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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 97: Chaos of war

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Book 8: Chapter 97: Chaos of war

After staying at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce base for a bit to discuss the outer space program with Freya, he met with some old friends before Xu Yi left the Sines Continent again.

This time, from when he came back to the Sines Continent to see the critically ill Heinz to when he left, less than half a month had passed. It was considered quite a rushed trip.

After receiving the news that Xu Yi boarded the Magic Airship and left the Sines Continent, countless people on the Sines Continent let out sighs of relief.

These people had thought that Xu Yi had come back to the Sines Continent to bring a large change, but they never thought that Xu Yi would only promote the outer space program in some countries and do nothing else.

Many people discussed this in secret and couldnt help making guesses.

Could it be that what Xu Yi said was true He really had completely handed over the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to Freya and he wouldnt pay attention to what happened on the Sines Continent

No one was a worm in Xu Yis belly, so no one could understand what Xu Yi was really thinking.

But they didnt care about this since Xu Yi still left the Sines Continent in the end.

Last time he left, he only returned after six years and he had only returned for half a month.

Would he leave for even longer this time

Not everyone was this optimistic.

There were many newspapers that pointed out that Xu Yis rushed journey meant that there was a large improvement in transportation. Even if the Sines Continent and the Magic Cloud Continent are more than ten thousand kilometers apart, they were no longer like before where they were two different worlds that didnt have contact with each other.

As long as Xu Yi was willing, he could even come back in just a day or two.

There were also many fleets that werent from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce going back and forth between the Sines Continent and the Magic Cloud Continent, closely linking the two continents together.

In short, the world that people knew about was countless times bigger than before and from a sense, their world had become much smaller than before.

If you looked at it, people didnt even need to go out to know what happened thousands of kilometers away. They could also see it with their own eyes and contact people that were thousands of kilometers away.

If they really wanted to, they could take the most advanced Magic Airships and arrive in a short period of time.

Like this, what was the difference between being separated by a few thousand kilometers and ten thousand kilometers

So although Xu Yi didnt leave the Magic Cloud Continent, as long as he wanted, he could still have an enormous influence on the Sines Continent.

In the end, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was the most powerful magic machine company on the Sines Continent. They played a tremendous pivotal role in all the countries of the continent, so who would dare ignore them

It had to be said, the analysis of these newspapers were very reasonable, but for the people who gave a sigh of relief after Xu Yi lef the Sines Continent, if Xu Yi stayed on the Sines Continent, there would be a pressure left in their hearts.

Now that he was gone, making his stance clear to people, naturally these people felt much more relieved.

So as Xu Yi left again, the thoughts of the Sines Continents people started to brew.

August of year 3124, three months after Xu Yi left the Sines Continent, the Marlow Empire sent their troops to invade the neighbouring Norman Duchy to the southeast.

In just a single week, the small Norman Duchy was completely occupied by the large armies of the Marlow Empire and was destroyed.

Duke Normal received news beforehand and had chosen to flee.

With his bloodline relations to the Candra Empires royal family, Duke Norman escaped to Wimbledon City to seek the asylum of the Candra Empire.

The Candra Empire issued a strict warning to the Marlow Empire, warning them to pull back their troops and give the Norman Duchy back to Duke Norman. However, the Marlow Empire sternly rejected this request.

At the end of August, the Candra Empire chose to send out their troops, but they didnt go right for the Marlow Empire. Instead, they sent their troops to a small duchy between the two empires. Before the Marlow Empire could react, they used five days to capture this small duchy.

This small duchy named Rogenstein was closely related to the Marlow Empire and because it was between the two empires, occupying a key geographical position, it had always been sheltered by the Marlow Empire.

Now that the Candra Empire had suddenly sent troops to the Rogenstein Duchy, there was no doubt that it was relatilation for the Marlow Empire taking the Norman Duchy.

While the two empires condemned each other and called each other out through official and non-official channels, the southeast part of the province also started to stir.

