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Herd mentality

This female elf Agnes had suddenly appeared. Although it had shocked Still and Vivian, no one else knew other than the two of them, so it didnt create much of a stir.

Banta Citys people still lived their normal lives and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce steadily moved forward according to Xu Yis instructions.

The development of the production magic machines went smoothly.

With Great Magician Camilla helping full force, the core Magic Arrays for the Magic Punch Presses had been quickly finished. Great Magician Camilla was responsible for the most important Magic Array positioning and initial changes, and the remaining changes were all left for the assistants in his Magic Tower.

Because Great Magician Camillas Magic Tower had worked with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce several times, so even though the workload was quite heavy this time, they were still very organized and Xu Yi was very satisfied with their progress.

In line with Camby and the dwarves progress in designing the production magic machines, if nothing expected happens, Xu Yi estimated that they would finish the series of Magic Punch Presses within a month. Then it would only take them a short period of time to put it into use.

Although it was a bit longer than the time he gave Seveni, with Xu Yis estimate of the production capacity of the Magic Punch Presses, as long as the Magic Punch Presses became operational, Xu Yi estimated that the first batch of three thousand agricultural magic machines would be complete a month before the deadline. The agricultural department would have plenty of time to arrange these agricultural magic machines.

Of course, in Xu Yis opinion, the development time for the Magic Punch Presses was too short.

Although they had Xu Yi tempered mechanical engineering knowledge from earth as a foundation, so they didnt need to research the basics when it came to these Magic Punch Presses, the production magic machines studied in such a short period of time would definitely have some flaws.

Xu Yi was aware of this, but he had no other choices.

In order to complete the order from the king and the agricultural department in time, Xu Yi had to do this.

Although Xu Yi felt that most of this research fund was wasted on this kind of rushed research project, as long as he could seize this change, it wasnt something that couldnt be accepted.

Not to mention that they would be developing a series of production magic machines. Whether it was for Great Magician Camilla and the magicians under him, or Camby and the dwarves in the magic machine workshop, they would all gain plenty of experience from this.

This would create a solid foundation for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces future development. As long as Xu Yi kept putting in manpower and resources, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would gradually improve on their magic machines.

What was more important to Xu Yi was that the magicians and dwarves that were a part of this would be influenced. This would gradually form a theory system for magic machines.

Xu Yi had transmigrated from earth, so of course he knew the importance of theoretical foundations to establishing an industry.

The magic machine industry on the Sines Continent could be considered a product of his promotion, so the foundations werent solid at all.

If one day Xu Yi came across a problem involving magic machines that he couldnt solve, it would mean that there would be no one in this world that could solve it.

So when it came to research, Xu Yi kept instilling people with his own mechanical engineering knowledge. He pointed out the key points of combining this knowledge with magic, giving them a complete explanation.

He did this because he hoped that other than him, there would be more qualified magic mechanical engineers on the Sines Continent.

Other than being busy with researching, although this period of time was very busy, the happiest person was actually Heinz.

After the Variable Temperature Magic Air Conditioner had sold over five thousand units in Banta City and the surrounding cities, they began promoting the new Magic Lamps and a new wave of buying came in.

Compared to the high twenty five gold coin price of the Variable Temperature Magic Air Conditioner, which was mainly targeted at rich families, the more beautiful Magic Lamp that was even considered a piece of art by many people was being sold for only one gold coin, mainly targeting normal families.

As for the price of one gold coin, when most people saw the appearance of the Magic Lamps on the four billboards outside the city, they felt it was very appropriate.

There were even some people who thought that this price was too low because some rich people cared about style. This Magic Lamp could already be considered a work of art, it couldnt have the same price as a normal product.

Not to mention the Magic Crystal Lamps that appeared before on the Sines Continent were not only inferior in appearance, the effects were also much worse.

Those Magic Crystal Lamps had prices of several hundred gold coins, then even if these Magic Lamps didnt have exaggerated prices, they should be at least worth several dozen gold coins, right

Of course, with people thinking the price is low, naturally there would be those who thought it was high.

Some families that werent as rich felt that one gold coin was considered quite a bit. Although this Magic Lamp did look very good, making people want to buy it, to actually take out a gold coin to buy a single lamp was something that they hesitated to do.

But after the «Banta Times» ran a new article based on the Magic Lamps that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had released, it changed the thoughts of these people.

For a normal household, if they used candles or oil lamps to light up their house at night, based on the calculation of one candle or oil lamp per room, they would spend five-ten copper coins a night. They would be spending between two to three silver coins each month.

But if they used the Magic Lamp, they would only use a single Low Grade Magic Crystal each month, which cost less than sixty copper coins.

This number wasnt clear in just a month or two, but if they calculated by years, one could save over twenty silver coins each year using the Magic Lamp instead of candles or oil lamps.

In just four years, they would have saved up enough for a Magic Lamp.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Lamps had a warranty for three years. If non-intentional damage was done to the Magic Lamp within these three years, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce promised to fix it.

That meant that if one bought the Magic Lamp, they wouldnt need to worry about it for three years.

Like this, it was clear that the Magic Lamp was more cost effective compared to candles or oil lamps.

