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There was the sound of whispers that came from under the stage. Many people had looks of disbelief as they looked at Xu Yi with eyes filled with shock and curiosity.

This Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it could actually take out five hundred thousand gold coins at once!

What surprised everyone was that he actually took out large gold notes from the Chimera Chamber of Commerce!

It had to be known that the Chimera Chamber of Commerce was the biggest company on the Sines Continent. To get their approval and have them give you gold notes was not an easy thing. To have the Chimera Chamber of Commerce to create this kind of giant gold note, it was a very difficult thing to do.

Although the merchants here didnt have weak backgrounds, the security deposits they gaver were mostly gold notes given by the Lampuri Chamber of Commerce run by the Lampuri Kingdoms royal family or they used some bonds as deposits. There were only a few companies, which included the Chimera Chamber of Commerce, that would take out these gold notes that would be recognized even on the other continents.

From what everyone could see, being able to have gold notes from the Chimera Chamber of Commerce was a proof of status.

With the Frestech Chamber of Commerces current strength, they normally wouldnt have this right.

Other than this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce suddenly took out five hundred thousand in deposits. This showed that Xu Yi actually had the intention to compete for these two gold mines.

With the Frestech Chamber of Commerces strength, being able to compete for just one mine was already hard to believe, not to mention competing for two of them!

But the facts were in front of them and people had no choice but to believe them.

Watching Xu Yi casually step off the stage, chairman Morgan slightly narrowed his eyes.

From those five giant gold notes from the Chimera Chamber of Commerce, he smelled something strange.

The Falcao Chamber of Commerce had to win these iron mines, but there might be a few complications.

Very soon, the companies participating in the auction had given their deposits. Everyone was shocked to find that based on the numbers the host just announced, there were thirty eight companies that were participating in the auction, so based on the deposits, the host had received over ten million gold coins just now.

It was no wonder the hall was completely filled with armed soldiers, not letting any random people come close.

An entire ten million gold coins! This was an amount that was enough to make many people go crazy!

Very soon, while everyone was feeling excited and nervous, the host announced that the auction was starting. The auctioneer that Count Sean had invited from Anvilmar came to take control of the auction.

“The first mine, the starting price will be five hundred thousand gold coins with the lowest increment being five thousand gold coins! Begin!”

The wooden gavel in the auctioneers hand fell down and some companies already impatiently called out numbers.

In the blink of an eye, the auction price had gone from five hundred thousand to over six hundred thousand.

The passionate mood in the hall began to cool off and the sounds of bidding came slower.

“Seven hundred thousand gold coins.” A voice suddenly rang out that made the hall silent.

Everyone looked at where the voice came from in shock. Wasnt the last price just six hundred and ten thousand gold coins, this fellow actually raised it to seven hundred thousand, was there a problem with him

After they saw the person who made the bid, everyone understood.

The Falcao Chamber of Commerce was determined to win these two iron mines, so chairman Morgan directly raising this price was already enough to show everyone the Falcao Chamber of Commerces determination.

Of course, although this was already a sky high price, it was not enough to scare people. After the hall was silent for a bit, quickly there was someone who called out a bid for seven hundred and ten thousand gold coins.

A price of over seven hundred thousand, it already made quite a few companies hesitant.

Such a large amount couldnt be easily taken out.

But after hesitating a bit, these people quickly thought it through. The mine being auctioned now was the smaller one, so of course the price was a bit lower.

If they couldnt even take this mine, they didnt even need to think about the second bigger mine.

So although the bids werent as passionate as before, they didnt stop.

The bidding kept rising and quickly reached eight hundred thousand gold coins.

To everyone here, eight hundred thousand gold coins was considered a very suitable price for this mine.

Once they passed this price, even if their income from this wasnt poor, but based on the investment they would have to put in and the output they got out, it wouldnt be considered very profitable.

Of course, profit could still move peoples hearts. So many company representatives had their hearts move and they were prepared to raise the price.

But at this time, chairman Morgan spoke again

“Nine hundred thousand gold coins!”

The hall fell into silence again.

Everyone looked at chairman Morgan with surprised looks.

Even if your Falcao Chamber of Commerce wanted this iron mine, you didnt need to bid like this, right

Not speaking is fine, but increasing it by a hundred thousand at once, this was clearly telling others that you had to win.

It should be said that chairman Morgans bidding strategy wasnt rare.

In an auction that was very popular and competitive, this kind of approach could scare many people who were just trying their luck and could save quite a bit of trouble.

But by showing ones determination like this, one could meet someone who deliberately raises the price.

There were pros and cons, it was very hard to predict.

After the hall was silent for a bit, when the auctioneer wanted to confirm the bid, someone raised the price again.

“Nine hundred and fifty thousand.”

Chairman Morgan looked at the source of the voice and found that the one who made a bit was chairman Bruno of the Leo Chamber of Commerce that he just looked at with Xu Yi.

Their gazes met and chairman Morgan gave a cold snort before calling out, “One million!”

