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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 133

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Come spend New Year with me

The door of the research facility was open by a rare chance and Xu Yi walked in. He saw Akali sitting cross legged in the living room, putting the clothes beside her into a luggage bag.

It seemed like she was packing her baggage.

Akali who felt someone come in looked up at Xu Yi and immediately reached out her hand.

“Sir chairman, quickly give me money. I am waiting for money to head home.”

Xu Yi smiled and took out the prepared purse in his chest to throw over to her.”

Akali took the purse and her hand went to open the purse, as she poured the money on the ground. She carefully counted it and couldnt help saying in surprise, “Seventy six gold coins This much! I say, sir chairman, did you make a mistake”

Evita who heard the sounds came downstairs and beside her was Still who had come to send the two of them off.

Hearing the number Akali said, even the usually quiet Evita was surprised, “Sir chairman, why is it this much”

Still wasnt that surprised as she looked at Evita and Akali with a smile.

“Other than twenty six gold coins from last month and this month, there is also the fifty gold coin year end bonus for you.” Xu Yi explained.

“Year end bonus” Evita and Akali looked at each other and their expressions became strange, “What does that mean”

“Just as the word means. At the end of the year, in order to reward you for your hard work this year, you were given some extra bonuses.” Xu Yi replied, “Since the work you two have done is outstanding and to show how important researchers are, the company has decided to give you higher year end bonuses compared to the normal workers. The final set amount is fifty gold coins. How about it Are you satisfied”

“Of course.” Akali jumped up from the ground and hugged Xu Yis arm as she shook about, “Sir chairman, I really love you to death! Youre suddenly giving us this much money to go home with to celebrate New Years, mother and father will definitely be happy hearing about this!”

“Then they must congratulate you.” Xu Yi pulled his arm out without any changes to his expression and he took out two purses that he gave to Evita and Still.

Evita took the purse and said her thanks in a soft voice, but she didnt open it.

Still just put the purse into her little bag and didnt reveal any special expressions.

Seeing Akali tidy up the gold coins that had fallen to the ground, Xu Yi suddenly said, “Thats right, theres something I want to tell you. Starting next year, the three of you will receive an increase in salary. Youll be going from fifteen gold coins to twenty five gold coins.”

“Ah” The three looked at Xu Yi in surprise.

Akali couldnt help saying, “Its actually going up this much Chairman Xu, did you suddenly become rich”

“Havent I become rich in the past half a year” Xu Yi rolled his eyes at her, “What Im increasing your wages and you dont want it If you dont want it, I can just increase Evita and Stills wages while you have the same wage, alright”

“No, no, Im very willing!” Akali quickly waved her hand and even begged, “Sir chairman, I was just speaking casually, you cant take it as something serious.”

Xu Yi gave a soft snort. He looked around before asking, “You still havent finished packing Its already quite late, if you dont hurry, you wont be able to make it to the horse carriage in time.”

Evita gave a sigh before looking at Akali, “If it wasnt for Akali, we would have already finished packing.

“Its really troublesome finding things.” Akali muttered as she began moving faster.

When girls were packing things, it wasnt convenient for Xu YI to stay. After wishing them well on their journey, he prepared to leave.

Before he walked out, Still called out to him.

“Xu Yi, are you going home for the holidays”

“Going home” Xu Yi was stunned, “What home”

“Your home.” Still asked naturally, “I remember that youre not from Banta City, right Its now the New Years, so of course you should go back to your hometown. Speaking of this, Ive never heard of you mentioning your hometown before. Just where is your hometown”

Hearing Still ask this, Evita and Akali stopped moving and curiously looked over.

“Hometown” Xu Yi silently thought this over before he couldnt help revealing a bitter smile.

His hometown wasnt even in this world, how could he go back

Seeing the curious gaze of the three of them, Xu Yi shook his head and said with a sigh, “I cant go back to my hometown anymore, so Ill just stay here this year.”

“Cant go back” The three became even more curious. Akali asked, “Sir chairman, what do you mean by that Is it because your hometown has been destroyed Or is it because you were chased out”

“Akali!” Evita spoke in a rare sharp voice, as she glared at Akali.

Akali was surprised and bit her tongue, as she said in a small voice, “Sir chairman, I was just curious. I didnt mean anything, dont misunderstand.”

Xu Yi shook his head with a faint smile, “Its nothing. But you shouldnt ask where my hometown is, Im not willing to mention this topic.”

