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The entire banquet hall fell into a deathly silence.

There were people whispering under the stage, but when they heard the final number manager Rose gave, they were so shocked they couldnt say anything else. The large banquet hall was so silent that even the sound of a pin being dropped could be heard.

This deathly silence didnt last long as the hall exploded after a while.

“Five million gold coins Gods above! Is this true”

“It cant be, right How could the Frestech Chamber of Commerce be allowed to borrow that much”

“Thats right, there wouldnt even be this value if the entire Frestech Chamber of Commerce was sold, right Five hundred thousand gold coins is already enough!”

“When did the Chimera Chamber of Commerce become this easy to talk to We were rejected last time we put in a loan for just eight hundred thousand gold coins, so how did the Frestech Chamber of Commerce get approved for five million”


Everyones eyes were filled with disbelief.

The one filled with the most disbelief was of course chairman Morgan.

He kept staring at manager Rose. If it wasnt for the people watching on the side, he would have charged up to the stage and pulled on manager Roses skin to see if it was someone disguised as him.

But his reasoning told him that this manager Rose was indeed the manager Rose he had contacted many times in Anvilmar City, it definitely was not someone disguised as him.

Also what use would there be in Xu Yi finding someone to disguise as him If this matter didnt have the Chimera Chamber of Commerces approval, would Xu Yi dare do this

After a while, chairman Morgan slowly came back to his senses. He took a deep look at Xu Yi before turning to manager Rose to ask, “Manager Rose, can I ask a question”

Manager Rose gave a slight nod, “Please ask.”

“I want to ask, just based on what did the Frestech Chamber of Commerce receive the approval to get a five million gold coin loan from your Chimera Chamber of Commerce” Chairman Morgan asked.

This question was the question that everyone wanted to know. When chairman Morgan asked this, everyone looked over at manager Rose.

Who would have thought that manager Rose would just look at chairman Morgan and answer without any expression, “Im sorry, I cannot say anything about this issue.”


A wave of sighs sounded.

Disappointment came, but everyone was clear that this reply from manager Rose was irrefutable.

It was a Chimera Chamber of Commerce secret why this loan was approved, so it was expected that manager Rose wouldnt answer this question.

Chairman Morgans face twitched a few times before he nodded and didnt ask anything else.

Seeing that no one else had any questions, Count Sean stood up and announced the auction would continue.

But the auction continuing meant chairman Morgan had to face the sky high price of one million and eight hundred thousand that Xu Yi gave.

Although before this auction, the Jole Family had given chairman Morgan instructions that he had to obtain these two iron mines, the Falcao Chamber of Commerce had only valued this smaller mine at eight hundred thousand to one million and two hundred thousand. When chairman Morgan gave that one million six hundred and sixty thousand gold coin bid, it had already surpassed his budget.

If he wanted to press down Xu Yis bid of one million and eight hundred thousand,

The auctioneer who was on the stage again saw that chairman Morgan didnt say anything, so he couldnt help giving a soft cough. He reminded him, “The Frestech Chamber of Commerce has bid one million and eight hundred thousand, is there anyone that wants to go higher If not, the iron mine will belong to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Everyone looked at chairman Morgan.

The cold sweat covering chairman Morgans head was several times more than chairman Bruno earlier. He looked at Xu Yi before looking back at the auctioneer. After hesitating for a bit, he slowly raised his hand as the auctioneer raised the wooden gavel and softly called, “One million eight hundred and fifty thousand.”

“Two million.” When chairman Morgan said his final word, Xu Yi already called out another number.

Everyone in the hall took a cold breath of air at the same time.

Two million gold coins!

All for an iron mine that wasnt considered too big!

Moreover Xu Yi had gone to two million from one million eight hundred and fifty thousand at once, this was even more aggressive than chairman Morgan from before!

Everyone looked at Xu Yi like he was a maniac.

Does this Xu Yi know what he was doing

Did he think that this two million gold coins fell out of the sky

Even if your Frestech Chamber of Commerce received a loan of five million from the Chimera Chamber of Commerce for an unknown reason, can you not spend it so freely like some low level nouveau riche

Thinking of upstarts, everyone suddenly remembered that compared to the large companies with rich backgrounds and history, isnt Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce considered nouveau riche

But whether he was one or not, Xu Yi had already given his price, so would chairman Morgan meet it or not

Chairman Morgan took out his handkerchief and forcefully wiped his head. He found that his dry handkerchief had become soaked and his hand holding it couldnt help shaking.

“Damn fellow!” Chairman Morgan looked at Xu Yi in the distance with a relaxed smile on his face and he cursed in his heart.

If it wasnt for this fellow suddenly butting in, he could have used one million six hundred and sixty thousand to take this mine.

Although this price was a bit high, it was still in his acceptable range.

But now that Xu Yi had given a price of two million gold coins, it had already passed what chairman Morgan could accept.

Chairman Morgan hesitantly wiping off his sweat. When the auctioneer reached his third count and the wooden gavel fell, he didnt make a single sound.

“Two million gold coins! Congratulations to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for winning, obtaining the mining rights to this mine for fifty years!”

The auctioneers voice reverberated through the banquet hall, but it didnt draw out any response. There wasnt even any polite clapping.

Everyone looked at Xu Yi and chairman Morgan with extremely strange expressions.

