even held her chest in shock as she looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Sir chairman, you…..what is wrong with you Right, we solved the problem of magic gradation, how about it Could it be that youre not happy”

Xu Yi stared at Akali until she was covered in goosebumps and she couldnt help taking a step back. After a while, he broke out in laughter and moved in front of her, hugging her in front of everyone.

“Happy! Im too happy! Ha, ha, this is great! Too great! After solving these two problems, my ideals can be achieved.” Xu Yi happy said to himself, while loudly cheering and patting Akalis back, “Akali, I really am too grateful! Not only are you a good magic mechanical engineer, I will definitely properly reward you!”

After saying this, Xu Yi let go of the stiff Akali and turned to hug Bella who was stunned on the side. He also patted her back a few times and praised her before moving onto the next person.

He went around like this and Xu Yi didnt even let off Schoch who always had a bad face towards him, as he passionately hugged them all.

But after hugging Cecilia who was last and seeing Evita come in, when Xu Yi charged at her, Evita raised a hand to stop him.

“Chairman, please calm down and consider Stills feelings.” Evita calmly said.

Hearing the word “Still”, Xu Yi was stunned. It was like a bucket of ice cold water was poured over him and he instantly calmed down.

“Ah…...Right, I was too excited, Im sorry.” Xu Yi awkwardly smiled at Evita before turning to the girls to apologize to them.

As for the two boys, of course they were excluded.

Although the girls had slightly red faces, they clearly didnt mind.

Bella even extended her hands out again at Xu Yi as she said with a smile, “Sir chairman, come, lets hug again. I feel that its quite good being hugged by you.”

Claire rolled her eyes, “Alright, stop being a fool. Sir chairman has Still, his heart wont be moved by you.”

Bella said with a smile, “I just want sir chairman to hug me, theres no other meaning.”

Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head with a smile, “Alright, stop making fun of me. I was just too excited earlier and I lost control.”

“Sir chairman, why are you this happy about us solving these two problems” Bella asked out of curiosity, “The Magic Bread Maker that we developed before sold that many units and we didnt see you like this.”

“Thats right, you have always been calm in my memories and have never lost control. What happened to you today I feel like these two problems arent that big.” Claire also said.

“That is because you dont understand how significant it is that youve solved these two problems.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Lets put it in another way, once these two most fundamental and most important questions are solved, the magic machine industry on the Sines Continent will change. And once theres more studying done on this problem, I dare to guarantee that you will find earth shattering changes with everyones lives!”

“Isnt this too exaggerated” Akali who had a red face and didnt speak after being hugged by Xu Yi returned to normal and asked in a surprised voice, “Sir chairman, isnt this too exaggerated”

“Whether its exaggerated or not, youll know when the time comes.”

Xu Yi knew that it was impossible for them to understand the scene he was talking about because they hadnt transmigrated from earth like him, they hadnt lived in an industrialized world before.

So he couldnt explain it. After thinking about it, he clapped his hands with a smile and said in a loud voice, “Alright, since theres been a large breakthrough this time, I as the chairman will award a special reward to the magic research facility. As for the amount……”

Even including Evita and Cecilia, everyone perked their ears.

They didnt know the meaning of solving these two problems, but of course they understood receiving a reward.

Based on how excited Xu Yi was, this reward wouldnt be low.

Xu Yi looked over their expectant faces and deliberately paused before finally saying in a loud voice, “Five thousand gold coins!”

When his voice fell, the room became silent and there was only heavy breathing that could be heard.

After a while, Bella swallowed her saliva with great difficulty as she asked, “Chair…..Sir chairman, you…..arent lying, right”

“Why would I lie to you” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“Then…...You really are planning to reward us five thousand gold coins” Claire asked in an uncertain voice.

“Of course, when have I ever broken my word”

Cecilia opened her mouth, but she couldnt say a thing.

Akali cheered out and ran to Xu Yis side, as she hugged his left arm and shook it. She excitedly said, “I knew that sir chairman is the best! Ha, ha, this is great, this is great! A total of five thousand gold coins, if we share it, each person still receives several hundred gold coins. I must use my portion to buy some new clothes and some……”

Seeing the excited Akali, Xu Yi shook his head. He carefully took his hand out and was about to speak, when Schoch suddenly said in a cold voice, “I dont want it. I didnt participate in these two projects, so theres no portion for me.”-

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