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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 134

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Three beauties traveling together

Two days later, a horse carriage was on the road to the west of Banta City, heading for the mountain road.

A slender arm pulled open the curtain and Vivians little face popped out. After looking at the scenery outside, she couldnt help saying in an emotional voice, “So dwarves live in remote mountains like this, now wonder its so hard to see them.”

“That is before, its much easier to see them now.” Stills voice came from inside the carriage, “Vivian, when the company starts working again, if you want to see dwarves, you can just go to the magic machine workshop. There are several hundred dwarves usually there.”

“Un.” Vivian gave a strong nod, “Banta Citys people arent that curious about dwarves anymore, right”

“But they should be very curious about elves, dont you think so, young miss Agnes” Stills final words were actually directed at Agnes on the other side of the carriage.

Agnes honestly thought about it before saying with a nod, “It should be. We elves hate contacting humans more than dwarves, so we havent appeared in front of humans for several hundred years. It is normal for them to be curious about us.”

“But your tribe must show themselves to humans now. Young miss Agnes, dont you feel worried” Still then asked.

There was a helpless tone that filled Agnes voice, “Theres no other way, our tribe is facing difficulties and to solve this, only you humans seem to have a way. In order to survive, theres no other choice even if we have to reveal ourselves to the humans again. Then again, I feel that chairman Xu is right, not every human is bad. Other than chairman Xu who is a good person that is honestly willing to help us solve our problem, there is a person as pure as an elf like Vivian. There are also noble and beautiful people like young miss Still who I also like very much.”

Stills face became a bit red, “Many thanks for your praise, but I think that is because your luck is good and the first human you met is Xu Yi. Although this fellow is a profiteer, his character isnt bad. Since he has promised that he would help you, he will definitely do it.”

Agnes nodded, “Thats right. After interacting with chairman Xu a few times, as well as my observations from following him, I feel he should be a trustworthy human.”

Still thought about it before suddenly saying, “Thats right, Agnes. You mentioned that you kept following Xu Yi during this time, does that mean you follow him all the time Could it be that when Xu Yi was sleeping, bathing, and using the washroom, you also followed him”

Agnes had a natural expression as she nodded, “Yes.”

Still opened her eyes in shock, “Youre by his side when hes bathing Could it be that you saw all of him”

Agnes didnt seem to understand what Still meant and said in a confused voice, “I saw all of him, is there anything wrong”

Xu Yi in the front of the carriage suddenly started coughing, as he became angry in shame.

“Ke…...Ke, ke…...I say Agnes, why didnt you tell me that you were with me when I was bathing”

Agnes pulled open the curtain and looked at Xu Yi in the drivers seat, “Because I felt there wasnt any problem. Why do you and young miss Still all care about this”

Xu Yi slowed the carriage and looked back at Agnes. Seeing her innocent expression, he could only give a helpless sigh before looking at Still with a strange expression. He said in a voice that was angry from shame, “Youre still smiling! I was unknowingly seen by her, Im the one who suffered a loss, alright”

Still gave a soft snort, “You are a man, what loss can you suffer. Agnes is a beautiful elven girl, the one suffering is her.”

Xu Yi shook his head, determined not to discuss this issue with Still.

But after seeing Still and Agnes conversation, with the relationship between them becoming much warmer, he felt more assured.

His plan today only included Agnes and himself, but he found that when they left, because Evita and Akali had already gone home, there was no one to take care of Vivian. So he could only bring her along.

And he didnt know what was with Still, insisting on coming with him.

Xu Yis words were fruitless, so he was forced to agree in the end.

So Xu Yis travel plan that seemed quite simple included two extra girls.

But this also had an advantage. The journey was much more lively and wasnt as boring.

Because Xu Yi invested in making a road to the dwarf tribe, the final twenty kilometers wasnt a pure hike like before. The swaying horse carriage went along and in less than an hour, they could already see the smoke plumes filling the sky.

“Could it be that place is on fire” Seeing the thick smoke, Still couldnt help asking this in a surprised voice.

“No, it should be the smoke from the steel and concrete factories.” Xu Yi looked at the thick smoke that filled the sky and slightly knit his brows.

Although this scene made him remember the factories on earth and gave birth to a warm feeling, seeing this still made him remember the serious problem of pollution.

The Norma Tribe and the Angola Tribe used to be filled with beautiful scenery and environment, but since Xu Yi created the steel and concrete factories here, the smoke from the factories had ruined the environment.

