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Seeing the intense reaction from the crowd under the stage, Xu Yi couldnt help saying to Still with a smile, “Still, if you show up with me today, perhaps you will lose quite a few fans.”

Still gave a soft snort and flipped her beautiful golden hair as she proudly said, “So what if there are less, I dont care at all. I must tell everyone who I like right now!”

Seeing how high spirited and confident Still was, Xu Yi couldnt help laughing as he was in a very good mood.

If it was any other girl, it would be very difficult for her to announce her feelings in front of all these people like Still did.

Not to mention that Still was very famous in Banta City and the surrounding city, being the goddess in many mens hearts.

Announcing her feelings like this, it would definitely be a heavy blow to her fans.

If it was the small stars from earth, they definitely wouldnt do this.

Of course, there would be some small star that would make fake news to intentionally increase their fame.

“Could Still and I be considered news” Xu Yi couldnt help thinking of this question, “Perhaps we can, after all, the two of us can be considered public figures.”

Thinking about how because of the Frestech Chamber he had become a star that wasnt too big or too small, Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a bitter smile. He shook his head and focused his mind. Looking at the people under the stage creating quite a stir, he raised his hand.

It was like he had used magic, but when Xu Yi raised his hand, the people closest to him became silent and stared at him without saying a thing.

Then this silence spread from the closest area outwards. In the blink of an eye, the crowd that had been quite noisy fell into silence and everyone was looking in Xu Yis direction.

Regarding this effect, Xu Yi was surprised while also being very happy. He gave a soft cough and spoke in a loud voice, “Hello everyone, I am the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi, Im very thankful to everyone for coming to our Frestech Chamber of Commerces product announcement. This is our Frestech Chamber of Commerces first product announcement and I believe that this is the first time any Banta City company has done a product announcement. The so called product announcement is specially announcing a new product. For this product announcement, I wish to introduce a new product from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to everyone which is called the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker…..”

Everyone under the stage fell into an uproar.

Everyone knew the Magic Rice Cooker, it was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machine specially used to cook meals. There were many people here who even had one or two of them in their houses.

But what was the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker Adding in “automatic”, did that mean anything

“Chairman Xu, can you explain what the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker means” A reporter in the crowd raised his hand and asked this in a loud voice.

Xu Yi looked at the reporter and based on the pen and notepad in his hand, he could tell who he was. He gave a nod with a smile and explained, “The so called Automatic Magic Rice Cooker, is referring to our Magic Rice Cooker. Previously although the Magic Rice Cooker was very convenient to use, there was a flaw to it since it required people to be nearby to time it themselves. As for the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker, one just needs to add enough rice and water and press the switch, you wont need to do anything else.”

“The rice wont become burnt” The reporter from the «Saltan Morning News» asked the question in everyones hearts.

“Of course not. The Automatic Magic Rice Cooker will finish cooking the rice and automatically turn off. It wont keep cooking, so you dont need to worry about your rice becoming burnt.” Xu Yi replied.

As soon as his voice fell, another uproar filled the crowd.

“Ah How is this possible”

“Thats right, the Magic Rice Cooker is just a lump of metal, how could it tell if the rice is cooked”

“Thats right, this is too unbelievable. Is this a lie”

“It shouldnt be one, right In front of all these people, what would he gain from lying Does he not want to keep the pride of his company”

“But…...But this is too fake. How could it turn off by itself…..”

“Lets see what he says next.”

“Un. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce has made all these mysterious magic machines, perhaps it will be even more mysterious this time.”

“That is right……”


Seeing the crowd discuss this, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He then waved his hand and two staff members of the service center carried out an Automatic Magic Rice Cooker, some rice, and some water that had already been prepared.

Seeing the new Automatic Magic Rice Cooker in the hands of the staff, everyone was stunned.

This time it was a reporter from the «Karma Times» called Rhine that seized the initiative to ask in a loud voice, “Chairman Xu, this is the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker you mentioned Why is it silver Did you plate the outside with a layer of silver”

Everyone could see that the Automatic Magic Rice Cookers outside was silver and it was very smooth, looking very beautiful. It made people like it as soon as they saw it.

Compared to the dark red Magic Rice Cooker the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced, this Automatic Magic Rice Cooker looked ten times better!

“Silver plating” Xu Yi shook his head, “No, of course not. This mister, this Magic Rice Cooker is used to cook food and if it is plated with silver, it is very likely the silver will enter the food. If this is eaten, it will harm a persons body. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce pays great attention to our customers health, so how could we make a mistake like that”

“Then why is it silver Ive never heard of a metal with this kind of colour.” Rhine asked.

Xu Yi wanted to call him “ignorant”. There were many silver coloured metals and other than silver, the most commonly seen was aluminum. Even pure iron had this same silver colour, so it couldnt be considered rare at all.

But thinking about how there were few aluminum products on the Sines Continent and pure iron couldnt be refined, this Rhines ignorance couldnt be considered his own fault.

