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Magic Industry Empire Volume 2 Chapter 14 - Outsourcing

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After the Frestech Chamber of Commerces product announcement was over, the household magic machine workshop became busy again.

The household magic machine workshop was finished last month. There had been five hundred workers originally and adding in the two hundred newly recruited people, a total of seven hundred people began working full force, working overtime to make the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker.

Because there were too many people who had personally witnessed the power and quality of the automatic Magic Rice Cooker, the popularity of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces products had surged.

One turned to ten and ten turned into a hundred. Almost everyone in Banta City knew about the power of the new generation Automatic Magic Rice Cooker. Even in Banta City where rice wasnt that popular, there were over five thousand orders.

And through the slightly exaggerated reports of the «Saltan Morning News» and the «Karma Times», other cities also became familiar with the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker. After the announcement was over, there were quite a few merchants from other cities who ran to Xu Yi asking for orders.

In just three days, the orders for Automatic Magic Rice Cookers in other cities had already surpassed twenty thousand units.

What made Xu Yi the happiest was that this new generation Automatic Magic Rice Cooker even reached Cramer City that was over a hundred and fifty kilometers from Banta City.

It has to be known that Cramer City was less than a hundred kilometers from Anvilmar City. If the Frestech Chamber of Commerces products could reach Cramer City, with another step, it wouldnt be strange for it to reach Anvilmar City.

Of course, there were already quite a few Frestech Chamber of Commerce products in Anvilmar City right now.

Victors group of three young masters during the short three months of winter, they had sold over three hundred Variable Temperature Magic Air Conditioners.

They could gain around ten gold coins from each Variable Temperature Magic Air Conditioner, so they had earned over three thousand gold coins from this.

Even if they split it between the three of them, each of them took one thousand gold coins.

This large amount was something they could never imagine before.

The three of them who had experienced this sweetness didnt keep acting like playboys in Anvilmar City like before. Rather they seriously contacted the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, continuing to sell the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines in Anvilmar City.

With Xu Yis suggestion, they took the large pot of gold they earned to create a Frestech Brand special franchise store in Anvilmar City, specially selling the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines.

Because winter was over, the franchise store wasnt selling any Variable Speed Magic Air Conditioners, rather they were selling Magic Lamps and Magic Rice Cookers.

Before Xu Yi announced the new generation Automatic Magic Rice Cooker, Xu Yi had contacted them.

Victor immediately made a decision, buying a thousand Automatic Magic Rice Cookers from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If including this order, the amount of Automatic Magic Rice Cookers ordered were close to thirty thousand units.

Although the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker used the new Silver Leaf Alloy and using Xu Yis metal temperature control function Xu Yi brought from earth, it only raised the cost slightly. It brought it up from the cost of less than a gold coin for the first generation Magic Rice Cooker to over a gold coin.

And the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker relied on its outstanding design to be even more popular than the first generation Magic Rice Cooker. The fixed price went up from three gold coins to three and a half gold coins, so the profit from each unit was actually raised.

Selling close to thirty thousand units like this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce earned a large profit of over fifty thousand gold coins.

Moreover, now that the new workshop was functional, there were three production lines for the new Automatic Magic Rice Cooker and their production capacity had doubled.

It would only take less than two months to complete this order of close to thirty thousand Automatic Magic Rice Cooker.

Moreover, now that the factory outside Karma City was functioning, although not all the workers had been recruited yet, so they didnt have full production capacity, it still took some of the pressure from the Banta City factory.

But to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, their biggest project was finishing the agricultural departments large order. So the dwarves of the magic machine workshop worked even more overtime than the workers in the household magic machine workshop.

Xu Yi was very helpless about this. Before the labour certification was passed by the Lampuri Kingdom Royal Parliament, it wasnt suitable for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to recruit more dwarves, so their capacity was stuck here for now.

When Xu Yi was racking his brain for a way to increase the magic machine workshops capacity, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce welcomed a special merchant.