Although chief Siluka and chief Monto didnt care, since they were happy that having the two factories there allowed their tribes to earn a stable income, Xu Yi was very clear on the consequences of environmental pollution, so naturally he was worried.

But the industrialization on earth was accompanied by serious pollution, there wasnt a single developed country on earth that could avoid it. If the Sines Continent was industrialized like Xu Yi wanted, naturally it would follow this path.

But thinking about it, Xu Yi thought of a problem. What he was developing was a magic machine industry instead.

Compared to the industrialization on earth, magic industrializations greatest advantage was that its power source was magic, so there wasnt much pollution.

Since the magic industrialization Xu Yi took before didnt have the problem of pollution, it meant that the steel and concrete workshop could also avoid this problem.

Xu Yi was thinking about how he should improve the production lines of the factories as the horse carriage continued forward. Not long after, he had arrived at the Norma Tribe.

Camby and the other dwarves had come back since they were on vacation from the factory, so they already knew Xu Yi was coming today. When they saw the horse carriage, the dwarves all came out to greet it with chief Siluka leading the way.

They saw that Xu Yi was actually driving. After the carriage stopped, three figures came out of it. There were large and small beauties that made the dwarves unable to stop the shock that filled their hearts.

“Chairman Xu, welcome, welcome.” Chief Silukas gaze passed over the three beauties and he stopped on Agnes a bit before reaching out his hand to Xu Yi with a smile.

Xu Yi shook his hand and said a few greetings before having chief Siluka lead him to the steel factory first.

This steel factory was made by Xu Yi before he left for Anvilmar City because the dwarves had made a breakthrough in their material studies.

This was because once the alloy with silver leaves added which Xu Yi called the Silver Leaf Alloy was researched by the dwarves, they now understood the characteristics of this alloy. The dwarves could now skillfully refine three different kinds of Silver Leaf Alloys.

So Xu Yi invested large amounts into this. He built this steel factory in the Norma Tribe to let these dwarves focus on refining this Silver Leaf Alloy.

According to Xu Yis analysis, this Silver Leaf Alloy had many uses. Just right now, it could be used to replace the normal pig iron used in the Magic Fans, the Magic Air Conditioners, the Magic Rice Cookers, and the other household magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced.

If this changed to this new material that had outstanding hardness and ductility, as well as the attribute of being stainless steel, those household magic machines would definitely undergo a heaven turning change.

As for the large magic machine and the new production magic machines, because they needed the alloy to be very strong, the Silver Leaf Alloy wasnt suited to be used.

On this point, Xu Yi put his hopes on the other material the dwarves discovered. But because they hadnt properly studied it yet, it couldnt be used for now.

The steel factory currently focusing on producing the Silver Leaf Alloy was considered small. They had been producing for close to two months and they only produced less than ten tons of the Silver Leaf Alloy.

If this was compared to the standard from earth, it couldnt even compare to the smallest steel factory.

But Xu Yi was already very satisfied with this.

After all, the steel industry was still developing on the Sines Continent and the output of the small steel factory kept increasing. They produced less than three thousand tons in the first month and they produced over five thousand tons in the second month.

According to this speed, as the dwarves became more familiar with this work and they kept expanding, not mentioning the steel factory reaching the standard of earth, they should be able to provide enough to match the Frestech Chamber of Commerces needs.

Still, Vivian, and even Agnes who saw the steel factory for the first time all revealed looks of shock.

The current situation had already surpassed what they could imagine.

To Still and Vivian, the so called iron refining was just putting them into a large furnace to boil like in those blacksmiths seen in Banta City.

But the scene in front of them was completely different from this.

Piece by piece of iron ore was placed into the giant furnace and molten iron like magma flowed out the other end. It finally flowed into the mold and gradually cooled down to become silver glowing steel.

Whether it was their efficiency or the shock they gave, it surpassed those blacksmiths by several times.

Still looked at the newly formed Silver Leaf Alloy and asked Xu Yi, “The new material you said that the Magic Fans would use next year, you were talking about this”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “When the Magic Fans start producing next summer, everyone will be shocked.”

Agnes on the side heart their conversation and looked at the bustling refining, as the belief in Xu Yi in her heart increased again.

This human can make this kind of shocking scene, then shouldnt it be easy for him to solve the problem with her tribe-

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