The Nozdormu Business Union Kingdoms first and second fleet were moved at the same time, conquering over ten islands that were along the continents eastern coastline. Then they built up fortifications on these islands and completely blocked off the southeast coastline, controlling it in their hands.

The coastal countries in the southeast corner of the continent strongly opposed this, but the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom completely ignored them all. Then after some time, in the middle of September, they invaded the northern Gino Kingdom.

The Gino Kingdom was considered one of the countries that developed their magic machine industry first on the southeast corner of the continent, but because they didnt have as much research in terms of military magic machines and they werent as close to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom, their military power was far inferior.

In the battle between the two countries, the Gino Kingdom was pushed back again and again until the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom easily took half of their territory.

While the southeast corner of the continent was stirring, there were movements in other parts of the Sines Continent.

At the end of September, the Lampuri Kingdoms northern army gave the pretext of missing soldiers to brazenly send troops into the Antila Kingdom that was north of the past Sack Kingdom, having a fierce exchange with the local garrison.

The Antila Kingdoms garrison was routed and the Lampuri Kingdoms northern army used an excuse to invade the Antila Kingdom.

At the same time, the Marlow Empire and the Candra Empires armies had already been at the border staring at each other for a month.

On September 29th, a team sent out by the Candra Empire on a scouting mission was ambushed by the Marlow Empire and completely destroyed.

The Candra Empire was enraged by this and officially declared war on the Marlow Empire.

On October 2nd, the two armies started a fierce war on the borders of the two countries.

As the first sound of the Magic Cannon roared out, it symbolized that the over twenty years of peace on the Sines Continent was finally over.


Different from the Sines Continent that had become unstable with war, the Magic Cloud Continent was very uneventful.

After the goblin capital city fell, the Goblin King fell under the control of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

With the Goblin King working with them, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other local races didnt have to use that much effort to control the rest of the goblins on the Magic Cloud Continent.

Although countless goblins were killed in the fight, there really were too many goblins. The amount captured was shocking, with the rough estimate being over three million goblins.

According to the plan that Xu Yi and the other races had already come up with, these goblins were scattered. They were split between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the local races to become labourers.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce received close to one and half million goblins.

This terrifying amount, with just the previous number of people the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had, it would have been very hard to control.

But because they controlled the Goblin King and the fact that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave the goblins enough food after capturing them, the goblins were very willing to accept orders from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

After all, before this, the goblins had very low production skills and there were few goblins that could eat their fill. Not only would they be under threat from other races, they would even be under threat from others in their own race.

Under the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they could live their lives and fill their stomachs, so it was a great gift from the heavens to the goblins.

As for resisting

What a joke!

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had those terrifying things, what could they resist with

So after a bit of chaos in the beginning, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce easily took care of the one and a half million goblins.

Actually, adding in the manpower that came to the Magic Cloud Continent with Xu Yi this time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had only deployed fourteen thousand guards to the Magic Cloud Continent.

If the goblins wanted to resist, even if they didnt fear them it would be troublesome.

But the goblins were very obedient and it only took a small team of around ten guards to make sure that tens of thousand of goblins wouldnt dare to make any moves.

Moreover, Xu Yi implemented a system among the goblins. He picked some of the smarter goblins and gave them higher positions and better treatments. They would be in charge of the other goblins and would report to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If there was a problem with the group of goblins they managed, it would be their responsibility.

Moreover, the teams of goblins could also monitor each other. If they reported another team and it was verified, they would receive extra rewards.

With these methods, the simpleminded goblins didnt play any tricks.

So the Frestech Chamber of Commerce suddenly received one and a half million workers. Although these workers couldnt be used everywhere and their capabilities couldnt compare to humans and the other races, they could still do simple work.

With them doing the Frestech Chamber of Commerces simple foundational jobs, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces development progress greatly increased.

If people came to the current Magic Cloud Continent, they would find that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces controlled area changed with each passing day.

In just half a year, various factories kept appearing in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base. Each region became bustling and it was a stark contrast with the Sines Continent filled with the chaos of war.-

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