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Gordon Eisenkel

Xu Yi was instantly shocked.

This middle aged man that seemed like a sharp merchant was actually the richest magician in the Lampuri Kingdom, Gordon Eisenkel!

“Hello Great Magician Eisenkel.” Xu Yi quickly gave the other side the standard magician greeting before curiously looking over the other side.

It was a bit different from the rumours, this Great Magician Eisenkels clothes was actually quite simple. Other than the normal dark black magicians robe that he was wearing, there was a strange bracelet that was at his wrist.

But after Xu Yi saw that bracelet, his eyes couldnt help narrowing.

If he wasnt mistaken, this bracelet was actually a rarely seen Natural Magic Accessory!

Natural Magic Accessories were rarely seen on the Sines Continent and they had special effects, so each one could be considered a top class treasure.

Although Xu Yi didnt know what effect this bracelet had, since it was on the wrist of a Great Magician like Eisenkel, it was definitely a special Natural Magic Accessory. If it was put onto auction, the lowest price would be over a hundred thousand gold coins!

If Xu Yi at first thought that Great Magician Eisenkel was simple, if anyone were to say to him now that Great Magician Eisenkel was simple, he would definitely spit in the other sides face.

Simple Is your family so simple that you can wear a treasure worth a hundred thousand gold coins on your wrist

Not to mention that this was only what Xu Yi could see. God knows how many other treasures Great Magician Eisenkel was hiding in places that couldnt be seen.

But only Great Magician Eisenkel dared to do something like this. If anyone else dared to flagrantly wear something this valuable, they would have had their hands chopped off already.

All kinds of strange thoughts floated out of Xu Yis mind. When he stood up again, there was a standard polite smile on his face.

“Your excellency Great Magician Eisenkel, for you to suddenly come to our Banta City, it should be to visit Great Magician Camilla, right Why did you come to my place” Xu YI asked.

Great Magician Eisenkel looked at Xu Yi holding hands with Still with a faint smile before shaking his head and saying, “No. On the surface it is to come visit Camilla, but actually I came this time to see you, chairman Xu.”

Xu Yi was stunned. He turned to look at Still and seeing that she didnt look surprised at all, it seemed like she already knew about this matter.

“This…...For your excellency Great Magician Eisenkel to specially visit me, I really am honoured. Only I wonder, what does your excellency Great Magician need me for”

Great Magician Eisenkel smiled without replying, “Chairman Xu, youre not inviting me in for a tour”

“You want to tour these factories” Xu Yi asked in surprise.

“Right, I came this time for them.”

Xu Yi looked at Great Magician Eisenkel in surprise. After thinking about it, he invited him in.

“Please follow me.”

After an hour, Great Magician Eisenkel went to the office with Xu Yi and Still after they finished the tour.

Seeing Still take the initiative to pour them water, Great Magician Eisenkel said with a smile, “Last time I came to Banta City to visit Great Magician Camilla, Still, you were still just a little girl of around ten. I never thought that in the blink of an eye, that you would become a big girl with such an outstanding boyfriend who is about to get married.”

Xu Yi gave an awkward smile as Still naturally placed the water in front of Great Magician Eisenkel, saying with a faint smile, “Great Magician Eisenkel, youre old.”

Great Magician Eisenkel broke out in laughter, “Thats right, Im already old. This world already belongs to you young people. Look, for many years I wanted to apply magic into peoples normal lives, but I never had a clue on how and I didnt have the time or energy to actually do it. I never thought that in just a short year, chairman Xu Yi could apply this theory to application magic and penetrate it into peoples hearts. I really cant compare.”

“Great Magician Eisenkel, youre too modest.” Xu Yi replied before asking, “Your excellency Great Magician, youve paid attention to magic application before”

“Yes.” Great Magician Eisenkel nodded, “If I didnt pay attention to magic application, I wouldnt have earned that much money. If I didnt earn that much money, my magic power wouldnt have reached the step it was at now. Actually this is a very simple logic, Im just curious, why are there so many magicians who dont understand it”

Still couldnt help curiously asking, “Great Magician Eisenkel, you mean that you worked so hard to make money just to increase your own magic power”

“It isnt exactly like that. My meaning is that magic and making money doesnt clash. Since becoming a powerful magician means that you have to spend money, then why cant studying magic and making money be related” Great Magician Eisenkel said with a sigh, “I really cant understand, why do so many of my colleagues have to be so proud. Its like relating magic and making money would taint magic. Didnt they think about how if they didnt have money, they couldnt even study magic, so how could they increase their power Just by wildly guessing”

Still slightly knit her brows, “Great Magician Eisenkel, why do I feel youre talking about my grandfather”

Great Magician Eisenkel laughed, “Thats right, I am talking about your grandfather. But of course Im talking about the previous him. As for now…...In my visit this time, Ive found that your grandfather had changed into another person. Not only does he not have the same cold and disdainful attitude like before, he even took the initiative to talk about magic application with me. Speaking of this, it should be chairman Xus merit, right”

Xu Yi shrugged his shoulders, “If he didnt see the real benefits magic application brought to people, I feel that an old person like him wouldnt easily change his thoughts.”

