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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 99: Abdicate

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Book 8: Chapter 99: Abdicate

It was a pity that Freya didnt have any solutions to this problem.

But she gave a temporary solution to the outer space program which was to share the Frestech Chamber of Commerce satellite signals with the Lampuri Kingdom. It would let the Lampuri Kingdom not fall too far behind the two empires and the other countries in terms of outer space communication and surveillance.

Prince Raymond was very interested in this solution, but he couldnt give Freya a definite answer.

“I cant hide this matter from lady mother and Im not confident that shell agree.” Prince Raymond felt very helpless, “But I can try talking with lady mother when I get back. If she doesnt stop me, then we can talk about it when the time comes.”

“Alright, then well do this for now.” Freya gave a shrug.

Prince Raymond gave a sigh. He looked at Freyas beautiful face under the night and had a thought as he asked, “Right, I havent asked, why did you suddenly come here this time”

“Didnt the Antila Kingdom announce their surrender This is an important matter, so of course I wanted to see it personally.” Freya replied with a relaxed look.

Prince Raymond didnt believe that Freya would run all the way to the Antila Kingdoms royal palace for this. Moreover, to come at this time, it wouldnt be that simple.

As well, based on the appearance that Freya had earlier, it was clear that she had hidden her identity when coming here.

With her status as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, she would be a distinguished guest in any country. For her to hide her identity like this, she was clearly planning something.

But if Freya wasnt willing to say it, he couldnt keep asking.

The two talked about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Lampuri Kingdoms projects for a bit longer. Freya then ended the meeting and had Prince Raymond get out of the car.

Watching Freyas Magic Sedan drive off into the darkness of the river like a spirit, Prince Raymond touched his nose with a bitter smile. He thought that his half related big sister was living better than him as a prince.

With her status as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, she could do whatever she wanted. He had to wait for the agreement of his mother and was much more restrained.

It was even said that Xu Yi had told Freya that if she didnt want to do it anymore, she could give up the position of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman and Xu Yi wouldnt interfere.

As for him As the Lampuri Kingdoms only prince, it was decided that he would be the Lampuri Kingdoms next king.

This also meant that he wouldnt be able to hide from his heavy responsibilities.

“If I become the king, I would have great power and it would be fine to have such great responsibilities, but with lady mother controlling everyone, what can I do”

Prince Raymond gave a sigh. He fixed the expression on his face before turning back to his motorcade.


Half a month later, a Lampuri Kingdom company that wasnt that famous reached a not that public agreement with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

There werent many people who knew the contents, but the contents were quite important.

According to the agreement, that company would rent a total of six satellites from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that they would share the signals with.

Moreover, after this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would help that company launch two satellites that would belong to them, while also renting some equipment that would allow that company to maintain those two satellites.

Because this contract was signed in a very secret ceremony, it didnt attract that much attention.

But a month later, there was a piece of news from the Lampuri Kingdom that attracted the entire Sines Continents attention.

Queen Seveni who had been on the throne for thirty nine years had suddenly announced that she would be abdicating. She would be giving her throne to her only son, Prince Raymond.

This news had made people very shocked and very confused.

Although Queen Seveni was already over sixty years old which was considered old, she was still very healthy and there was no news of any serious illnesses. People still thought that she would be leading the Lampuri Kingdom for another ten to twenty years.

But now that there wasnt any change in the Lampuri Kingdom and after they had conquered the Antila Kingdom, when they should be at their strongest, Queen Seveni was choosing to abdicate

There were many people who thought that Prince Raymond had rebelled in secret to force Queen Seveni to abdicate.

But this was a guess that many people looked down on.

Queen Seveni had ruled the Lampuri Kingdom for so many years and the Lampuri Kingdom went from a small country in the southwest corner to a country that controlled a large part of the southwest corner. This country had a pivotal role on the Sines Continent and was the strongest country under the two empires, so they had astonishing might. The Lampuri Kingdom could even be considered one of the greatest countries in history.

Adding in the quick development of the Lampuri Kingdom in the many years she had been on the throne, raising the quality of living for the citizens which was a sharp contrast from when she wasnt in power, Queen Seveni had unparalleled prestige in the Lampuri Kingdom.