“This…...That…...Chairman Xu, hello. I…..I am called…..Freeman. I am your companys, un…..first one supported by the farmer support plan…...the one from that plan……”

Xu Yi looked at this simple looking middle aged man who kept stuttering because of how nervous he was. After carefully thinking about it, he pointed at him and said, “I remember now, you are the Big Stomach King from last time!”

Freeman laughed, becoming less nervous because Xu Yi mentioned the Big Stomach King. He said with a nod, “Yes, its me. When I came to the city last year, I was in time for your Big Stomach King competition and took the championship. then…..Then I participated in the farmer support plan.”

“Un, I remember that you were the one who paid not long after the fall harvest and the first farmer to repay everything.” Xu Yi nodded before continuing, “It seems like you really could suffer last fall harvest. You relied on just a single small Magic Harvester to earn that much money.”

Hearing Xu Yi mention the small Magic Harvester, Freeman happily revealed a smile, “Chairman Xu, I have to thank your Frestech Chamber of Commerce for this. If it wasnt for your plan, how could I have afforded to buy something like the Magic Harvester. Mentioning this thing, you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce are my benefactors. My family no longer has to worry about food and clothes because of you.”

Xu Yi laughed and waved his hand, “Supporting you is one matter and you working hard is another matter. Of the people participating in the plan last time, there were several people who didnt work hard and couldnt repay their debts, so their agricultural magic machines were taken back by us.”

“Humph! Those lazy fellows, not grabbing the chance they were given, they deserved it!” Freeman fiercely said.

Xu Yi laughed and didnt say much on this topic. He asked, “Alright, Freeman, lets talk about you again. For you to specially come find me, why is that Could it be that you have some other ideas towards our farmer support plan”

“No, its not the support plan. Its…..” Freeman didnt come alone, there were several other peasants from Ireland Village that came with him. When speaking of this, he looked at his companions and they gave him looks of support, so Freeman nodded and turned back to Xu Yi to say, “That…..Chairman Xu, I came this time to discuss something with you. Look, when I used the Magic Harvester to help harvest our villages crops, the machine had broken several times. At the beginning I could only take it to the service center to get it fixed, but after going several times, I learned how to do it myself. The more I fixed it, I realized that the Magic Harvester were just pieces of iron put together. Do you think Im right”

Xu Yi found this funny, as he said with a nod, “Although there are some differences, it is close enough if you say it like this.”

“Un, just like this. There was one time when a board in the Magic Harvester broke and someone at your service center said that it would require money to replace. I wasnt willing to spend the money, so I had the blacksmith in the village make one for me based on the appearance from before. Although it wasnt as good as before after changing it, it could still be used. Then……”

After listening to this, Xu Yi couldnt help lifting his hand to cut him off.

“Get to main point. Freeman, what do you want to say Just be direct if you have any requests or ideas. You are considered an old friend to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there isnt anything you cant say.”

“Oh, oh, right, look at my mouth, I forget once I start talking. Chairman Xu, you are a busy person, you cant waste time like this. Un, its like this, chairman Xu, I was thinking…..Since your Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Harvester are made of these parts, could you give us a part of this to do”

“Wait, wait! What did you say” Xu Yis eyes opened wide in shock and his face filled with disbelief, “You mean to say that…..You want to outsource the parts production for the Magic Harvesters”

“Outsource Oh, it seems to be like this. Anyway, Ive heard the people of your service center say that the parts are also made by your company and that it takes quite a bit of manpower…...They said that it was something that you frequently worry about, so I thought that making these parts doesnt seem that hard, so if you give it to us to do, perhaps it can save you quite a bit of effort.” After saying this, Freeman carefully looked at Xu Yi with an expectant gaze, “Chairman Xu, do you think…..this is alright”

It was like Xu Yis first time seeing Freeman as he looked over him several times. After seeing how scared Freeman was, he laughed before looking over the people following Freeman and asking, “Was this an idea you thought of together”

Freeman pointed at a simple looking farmer with a dark face just like him and said, “This idea mainly came from Kovac. They said that I know you and have talked to you before, so they wanted me to discuss this with you.”

Seeing their earnest and expectant looks, there was a very happy smile that filled his face as he patted Freemans shoulder while shouting, “Of course! Of course you can!”-

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