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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 82: All your children

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Book 8: Chapter 82: All your children

Xu Yi never counted on just meeting and talking to the two emperors to make them believe his attitude.

The most effective way was naturally to take action.

After meeting the two emperors, Xu Yi prepared for three months to stabilize the basic foundation of the continents magic machine industry technology foundation before announcing that he was resigning as the chairman of the foundation.

The people of the Sines Continent were shocked, but they also were waiting to see what Xu Yi was planning to do next.

When he stopped being the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, he had founded this continents magic machine industry technology foundation, which was something that all the countries had been worried about for a long time.

Now that he had stepped down as the chairman of this foundation, what new thing was he planning on doing next

However, after people waited for around three months, there wasnt a single piece of news related to Xu Yi.

Whether it was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or the continents magic machine industry technology foundation, Xu Yi never showed himself in public once.

Even when many people and powers investigated in secret, they received very few pieces of information.

It was as if……Xu Yi had suddenly disappeared from the Sines Continent.

If they couldnt obtain concrete information on Xu Yi, naturally people couldnt calm down.

Because Xu Yis influence on the Sines Continent was just too big. If he did things openly in front of everyone, although it would be a headache for many people, at least they would feel more assured.

But now that there wasnt any information on him, people couldnt help guessing in secret that he was planning something.

It was a good thing that this didnt last long.

Three months later, accurate information about Xu Yi finally came from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

It was as everyone had guessed, Xu Yi had indeed disappeared from the Sines Continent!

Because……he went to the Magic Cloud Continent again.

After learning this information, countless people let out sighs of relief.

Let this fellow go play on the Magic Cloud Continent, it was fine as long as he wasnt on the Sines Continent.

Even if he wanted to rule over the Magic Cloud Continent, that was his right. It wasnt related to the countries of the Sines Continent at all.

Among these people, the ones that felt the most reassured by Xu Yi going to the Magic Cloud Continent were the emperors of the two empires. Especially Emperor Candra.

Xu Yi leaving the Sines Continent again made him believe what he had told him in secret even more.

Perhaps……he really had no interest in competing over the control of the Sines Continent……


As the cool sea breeze came, there were the sounds of waves that rang out and the light scent of sea water that filled the air. There was also the sunlight that made people feel a bit warm, but wasnt too bright. This was the best experience that one could have on a beach.

Xu Yi frequently went to overseas beaches because he had to go on business trips often on earth, but he had never seen such a perfect beach like this.

Whether it was the fine and soft as silk sand that he stepped on or the water that was so clear that you could see the crabs under the water, all of this demonstrated a great charm on the guests.

In this environment, sitting down on a deck chair and enjoying an afternoon nap was the peak of enjoyment.

“Hey, Still, after you retire, how about we just live in seclusion on this little island” Xu Yi gave a sigh before asking Still this with a smile.

Still, who was lying on a deck chair beside Xu Yi turned over to look at him. Because of the tan that she had gotten after several days in the sun and because of her slender figure, she released a charm that was very moving.

Every time he saw Still in her swimsuit, Xu Yi would thank elder Lisanya from the bottom of his heart.

If it wasnt for her taking out the secret elven youth maintaining techniques, with Stills age that was close to sixty, she wouldnt be able to maintain this appearance even with how serious she was. She would have already looked much older and it was impossible for her to be as charming as she was when she was younger like she was now.

Of course, compared to Agnes who was playing with sand castles in the distance with the children, she was still a bit lacking.

It had already been thirty three years since the first day that Xu Yi met Agnes, but her appearance hadnt changed a single bit and she was still as beautiful as a young human girl.

Even her character was the same as before, she was still as lively as before. It didnt seem like she had given birth to a child at all.

“Retire” Still turned to look at Xu Yi and her lips curled to reveal a smile filled with disdain, “If you can really retire, then Ill be happy to live with you in seclusion. But…..can you really retire”

Xu Yi curled his lips and said nothing in return.

He and Still had been together for over thirty years and with how familiar she was with him, how could she not see his true thoughts.