Even if Prince Raymond had an idea of rebelling, who would be willing to follow him

Then again, he was Sevenis only son and without a doubt the successor to the throne, so there was no need for him to worry that someone else would take his right to succession. He could calmly wait for Queen Seveni to grow old before taking the throne, so why would he need to take a risk and rebel

Without caring for the guesses of the outside world, the Lampuri Kingdoms passing on of the throne went smoothly.

After Queen Seveni abdicated, she still appeared in public for the first three months and participated in forming many of the kingdoms policies. However, she appeared less and less later on, reducing her contact with politics.

In the end, after around half a year of transition, Queen Seveni announced that she “was assured in handing the Lampuri Kingdom to Raymond” and then disappeared from the publics eye. No one was able to find where she had gone.


Xu Yu looked at Seveni standing in front of him with a strange look, not knowing how to respond to this.

“Hei, Xu Yi, what is this expression You dont welcome me here” Seveni said with a relaxed smile.

“How could I not welcome you……” Xu Yi shook his head and pulled a chair over before indicating for Seveni to sit down, “I was just very curious why you werent properly taking care of the Lampuri Kingdom, why did you come all the way here”

Where Xu Yi and Seveni were right now was not the Sines Continent or the Magic Cloud Continent, it was the little island that Xu Yi had chosen on the sea after Still had retired.

This island wasnt far from Sky Island, being separated by around four hundred kilometers, but it was still over six thousand kilometers away from the Sines Continent.

Seveni had crossed six thousand kilometers to appear in front of Xu Yi, so how could he not be surprised.

“What is there to be surprised about” Seveni said with a smile, “I dont believe that you didnt receive the news that I abdicated.”

“I do know, but this isnt related to you suddenly coming to such a far off place, right”

“Of course its related. Im already no longer the queen of the Lampuri Kingdom, so based on your words, Im unemployed and have nothing to do. Since I have nothing to do, isnt it normal to come and see an old friend” Seveni said with a smile.

“If you really wanted to see me, its not like you didnt have the opportunity in the past.” Xu Yi rolled his eyes, “Now that youve come all the way here, you arent afraid that I will chase you out as a freeloader”

Seveni couldnt help laughing, “Xu Yi, after not seeing each other for so many years, you are still as charming.”

“Yes……Its been many years……” Xu Yi looked at Seveni before suddenly giving a sigh.

Seveni also fell silent.

The two of them not meeting for several years was not said casually.

Actually, more than ten years ago, the two of them had reduced the number of times that they met.

Later, even the long distance calls that they made were reduced.

Xu Yi was always busy with the Magic Cloud Continent and didnt have any chance to contact the Lampuri Kingdom. The Frestech Chamber of Commerces cooperations with the Lampuri Kingdom was handled by Freya and the other Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff, it wasnt something that Xu Yi cared about.

The best chance the two had to meet was three years ago when Xu Yi came back to the Sines Continent to participate in Heinzs funeral.

However, during those five days, Xu Yi didnt have any intention of meeting Seveni and Seveni didnt act like before where she immediately went to find Xu Yi, so the two of them didnt meet.

“Accurately speaking, counting today, its been eight years, seven months, and twenty one days since weve met in person.” Seveni said in a soft voice, “Last time we met, it was because of Arch Magus Camillas hundred year birthday celebration……”

Xu Yi never thought that Seveni would remember the time so accurately. After being surprised, he said with a sigh, “If it wasnt because it was a big birthday for grandfather, I wouldnt have invited so many people. Perhaps we wouldnt have even met.”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi and said with a sigh, “You have to know that you didnt even come to Raymonds wedding four years ago, you just sent Freya as your representative.”

Hearing the hidden bitterness in Sevenis voice, Xu Yi said with a bitter smile, “Theres no helping it, there was an important matter on the Magic Cloud Continent and I really couldnt leave.”

“So you couldnt even come to your own sons wedding”

Xu Yi was shocked before staring at Seveni with wide eyes.-

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