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The two harvest seasons each year were the most important days in the Lampuri Kingdom and Banta City.

This years spring harvest was more important than other years. When Viscount Leslie conducted the harvest on his territory, not only did it attract all the nobles with territory to watch, even the Lord City Lord personally came to watch. He even gave a speech on the spot, praising Viscount Leslie for the ample harvest on his territory.

Other than this, what surprised people was that the crowd was made up of normal farmers from the various rural areas outside Banta City.

Among them were farmers who had received invitations before, so although they were a bit nervous coming this time, they werent as cautious as before seeing all these nobles.

As for the ones who were coming for the first time, their eyes were gathered on the farms with looks of praise.

For these farmers who had been working on farms for their entire lives, they have never seen such a uniform farm that looked like it came out of a painting.

And these farms were filled with long golden wheat, which created a beautiful image when it entered their eyes.

The reason why so many people were gathered here today was traced to last years fall harvest.

Under Xu Yis suggestion last year, Viscount Leslie used the Frestech Chamber of Commerces agricultural magic machines to greatly change all the farms in his territory. He also opened up the lands that he hadnt opened before because of a lack of manpower.

After the farm harvest, large amounts of agricultural magic machines had been operating non stop on his territory. It finished a project that seemed quite large to people in a very short period of time.

And now it was time to harvest the results of the project.

This farm modification plan was a pilot project for Banta City and for the king. As the Banta Citys City Lord, Coun Sean Samo had to be there.

Other than this, Seveni as the agricultural departments representative was naturally also there.

The results of this farm modification plan would directly decide the agricultural departments future plans.

And seeing the facts in front of her, the results were without a doubt very good.

Looking at it, the area in front was a very smooth and perfectly divided farmland covered in a sea of yellow, filling ones eyes with golden wheat.

Even if it was someone without experience in farming, they could still easily tell that Viscount Leslie had a rich harvest this year.

When Count Sean finished his speech and Viscount Leslie finished the sacrifice ceremony as the owner of the land, dozens of small Magic Harvesters went in a straight line, choosing a piece of farmland to drive over.

In less than half an hour, each small Magic Harvester had finished harvesting a mu of land.

Looking at the small stalks left from the large fields of golden wheat and the sacks filled with grains on the side, the people watching couldnt help giving sighs of praise.

It should be said that it was some peoples first time seeing the small Magic Harvesters at work, but seeing such a harvest, everyone couldnt help praising it.

“Chairman Xu, it seems like this years harvest is much faster.” A noble pointed at the Magic Harvesters preparing to move onto the next field as he spoke to Xu Yi.

“Un, our company has made some improvements to this batch of Magic Harvesters. They turn much faster and make more resolutions, so their harvest efficiency had been increased.” Xu Yi replied with a faint smile, “How about it, Viscount Samuel You didnt buy anything last year, are you interested this year”

Viscount Samuel laughed, “Alright, Ill definitely buy some this year! Not only this Magic Harvest, I also want to buy the Magic Excavator and the Magic Plowing Machines. In short I want to modify my farms just like Viscount Leslies. Seeing Viscount Leslies rich harvest this year, Im indeed a bit jealous.”

“Be assured Viscount Samuel, it isnt too late to start now. As long as you change it after the spring harvest, with our companys magic machines, it can be done in less than half a month, so there will be plenty of time to plant the seeds. When the autumn harvest comes, your land will have a similar scene.”

“Alright, lets set it as this. Chairman Xu, since youve already agreed to me, dont tell me you dont have the goods when time comes.” Viscount Samuel reminded him.

“Be assured, our company has increased our efficiency, so we definitely wont be lacking in goods.”

Xu Yi wanted to keep talking to Viscount Samuel and set the deal when he saw Seveni in the distance waving to him. After excusing himself from Viscount Samuel, he walked over.

“What is it Young miss Seveni, seeing this scene in front of you, do you have more confidence in our Frestech Chamber of Commerces agricultural magic machines” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

“Un, it is indeed like this.” Seveni nodded with a faint smile, “But chairman Xu, I want to remind you that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce hasnt finished our agricultural departments high thirty thousand agricultural magic machine order yet. I hope that you can focus on our order first.”

Xu Yi looked back at Viscount Samuel and gave a shrug, “There is no way since our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is a Banta City company, so we cant just ignore business in Banta City.”