“If youre talking about real benefits, youre talking about the magic machines your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has made” Great Magician Eisenkel asked.

“Pretty much.” Xu Yi thought for a bit before asking, “Great Magician Eisenkel, you should tell me your goal for looking for me this time. For a Great Magician like you to suddenly come here, I dont think its for a small matter, right”

“He, he, chairman Xu really is in a rush. Alright, lets stop chatting and talk about business. I cam this time mainly to talk to chairman Xu about the matter of cooperation.” Great Magician Eisenkel said with a faint smile.

“Cooperation” Xu Yi and Still looked at each other, seeing the surprised look in each others eyes, “How can you and I cooperate”

“Since you can cooperate with Camilla, why cant you cooperate with me” Great Magician Eisenkel asked back.

“You mean…...you want to cooperate with me to research magic machines” Xu Yi asked in an uncertain voice.

“Thats right. Im very interested in how you combined magic and machines and thought that this would need more research. If this can be complete, I even feel that it could change the entire Sines Continent!” Great Magician Eisenkel said in a somewhat fervent voice.

Although his words mimicked what Xu Yi thought, without knowing why, Xu Yi didnt feel any excitement from his ideas being finally acknowledged at all.

Thinking about it, Xu Yi asked, “Then Great Magician Eisenkel, how are you planning on cooperating”

“Its very simple, Ill provide the materials the magicians need that I own and you provide the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machine research knowledge. With us working together, we can have magic machine take over for all manpower. With our strengths, I believe that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces research can progress by leaps and bounds. Think about it, if we successfully research more and more magic machines, flooding the Sines Continent with it, how attractive of a situation would that be”

Xu Yi couldnt help feeling a bit excited by Great Magician Eisenkels fervor. After pausing he asked, “Then how do we take care of the results of the research from this”

“Of course well jointly own it, this is the results of us working hard together.” Great Magician Eisenkel responded in a refreshing manner, “Thats right, a month ago with the other Great Magicians, weve proposed to the Magicians Guild of magicians having exclusive rights to their research. According to the newest information, the guild is very likely to accept this proposal. This mean that the results that we obtain together will belong to us along and you wont need to worry about others taking your research to use for themselves.”

After saying this, Great Magician Eisenkel took out a sheet from his chest and spread it in front of Xu Yi.

There was an image on it and it was actually that of a Magic Fan.

“Look, this is the Magic Fan researched by a small company in Anvilmar City, it is already the same as your Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Fan. I feel that if your Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted to sell your Magic Fans in Anvilmar City, you wont be able to compete with them. But if the magic research rights are passed by the guild, we can strictly order the magician working with this company to stop. Otherwise they will be going against the guilds rules and will be punished accordingly.”

Xu Yi looked at the Magic Fan and gave a slight nod, “Indeed, having protection matters will be much better.”

“So chairman Xu, cooperate with me. As long as those people in the guild sees the benefits of magic application, they will happily approve this proposal.”

Xu Yi looked at the expectant Great Magician Eisenkel and he couldnt help giving a cold laugh in his heart.

What cooperation

Perhaps Great Magician Eisenkel would be able to provide assistance with his knowledge of magic when it came to researching magic machines.

But in terms of magic research, it wasnt only Great Magician Eisenkel who could help him.

To put it differently, he didnt have any uniqueness.

But Xu Yi was completely different.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce or more accurately Xu Yi with his knowledge of magic mechanical engineering theory, was currently unique on the Sines Continent. It was impossible for anyone to have the same knowledge and no one could replace Xu Yi.

One that had knowledge and one that didnt, it was impossible for both sides to be on the same level.

Great Magician Eisenkel made it sound good, claiming that he would use his financial resources to support the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research, also claiming that both sides would share the research.

This looked pretty good at first glance, but to Xu Yi, this Great Magician Eisenkel clearly wanted to take Xu Yis mechanical engineering knowledge that he didnt have at all.

Xu Yi was certain that as long as he agreed to this cooperation, when Great Magician Eisenkel felt he had grasped enough mechanical engineering knowledge, he would definitely kick Xu Yi away.

This kind of cooperation, Xu Yi would be an idiot if he agreed.

But after Xu Yi considered it for a while, he nodded at Great Magician Eisenkel.

“Your excellency Great Magician, I hope we have a happy cooperation.”-

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