Akali gave an obedient nod.

Although Xu Yi still had a smile on his face, Evita could clearly see the sadness hidden beneath it. Seeing the pain in Xu Yis eyes, Evita couldnt stop her heart from filling with pain.

This sir chairman who was always filled with confidence and didnt seem to fall from any blows actually had a delicate side.

In an instant, Evita had the urge to pull Xu Yi into her embrace and comfort him.

Evita only had the urge, but Still directly did it.

In front of Evita and Akalis surprised looks, Still came forward and opened her arms to softly hug Xu Yi. She said in a gentle voice, “You dont have to talk about it if you dont want, we wont ask in the future.”

Xu Yi was scared by Stills sudden hug. Smelling the scent coming from Still, his body first froze before he relaxed. He said with a smile, “Its not that serious, you dont need to be that considerate.”

Still only hugged him for a second before letting go. Based on her stiff actions and the redness on her face, she was actually quite nervous.

The room fell into a strange silence and after a while, Still calmed the expression on her face before asking, “Since youre staying here for New Years, thats even better. If you dont have any other places to go, how about coming to my house for New Years My mother and father will also be back for New Years and with grandfather and me, the house will be quite lively. If you also come, itll be even more lively. Grandfather has always liked you and he was already prepared to invite you over as a guest. Moreover, I believe mother and father will also like you after they see you. Do you want to come”

Seeing Stills expectant expression, Xu Yi thought about it before shaking his head, “Im afraid I have to let down your good intentions. Although Ill be staying during New Years, I have some work to do. Because I promise Agnes, Ill be going to her place this year. This trip will take quite a bit of time and the holidays might be over when I get back.”

“Agnes” Still revealed a disappointed look on her face. Before she could speak, Akali first said, “Sir chairman, this Agnes…..It should be a girl based on the name, right”

“Un, its indeed a girl. What about it” Xu Yi asked back with a nod.

“What about it Youre still asking this!” Akalis voice raised and her face filled with anger, “Stills already inviting you to her house for new years and wanted to introduce you to her mother and father, but youre actually rejecting her for another girl! Sir chairman, you really are too unfaithful!”

Xu Yi was a bit surprised, “Unfaithful How am I unfaithful”

“Alright, sir chairman, I really was wrong about you. I thought that you were a good man and I liked you quite a bit before, but I never thought you were this kind of person. I……”

Akali didnt get to finish her words as her mouth was covered by Evita and Still.

Stills face turned red seeing Akalis angry expression. No matter how slow Xu Yi was, he still realized what was wrong, as he said with a laugh, “Akali, youre mistaken. Im going to Agnes place because of work, Still understands what this is about. Isnt that right, Still”

Still nodded and gave an un sound, but her expression was still a bit disappointed.

Akali stopped struggling and doubtfully looked at Still, not understanding why she had this kind of reaction.

Xu Yi shook his head and thought that these girls really were sensitive, they were just too hard to deal with.

Thinking about it, Xu Yi said to Still, “If I finish my work and I come back early, Ill come and visit your family. At least I have to offer my New Years greeting to your grandfather, right Naturally it would even be better if I can see your parents. Im very curious, what kind of parents could give birth to such a beautiful girl.”

Stills elegant face became redder. Evita and Akali looked at Xu Yi in surprised, clearly being very shocked by the fact that he said those words.

Akali pushed aside the two hands covering her mouth and she couldnt help saying, “Sir chairman, I thought that you were a complete blockhead, who didnt know how to praise girls at all.”

Xu Yi laughed, “This isnt praise, its the truth. Look, Im also curious what kind of parents can give birth to a lively and curious girl like you, Akali.”

“This isnt praise……” Akali glared at Xu Yi.

Xu Yi laughed and clapped his hands before saying, “Alright, stop rambling here with me. There isnt much time, you should quickly finish packing. Thats right, help me wish your parents a happy New Years. Just say that Im grateful for your daughters outstanding contributions to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Evita and Akali agreed before turning to finish up Akalis packing.

Still saw that Xu Yi wanted to leave and she suddenly shouted, “Xu Yi, Im also coming!”

“Ah” Xu Yi turned back in a daze, “Where do you want to go”

“Agnes place!”

Evita and Akali couldnt help stopping again as they looked at Still in shock.

Xu Yi looked at Stills serious face and he couldnt help rubbing his aching head.

These little girls, just what were they thinking-

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