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A rare winter sun appeared releasing warm sunlight that wasnt dazzling. Still stood on the lawn and slightly looked up at the sunlight above her, with her left hand pushing back the golden hair at her ear as she revealed a faint dazzling smile.

The sunlight fell onto her face and it made her snow white skin look translucent, like it could be broken by just blowing.

Golden hair released streaks of light that bathed her entire body in a faint golden glow, giving her a sacred aura.

Chairman Rank not far away couldnt help praising, “Young miss Still really is the goddess of our Banta City, these pieces of jewelry can only release this kind of dazzling glow when they are on her. Dont you think so, chairman Xu”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Chairman Rank, you mean that your jewelry isnt as good if it is worn by the noble madames and young misses of Banta City If they heard this, your Sarank Chamber of Commerce would suffer serious losses.”

Chairman Rank laughed, “This is just my sincere compliment to young miss Still, I dont believe those noble madames and young misses will mind that much.”

Although he said this, chairman Rank immediately changed the topic and asked Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, I really have to thank you this time. If it wasnt for you persuading her, young miss Still wouldnt have agreed to do this advertisement for our company.”

“I didnt say anything. If you want to mention persuading Still, you have to mention the sky high price of a thousand gold coins you offered.” After saying this, Xu Yi looked at chairman Rank with profound meaning and asked, “Chairman Rank, taking out such a large amount at once, is it really because you like Stills charm or do you have other intentions”

Chairman Rank shook his head, “Chairman Xu, I think youve underestimated young miss Stills charm. Even if you ignore the fact that young miss Still is a Fifth Grade Magician and the fact that she is Great Magician Camillas granddaughter, just young miss Still herself is worth me paying such a large price. Look at how the jewelry young miss still is wearing is shining. If you were a normal girl and you saw this scene, you must think that if you buy the same jewelry, you would be able to become just as dazzling.”

Xu Yi looked at Still in the distance. Although he thought that Still was indeed dazzling and released charm in all direction, was it because of the jewelry she was wearing This was completely because of Still herself.

But looking at chairman Rank with a wild look in his eyes, Xu Yi decided to force down these words.

After a while, chairman Rank let out a soft sigh and gave an awkward smile to Xu Yi, “Sorry, when speaking of jewelry, I cant control myself.”

Xu Yi gave an understanding smile, “If we talk about magic machines, Im the same.”

Chairman Rank revealed a faint smile, “Since chairman Xu is this interested in magic machines, then lets talk about magic machines. Chairman Xu, Ive heard that…..your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has been helping the Amrit Chamber of Commerce and the Falcao Chamber of Commerce invent some magic machines”

Xu Yi looked at him in surprise.

It wasnt surprising that chairman Rank knew about this, what was strange was why did he suddenly care about this

“It is like this.” Xu Yi said with a nod, “But the actual situation is my looking for chairman Cruise and chairman Morgan on my own, showing them the magic machines we develop and luckily they accepted them.”

“Luckily” Chairman Rank said with a soft smile, “Perhaps it isnt luck. Chairman Xus eyes have always been accurate, so what you offered the Amrit Chamber of Commerce and the Falcao Chamber of Commerce were just what they needed. So it wasnt strange for chairman Cruise and chairman Morgan to accept them.”

“Chairman Rank is overestimating me too much, it really was just luck.” Xu Yi waved his hand.

“Alright, it doesnt matter if it is luck. This at least proves that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce can develop magic machines according to the needs of other companies, isnt that right, chairman Xu” Chairman Rank asked again.

Xu Yi looked at chairman Rank in surprise before giving a slight nod, “Although that isnt completely correct, it is mostly correct. What Chairman Rank, could it be that your Sarank Chamber of Commerce needs us to invent a magic machine for you”

“Thats right.” Chairman Rank nodded with a smile. He raised his hand and the aide standing behind him suddenly took out a stack of papers.

Xu Yi took them and found that they were blueprints, with several mechanical designs on them. At the same time, there were requests labeled on them.

“Chairman Xu, we have drawn blueprints according to our needs, please look over them. Of course, we have only pondered this matter and dont specialize in magic machines like your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. This is only a suggestion, the final product doesnt have to be like this.”