“There is no problem doing business in Banta City, but its best if you dont do business with other cities. This would also be very helpful to our agricultural departments plan to promote the agricultural magic machines.” Seveni said, “Chairman Xu, I think that you should be very clear that if our agricultural department helps you promote the agricultural magic machines, it will be of great help to your Frestech Chamber of Commerces development, so I hope that you can finish our agricultural departments orders first. As for the other magic machines, can you stop producing them for now”

Xu Yi knit his brows, “Young miss Seveni, your request is a bit overboard. Our agreement said that the order needed to be finished in two years and with our current efficiency, we can easily finish this order. You requesting us to finish the agricultural departments order isnt a problem, but for us to stop developing and producing magic machines, this really is forcing others into doing something they do not wish to do.”

Seveni thought about and turned to look at the farmland being harvested. After being in silence for a bit, she suddenly gave a soft sigh, “Alright chairman Xu, I admit Im a bit anxious. Based on the current scene I was a bit excited. I was thinking that it would be great if every other place in the kingdom could be like this, so I gave you an excessive request, Im quite sorry.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Theres no need to apologize. I understand your thoughts and your anxiety since as the ruler of the country, of course you want the country to become as strong as possible. Am I right, your highness queen”

“Yes, I really hope that…..” Seveni was suddenly stunned. She turned to look at Xu Yi with bigger eyes and asked in surprise, “You…..When did you find out”

“Not long ago.” Xu Yi replied, “Actually, I found it very strange as soon as I saw you. Why would a girl with such a noble aura be a normal official in the agricultural department And you were this young. So when you came to Banta City, I found it even more surprising that a normal agricultural department official like you could contact the king and even act on the kings behalf to negotiate with me. Of course, I just suspected that you didnt have a simple identity, but I never thought that you would be our Lampuri Kingdoms noble queen.”

Young miss Seveni, or rather queen Seveni was surprised for only a bit before she recovered. She said with a faint smile, “If my guesses arent wrong, it should be Viscount Leslie who told you I clearly told him not to speak too much.”

“Honourable queen, this isnt anything that needs to be hidden, right” Xu Yi couldnt help saying, “Although hiding your identity makes it a bit safer, it doesnt really help for the work youre currently doing. If I knew that you were the queen beforehand, it would have made our negotiations much more direct.”

“Direct Youre talking about demanding for territory from me” Seveni said without any politeness.

Xu Yi smiled, but didnt say anything.

The so called queen was different from a normal princess.

The princess only meant she was the kings daughter, but the queen meant that other than the identity, she also had the right to inherit the throne.

Thats right, as the Lampuri Kingdoms kings only daughter, queen Seveni had the same inheritance rights as her two brothers.

Because queen Seveni had been outstanding since she was young and she had high fame in the Lampuri Kingdom, many people even felt that she had more rights to inherit the throne than the other two princes.

If it wasnt for the fact that she was a woman, the king would have already made her the only successor already.

Therefore compared to the princesses in other small kingdoms of the Sines Continent, queen Seveni had much more authority.

If Xu Yi knew that she was the queen, he would have directly asked her for territory.”

“You better give up on territory.” Seveni firmly said, “Other than special circumstances, the kingdom will definitely not confer any new territory and it is even more impossible for a normal merchant like you. Perhaps because of the contributions your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has made, royal father will consider making you a noble, but he definitely wont give you territory.”

Xu Yi casually gave a shrug, “Noble queen, youve mistaken me. I actually dont want territory, rather I just need some land to freely develop. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce needs to develop and needs a large piece of land to build a factory. Since the king has already agreed to rent me a large piece of land, my request has already been satisfied and theres no need for me to be granted land.”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, actually Im very curious. What difference is there in land rented from the royal family and land rented from Viscount Leslie”

“Of course theres a difference, at least the royal family wont take the land away if they suddenly become unhappy.” Xu Yi said.

Seveni narrowed her eyes before revealing a smile of profound meaning while saying, “Chairman Xu, youve obtained some news, right”

Xu Yi revealed a bitter smile and looked at Viscount Leslie talking with Count Sean before saying with a sigh, “Thats right, there are some things that even Lord Viscount Leslie cant control. I am just a small merchant, I am even more powerless.”

Seveni looked at the distant Viscount Leslie and thought about it before giving a sigh, “Viscount Leslie is a very good partner, but its a pity that he isnt strong enough.”-

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