The representatives that were hesitating to speak couldnt help shutting their mouths.

Everyone looked at chairman Morgan and chairman Bruno with excitement.

Based on the situation, this auction was probably going to be a test of might between the two of them.

As expected, after hearing chairman Morgans bid, chairman Bruno didnt have any hesitation as he called out, “One million and fifty thousand.”

Chairman Morgan just gave a snort and immediately followed, “One million and one hundred thousand.”

“One million one hundred and fifty thousand.

“One million and two hundred thousand.”


The two kept going and it passed one million and five hundred thousand in the blink of an eye.

Everyone in the hall seemed to be holding their breath, not daring to say a word.

No one had thought that a mine worth five hundred thousand would reach one million and five hundred thousand!

Even if everyone here was from a powerful company, to any of them still, they still had to carefully consider bringing out a large amount like one million and five hundred thousand gold coins.

Even chairman Bruno hesitated after he heard chairman Morgan call out this price and he couldnt stop his expression from changing. After hesitating a bit, he gritted his teeth and called out, “One million five hundred and ten thousand.”

Hearing this number, everyone in the hall couldnt help letting out a sigh.

The two had been increasing by fifty thousand each time before, but now chairman Bruno only added ten thousand. It could be seen that he didnt have confidence and he was just trying his luck, betting that chairman Morgan had already reached his limits.

But chairman Morgan gave gave him a cold snort and actually called out one million and six hundred thousand!

Meeting chairman Morgans cold gaze, chairman Brunos forehead was covered with small drops of cold sweat.

He wanted to add ten thousand to give it a try, but he was afraid that chairman Morgan would suddenly give up.

If that happened, it meant that the Leo Chamber of Commerce needed to spend a sky high price of one million six hundred and ten thousand gold coins to buy this mine.

Although the Leo Chamber of Commerce was the largest company in Saltan City, it was unable to compare to the Falcao Chamber of Commerce which was one of the top companies of the Lampuri Kingdom.

If they were to truly take out one million six hundred and ten thousand gold coins at once, it would be cutting into the Leo Chamber of Commerces flesh.

And the iron mine needed at large amount of manpower and resources to open, it was a large investment.

Because this was the Falcao Chamber of Commerces main industry, they were already rich with experience in opening up mines. To them, opening up another mine was a very normal thing, but it was completely different from the Leo Chamber of Commerce.

Comparing it, the profit the Falcao Chamber of Commerce earned from opening this mine surpassed all other companies, so chairman Morgan didnt even blink when he increased this price.

Seeing the struggle on chairman Brunos face, chairman Morgan gave a cold laugh. He turned to say to the auctioneer on the stage, “Can you hurry up”

The auctioneer looked at chairman Bruno and seeing that he didnt react, he raised the wooden gavel in his hand and said in a clear voice, “One million and six hundred thousand going once……”

“Wait!” Chairman Bruno suddenly raised his hand to stop the auctioneers actions. He looked at chairman Morgan before saying through gritted teeth, “One million six hundred and fifty thousand.”

Everyone flew into an uproar.

Chairman Bruno only added ten thousand before, but now he suddenly added fifty thousand.

What was he thinking

Could it be the Leo Chamber of Commerce also longed for this iron mine like the Falcao Chamber of Commerce

Chairman Morgan looked at chairman Bruno before calling out “one million six hundred and sixty thousand” which surprised everyone.

After seeing chairman Bruno hesitate a bit and prepare to increase the price, chairman Morgan looked at him with a dark face and said in a deep voice, “Chairman Bruno, does your Leo Chamber of Commerce plan on fighting our Falcao Chamber of Commerce to the end I think I need to remind you that even if this iron mine enters your Leo Chamber of Commerces hands, you wont even be able to mine half a piece of iron ore.”

Not only chairman Bruno, everyone elses face changed.

Chairman Morgan was clearly using this to threaten them,

But everyone had to admit that his threat was quite real.

The Falcao Chamber of Commerce controlled all the mining business in the Lampuri Kingdom. It would only take a few words from them and not a single miner would dare work for the Leo Chamber of Commerce.

Like this, even if the Leo Chamber of Commerce obtained thee iron mine, it would be very hard for them to mine anything.

Even if they could mine things, it would be hard for them to sell the ores.

Chairman Brunos expression changed several times before he gave a sigh in the end and put his hand down.

Seeing that he gave up, everyone couldnt help sighing.

The first auction ended like this, then that means no one will dare compete against the Falcao Chamber of Commerce in the second auction.

The ending to this auction had already been determined.

Chairman Morgan revealed a proud smile before turning to the auctioneer on stage.

The auctioneer was an expert in reading moods and seeing the situation under the stage, he didnt hesitate at all as he raised the wooden gavel.

“One million six hundred and sixty thousand going once…...One million six hundred and sixty thousand going twice…….One million six hundred and sixty thousand going thr……”

When the auctioneer was about to finish, there was a voice that suddenly rang out at this time.

“One million and eight hundred thousand!”-

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