Not to mention that whether it was the candles or oil lamps, they all gave off a smell and smoke, which wasnt good for the body. And the Magic Lamps used the Magic Array to create the light, so it didnt give off any smoke at all, not harming ones body.

Moreover, the Magic Lamps light was far stronger than candles or oil lamps. A candle or oil lamp could only light up no more than three square meters, but if one used the Magic Lamp, it could light up every corner of the room!

After the report was published in the «Banta Times», the people who hesitated on buying the Magic Lamp immediately made up their minds and decided to buy it.

So after just a single week of being out, the Magic Lamp wildly sold over twenty thousand units!

This was just the amount sold in a small city like Banta City!

If one added in the orders from Banta City, this number reached a terrifying forty thousand!

It had to be known that there were only around fifty thousand people inside and near Banta City, so that was equal to almost everyone in Banta City buying one!

Of course, the main reason was that larger homes didnt only buy one Magic Lamp, but rather they bought several of them to use in different rooms.

Other than Banta City, the merchants from other cities who had already been working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for a long time didnt want to show weakness, so they also submitted large orders.

If all the orders of the other cities were added together, that was a total of over fifty thousand already!

Putting it together, just in a single week and with just the small Magic Lamp, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had already earned a large income of close to a hundred thousand gold coins.

Each Magic Lamp sold for one gold coin and their cost was just a trivial thirty silver coins.

Putting it together, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces pure profits on the Magic Lamps was close to seventy thousand gold coins!

Moreover, this was just in a single week. As time passed and with the Magic Lamps current popularity, this amount could still be greatly increased.

According to Xu Yis estimates…..No, Xu Yi couldnt estimate their sales amount at all because even he didnt think that the Magic Lamps would be this popular.

It was no wonder that although Heinz was being run ragged each day, he had a smile that wouldnt close on his lips.

Before this, although Heinz felt that Magic Lamp that Xu Yi developed looked good and would sell well, he never thought that the Magic Lamp would have this kind of terrifying sales numbers.

As a veteran general store owner of Banta City, he couldnt understand at all why people would be so crazy about a lamp that could only be used for lighting.

“Its very simple, its because there is a mob mentality in people. The more people buying it, there will be more people who want to buy it, otherwise they would be different from everyone else.” Seveni held the Magic Lamp in her hand to look over for a while before she couldnt help praising, “It has to be said, this Magic Lamp is just too beautiful, its no wonder so many masters of Banta City praise this as a work of art. Even at the banquet yesterday, there were several Banta City masters of the art who cursed you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in front of Count Sean.”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “Cursing me about what”

Seveni tilted her head to think before saying with a faint smile, “The masters felt that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is treating this almost perfect piece of art as a product to mass produce, flooding the entire world with this precious treasure, it is blaspheming this piece of art!”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Art doesnt equal something separated from the masses, these masters are just too biased.”

“No, they arent biased. Rather they think that art is something aloof that is above the populace and could only be enjoyed by their small loft group. Your Frestech Chamber of Commerces methods are destroying their sense of superiority, its no wonder they are becoming angry out of shame.” After saying this, Sevenis lips curled back into a taunting smile, “If it wasnt for the fact that the Magic Lamps were just too beautiful and artistic, making them unable to deny it, the masters would act like they looked down on it even if their hearts accepted it.”

Xu Yi never would have thought that Seveni would have such a rude appraisal of these master because no matter what, Seveni was not just a normal member of the agricultural department and her status shouldnt be normal. She should be one of the upper class that the masters were talking about.

“Thats right, Xu Yi, the person that designed the Magic Lamp shouldnt be from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, right Where did you find this kind of master with such high artistic skills” Seveni suddenly asked, “Other than this, the billboards on the four sides of the city should also be drawn by this master, right I can tell that the drawn Magic Lamp is the same style as the design, so it should be made by the same person.”

Xu Yi nodded, “It is indeed the same person and they arent from our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. But if you want to ask who they are…..I can only say sorry.”

“You cant say it That really is a pity. Although I dont like those so called masters, I do approve of their appraisals. The artistic value of the drawing is even higher than the Magic Lamp. Based on the appraisal of these masters, just based on this drawing, this person is enough to be known as a grandmaster.” Seveni suddenly revealed a smile, “Of course in my opinion, the reason why it is so outstanding and the effects are so good, other than the Magic Lamp, the intoxicating girl in the painting is actually very important. Ive heard that this girl is called Still and shes Great Magician Camillas granddaughter”

Xu Yi looked at Seveni in surprise, “You actually even found this out”

“This isnt anything hard to find. I found out accidentally last time and Still is so popular in Banta City. But it is a very normal thing when one thinks about it, she is that beautiful and is always on your Frestech Chamber of Commerces advertisements, its hard for her not to be famous.” Seveni looked over and asked, “But compared to this, what Im more interested in is that, Ive heard the relationship between you and Still isnt normal”

Xu Yi remembered the strange look Still had after hearing Agnes answer the other night and said after giving two dry laughs, “Young miss Seveni, did you have some important matter to discuss since you specially came to find me today”

Seveni pursed her lips into a smile and didnt keep pursuing this matter. After pausing, she said to Xu Yi with a serious expression, “Chairman Xu, I came to find you today because I have some bad news for you.”-

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