Chairman Morgan gave up on bidding in the end, which made everyone disappointed, but it was expected. After all, the price of two million was just too high, it had already surpassed everyones calculations.

Even if the Falcao Chamber of Commerce had many resources and was powerful, they couldnt spend this casually. This was the reason why chairman Morgan gave up.

As for the iron mine that Xu Yi used a sky high price to obtain, no one was happy for him.

With such a large investment, even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wildly mined it, it was impossible to earn this large amount back in a short period of time.

Not to mention that this amount was something the Frestech Chamber of Commerce borrowed from the Chimera Chamber of Commerce. The Chimera Chamber of Commerce was not kind, there had to be a high interest to this loan. If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt managed properly, they wouldnt even be able to pay back the interest. In the end, they might even collapse from this interest.

In the opinion of many people, Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made a very stupid choice.

So the first auction ended with this strange silence. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce used a shocking price of two million to earn the mining rights of this rather small mine.

But the silence was crushed instantly by the sounds of bidding as soon as the second auction began.

The second mind was much bigger than the first mine, so there was much more value contained in it. Just the starting price was seven hundred thousand gold coins.

Perhaps it was because of how wild the first auction was or maybe it was because everyone was set on this larger mine to begin with, so when the auction started, everyone jumped out with prices.

The seven hundred thousand starting price turned into a million in an instant and it quickly charged close to one million and five hundred thousand.

But when the representative of a company wanted to bid one million and five hundred thousand, chairman Morgan who had been silent the entire time suddenly spoke.

It was fine when he didnt open his mouth, but he shocked everyone when he did.

“Two million!”

He directly raised the price by five hundred thousand gold coins!

The hall fell silent and everyone looked at chairman Morgan. They found that the expression on his face was quite fierce at this time.

Everyone understood that this time, chairman Morgan wouldnt give up on this mine no matter what.

Otherwise, the Falcao Chamber of Commerce would return empty handed this time.

After a pause, a company representative from Anvilmar City called out a bid of “two million and fifty thousand”.

When he finished, chairman Morgan directly called out “two million and three hundred thousand”.

Although he didnt suddenly raise it by five hundred thousand again, suddenly raising it by two hundred and fifty thousand was still shocking enough.

The more shocking thing was what chairman Morgan said after he made his bid.

“This mine, our Falcao Chamber of Commerce has to obtain it. Whoever wishes to steal it will become an enemy of our Falcao Chamber of Commerce! Moreover, you all understand that even if you obtain this mine, will you really have the ability to mine it”

This was simply a naked threat.

Count Sean knit his brows. He was dissatisfied, but his brows relaxed and he didnt say anything.

Seeing that no one made a sound, chairman Morgan looked at Xu Yi and said with a cold snort, “Chairman Xu, how about it Do you still want to bid Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has suddenly borrowed five million from the Chimera Chamber of Commerce and theres still three million left, so will you struggle against our Falcao Chamber of Commerce again”

Xu Yi looked at chairman Morgan in surprise and said in an innocent manner, “Chairman Morgan, what are these words Could it be that youve forgotten that youve said that were all friends in the Business Union and everyone should help each other How could I maliciously attack you Then again, I cant just spend all five million of what Ive borrowed, right Actually using two million to buy the mine is already enough to give me a headache. If it wasnt for the fact that the magic machines produced by my company using a large amount of iron, I wouldnt be that interested in the iron mine, dont you think”

Chairman Morgan glared at Xu Yi, not believing a single word.

But Xu Yi seemed like he was going to make a concession, so naturally he wouldnt say anything. He just kept staring at Xu Yi, seeing if he would do the same as before, bidding at the last second.

But when the auctioneer finished counting and the small wooden gavel fell to the end the auction, Xu Yi had the same smile on his face with his mouth closed, not saying a word.

After hearing the auctioneer say that the Falcao Chamber of Commerce received the mining rights to these mines, chairman Morgan let out a long sigh of relief. After he finished fighting this war, his body relaxed.

Xu Yi actually came over at this time and said to chairman Morgan with a smile, “Congratulations, congratulations, this mine has fallen into your Falcao Chamber of Commerces hand in the end. Its a pity that my Frestech Chamber of Commerce isnt strong enough, otherwise I really wanted to struggle a bit.”

Chairman Morgan gave a strong snort. He thought that if it wasnt for this fellow causing trouble, those two mines would have easily fallen into the Falcao Chamber of Commerces pockets.

Losing a mine, the Joles Family would definitely be dissatisfied because of this. Chairman Morgan didnt know what kind of punishment he would receive because of this.

Xu Yi suddenly came forward two steps and said to chairman Morgan in a low voice, “Thats right, chairman Morgan. Now that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has gained a mine, I was prepared to invent some mining magic machines. I wonder, is your Falcao Chamber of Commerce is interested”

Chairman Morgan looked at Xu Yi in a daze. After seeing that his expression was serious and it didnt seem like he was lying, he couldnt help thinking deeper into this.

Although chairman Morgan looked down on a small company like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he had to admit that the magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were all surprisingly easy to use. The most obvious example of this was the agricultural magic machines.

If Xu Yi really invented some mining magic machines, perhaps it really would help the Falcao Chamber of Commerce.

Thinking of this, chairman Morgans expression changed several times at a speed that made Xu Yi sigh with emotion. He finally revealed a warm smile and said to Xu Yi, “Of course were interested. How about chairman Xu discuss this with me in detail”-

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