Xu Yi nodded and seriously looked over the blueprints. He was surprised to find that although the small magic machines couldnt compare to the magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce specialized in building, based on the blueprints, he could see traces of mechanical engineering theory.

Then adding in the requests beside these magic machines, the magic machines on the blueprint could already satisfy these basic requirements.

With these blueprints, as long as they kept studying a bit, perhaps the Sarank Chamber of Commerce could develop these magic machines by themselves!

“Our Sarank Chamber of Commerce is not responsible for researching magic machines. Chairman Xu, these blueprints were made by some magicians and craftsmen weve found who were interested in the magic machines, what do you think about them” Chairman Rank asked.

“Magicians and craftsmen interested in magic machines” Xu Yi narrowed his eyes to look at chairman Rank, as he thought that there were finally people who recognized the importance of magic machines, so they began researching them.

Compared to the shoddy replications by the Leo Chamber of Commerce from before, this blueprint contained original ideas by from magicians and craftsmen.

Although it was much worse compared to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines, this still meant that they seriously entered the magic machine industry and began to seriously study it.

Xu Yi was really surprised and happy about this.

He was shocked that people outside the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had begun entering the magic machine industry. Right now, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt have the technological advantage to be relaxed about this. If they every stagnated, the others would quickly catch up to them.

He was happy because there were finally others entering the magic machine industry. On this continent, it wasnt just the Frestech Chamber of Commerce alone researching in this field.

If more of these people and companies joined, it would increase the magic machine industry development rate on the Sines Continent. It would mean significant progress for Xu Yis dream of creating an industrial revolution.

As various thoughts passed in his mind, Xu Yi looked at the blueprints in his hand before asking chairman Rank, “Can I ask, what kind of people are the magicians and craftsmen who made these blueprints”

Chairman Rank shook his head with a faint smile, “They were all casually found by me, chairman Xu wont know them even if I tell you their names.”

Chairman Ranks response was within Xu Yis expectations. He thought about it before saying, “Alright, I will bring these blueprints back and try to make the magic machines according to the requests. Other than this, chairman Rank, Ill have to trouble you to pass on some words to the magicians and craftsmen who made these blueprints. Tell them that if they dont understand anything when studying magic machines, they can come look for me. Im not that secretive about these matters and will definitely teach them what they want to know, so they dont need to beat around the bush like this.”

Chairmamn Ranks expression changed slightly before turning back into a smile. He said with a nod, “Alright, I will pass your words to them.”

Xu Yi put the blueprints in his chest and stood up to move over to Still who had finished modeling.

Seeing Xu Yi come over, Still revealed a smile covered in sunlight before a faint blush filled her face. She lowered her head, like she didnt dare look at Xu Yi.

Seeing Stills reaction, Xu Yi also felt his face become a bit warm.

Since that day when he didnt know why he unexpectedly said “alright”, the atmosphere between Xu Yi and Still had become a bit strange.

Over the next few days, it had been awkward between the two of them. Still who had always been open and natural would have her face turn red and Xu Yi became much more stiff around her.

It was like the two of them didnt know how to be with each other.

Looking at Still who had her head down and didnt know what to do, Xu Yi took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. He said with a smile, “Still, its been hard on you.”

Still looked up at Xu Yi and revealed a somewhat crooked smile.

“No, its not hard.”

Then she lowered her head again.

Seeing Stills different than usual behaviour, Xu Yi remembered the awkwardness between them recently. There was a strong impulse that filled him and he quickly moved forward, grabbing Stills hand.

Still looked up at Xu Yi in surprise and seeing that Xu Yi was holding her hand, her face turned red again. She wanted to pull her hand away, but because Xu Yi was holding her tightly, she couldnt move it at all.

“Chairman Rank, if there is nothing else, Still and I will be leaving now.” Xu Yi raised his other hand to wave at chairman Rank as he spoke in a loud voice.

Chairman Ranks eyes fell onto their hands and a profound smile appeared on his face, as he gave a slight nod, “Alright, I wont delay you two. Please have a nice trip chairman Xu and young miss Still.”

Xu Yi used a bit of strength and Still obediently followed behind him, as they left the Sarank Chamber of Commerce.-

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