“You, being able to spend over three months with you and the children, Im already happy.” Still gave a sigh, “But to let you truly remain idle is something thats impossible. Moreover, even if youre willing, there are many people who arent willing.”

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before giving a shrug and saying with a helpless voice, “I can at least not care about the matters on the Sines Continent, that would save me quite a bit of effort.”

“Are you certain” Still looked at Xu Yi with eyes filled with doubt, “The Sines Continents current situation is something that was made with careful considerations from you, are you really willing to ignore it If something happens on the Sines Continent, can you really not care”

Xu Yi gave a certain nod, “Of course. Ive already helped build a solid foundation on the Sines Continent, so even without me, the Sines Continent can develop on its own based on its needs. It could even be said that if I stayed there, it would hinder the Sines Continents free development. So my decision to leave was something that came from careful consideration and wont be changed.”

Still took a deep look at Xu Yi before suddenly revealing a smile, “What if something happens to Freya Would you not care”

Xu Yi looked at Still with an annoyed look, “You know what I mean. Can you treat Freya as the same thing If shes in danger, I cant ignore it as her father. But you have to remember that as long as shes not in danger, even if something happens to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I wont meddle. How the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will develop will depend on her skills.”

“Youre really willing to give up on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce That is the company that you built, it could even be called your other child.” Still said in an emotional voice.

“If it is my child, then this child has already grown up and will continue growing. As for how it will turn out in the future, that is its own matter and it isnt related to me.”

Xu Yi turned to look in the west direction of the Sines Continent before shaking his head.

“Actually, more than just the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I even feel sentimental about the Sines Continent. But Ive already decided to let it develop freely, so of course I have to let go.”

“If those fellows from the two empires, as well as……” After saying this, Still paused, “As well as Seveni could understand what you were thinking, this matter would be much more simple. Right, speaking of Seveni, Xu Yi, do you……really not have any special arrangements”

Xu Yi looked at her with a surprised look, “What special arrangements”

Still looked at Xu Yi and hesitated for a while before working up the courage to speak.

“You…..could it be that you……still dont know that Prince Raymond is the child that Seveni birthed with you”

After saying this, Still looked at Xu Yi with a nervous look.

Actually, Seveni had already told her this secret a long time ago, but she had never told Xu Yi. Now that she was suddenly telling Xu Yi this, she was a bit worried about how he would react.

However, Xu Yi didnt have any special reactions. He just gave a nod and a sigh.

“It seems like I wasnt wrong, it really was Seveni herself. As for Betty and Carol…..they were only supplementary.”

Still rolled her eyes at Xu Yi before giving a soft snort, “Being able to have relations with three girls in the Lampuri Kingdoms royal palace and one of them even being the honourable queen, chairman Xu, are you proud of yourself”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling as he reached out to pinch Stills face.

“What You didnt mention this even though you knew all along and now youre being jealous”

Seveni stretched herself out and sat up in her deck chair.

“I will never be jealous if you get more women, but I must remind you that Prince Raymond will take over the Lampuri Kingdoms throne in the future and you are his father. Have you thought about what to do”

After saying this, Seveni stood up to leave, heading to the ocean.

Seeing Sevenis slender and plentiful figure swaying, Xu Yi couldnt help give a bitter laugh.

What else could he do

When Seveni didnt hesitate to drug him to do this, she must have already considered this.

Since Prince Raymond was his and Sevenis son, Xu Yi couldnt just do nothing if Prince Raymond was in danger.

But what Xu Yi was surprised by was even if he had guessed this matter in secret, before Seveni had revealed this, Still was the one that couldnt help saying it first.

Could it be……that Seveni was waiting for a critical moment to reveal this

Xu Yi leaned back in his deck chair. He thought of the scene back then when Seveni had held his hand while holding Prince Raymond in the other. He felt that this really felt like a drama.

While he was daydreaming, there was a black spot that appeared in the sky. It quickly turned into a bunch of black spots that landed right beside Xu Yi.

There was a bunch of sand that was raised by this black spot that flew right at Xu Yi.

If Xu Yi hadnt reacted quick enough to raise his magic barrier, he would have been buried by this sand.

“Hei, chairman Xu, outer space really is fun!”-

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