“This needs me to give a proper introduction. This Automatic Magic Rice Cooker is the newest product that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has used all our power to develop. Other than the craftsmanship need to build it, which gives it its automatic cooking function, it is also made from our newest developed steel alloy. This material is even more advanced than the material used for the previous generation Magic Rice Cooker.” Xu Yi said.

“Steel alloy What is that thing” Rhine who considered himself experienced was confused by this, not to mention the crowd.

“The so called steel alloy has a main ingredient of iron, but it is a new material made using other things. The steel alloy used to manufacture this Automatic Magic Rice Cooker has been named the Silver Leaf Alloy. Other than having this beautiful silver colour, it also has a special characteristic which is that rust wont form over it!”

The crowd went into an uproar again.

“It wont rust over How is that possible!”

“Thats right, this is something made of iron, how could it not rust over”

“Isnt chairman Xus boast a little too much He already said that this whatever Silver Leaf Alloy was made from iron, so how could it not rust.”

“Ha, iron that doesnt rust over, this is simply the biggest joke Ive ever heard!”


Hearing the discussion from under the stage, Xu Yi smiled without saying a thing. When everyone became silent, he continued, “Of course, this cant be seen right now. Now lets first see the other advantages this Automatic Magic Rice Cooker made from the Silver Leaf Alloy has.” Looking down from the stage, Xu Yi saw a man with rather tidy clothes and asked him, “This mister, does your family have a Frestech Brand Magic Rice Cooker”

The man was surprised before quickly nodding, “Of course. Not only does our family have your Frestech Brand Magic Rice Cooker, we also have your Frestech Brand Magic Fan. Because this winter was too cold, my wife forced me to buy a Frestech Brand Variable Temperature Magic Air Conditioner. Also just a few days ago, we bought two Frestech Brand Magic Lamps, so our house is filled with your Frestech Chamber of Commerces stuff.”

Xu Yi laughed, “It seems like you are a loyal customer of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so I represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to thank you. Come, since youve bought our first generation Magic Rice Cooker, Ill ask you to take this new Automatic Magic Rice Cooker and see if there are any differences.”

The man took the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker from Xu Yi and immediately revealed a surprised look.

“Yi This is so light. I think……its at least half the weight of our Magic Rice Cooker!”

“Really Let me see.” The man beside him grabbed it from his hands and after weighing it, he also said in surprise, “Thats right, it really is much lighter. Strange, its around the same size and thickness, so why is it so much lighter I say, chairman Xu, did you skimp on materials for this Automatic Magic Rice Cooker”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “Of course not. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerces products have guaranteed quality, so how could we skimp on materials. This Automatic Magic Rice Cooker is lighter than the first generation Magic Rice Cooker because of the characteristic of the Silver Leaf Alloy. This alloy is much lighter than normal iron, but you dont need to worry since it is harder than normal iron. Here, Ill give you a demonstration.”

Xu Yi took the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker from that person and in front of everyone, he raised it high up before he dropped it to shocked cries.


The Automatic Magic Rice Cooker slammed onto the stage under Xu Yi. It bounced up half a meter before falling again, rolling off the stage.

The people under the stage saw the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker roll over and avoided it like a wild beast. However, they were all firmly staring at it, like a monster would jump out of the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker at any moment.

After a while, they saw that nothing was moving, the first man plucked up the courage to pick up the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker.

After looking at it for a while in his hand, he couldnt help shouting in a look filled with surprise, “It cant be! There isnt even a single dent!”

Everyone heard this and moved forward.

But looking at the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker from all sides, they found that there wasnt a single dent on it at all!

Other than a few scratches on it, this Automatic Magic Rice Cooker was as good as new!

Everyone couldnt help looking at Xu Yi in shock,

This Automatic Magic Rice Cooker, wasnt it too amazing

Xu Yi took back the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker and said to everyone with a smile, “Alright, since everyone has seen how hard it is, I want to demonstrate to everyone the most important function of the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker, which is cooking a meal.”

Xu Yi put the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker on the table beside him and under everyones gaze, he poured the prepared rice and water into it. After closing the lid, he pressed the switch.


With a sound, the little glass window on the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker that everyone didnt know what use it had suddenly turned a flame red colour.

Xu Yi pointed at this and said, “Everyone look at this. When this glass part is red, it means that the Magic Rice Cooker is cooking the rice. When it disappears, it means that the Magic Rice Cooker has stopped.”

Everyone couldnt help secretly nodding.

Although this seemed very normal, it was very detailed and useful.

It could be seen that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had put quite a bit of thought into the design of the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker.

Xu Yi looked at the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker before turning to the crowd.

“There will be some time before the rice cooks. I know that everyone must have many questions, so everyone is free to ask them during this time and Ill answer them all.”

As soon as Xu Yis voice fell, Rhine had already shouted out, “Chairman Xu, I have a question!”

“Please ask.”

“I found that you and young miss Still were holding hands when you came out. May I ask what relationship you have with young miss Still right now Are you two dating”

When this question was asked, the crowd instantly fell into a deathly silence.-

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