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Book 8: Chapter 80: Magic is black technology

Leaving Sanchelis lab and stepping back on the streets of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base, when he looked out, the absurd feeling that Xu Yi had because he saw Deity became even stronger.

Just thirty years ago, this world had a very low level of technology and civilization was still in a half slave and half feudal society.

However, in just thirty years, there were a bunch of products that could match the modern technology of earth.

For example, the household magic machines in the stores by the street, the Magic Cars that ran across the roads, the Magic Airship flying in the sky, the giant transport Magic Ship that had just docked in the harbour……

If there was another person from earth that transmigrated at this time, they definitely wouldnt think that they were in another world and would have thought that they had passed through to another dimension.

All of the things here could be considered a replica of an earth city.

Of course, that depended on them ignoring the elves, dwarves, and beastmen that were all over the streets.

The main reason for this was because of the scientific knowledge that Xu Yi had brought from earth. He had the Frestech Chamber of Commerce develop magic machines based on the technological development on earth, so naturally it would be like they were duplicating the technology of earth.

Moreover, not just the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base, but all the other countries were following the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, or rather Xu Yis path in developing their magic machine industries. So all the cities had followed the changes of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce main base and Frestech City.

After the Frestech Chamber of Commerce promoted the long distance magic power supply network, the cities on the Sines Continent became even more like the cities on earth. They became more and more……modern.

In just thirty years, the backwards Sines Continent had undergone a giant change and allowed the people of the Sines Continent to live a life that they could only dream of before. Xu Yi was naturally proud of this.

But……was this correct

Xu Yi felt a doubt fill his heart as he looked around himself.

This wasnt the first time that he thought this.

Last month, when the New Moon Chamber of Commerce and the Azshara Tribe worked together to promote aMagic Illusion Sleep Assistance System, Xu Yi already had these doubts.

Three months ago when the Night Song Tribe worked with the Moon Shadow Tribe to promote the new crops that they had developed together, Xu Yi had the same doubts.

Half a year ago when a company in the Marlow Empire had announced that they had developed a new Magic Water Purifier, which could turn any tainted water into pure drinking water when it was filtered through the machine, Xu Yi had the same doubts.

Even ten years ago, when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had just started developing the image calls for the magic communication network, Xu Yi had the same doubts.

These doubts came together with the feeling in his heart and Xu Yi finally came to a conclusion that he had underestimated this world.

Although he came from a technologically advanced world like earth, which compared to this world seemed very developed, causing him to regard the Sines Continent was backwards, the Sines Continent had a special something called magic that had many possibilities that he had never expected.

For example, the things that had surprised him before or the Magic Computer that Sancheli had developed himself……

The people of this world could depend on their own abilities and the shocking tool known as magic to make astonishing things.

What they needed was just some inspiration.

Now that Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave them enough inspiration, they exploded with a wave of creativity.

The people of the Sines Continent werent inferior to the people of earth when it came to this.

As for magic itself, Xu Yi was already one of the top Arch Magi of the continent and even had the qualification to call himself the strongest magician on the continent that no one could match.

But the deeper he went in his magic research, the more mysteries there were.

After Xu Yi proposed the scientific study of magic and combined the scientific studies of earth with researching magic, he found that magic was far beyond the modern science of earth.

The most simple example of this would be teleportation spatial magic.

The concept of teleportation was only science fiction on earth with its modern technology. There was the possibility of teleportation, but they felt that it was very hard to achieve. Even if they kept researching for a hundred years, it wouldnt be certain that they could achieve it.

But on this backwards Sines Continent, they had already mastered teleportation with science.

What was even more shocking and made him unable to decide whether to laugh or cry was that the magicians of the Sines Continent had trained to the point where they could use magic to teleport their bodies, but they couldnt use it to teleport items.

Xu Yi had found it hard to understand before, but after learning about the Abyss Demon Race, he finally found a part of the reason.

If magic was something passed down from the Abyss Demon Race, starting from the elves of the Sines Continent, they only had superficial understandings of it. They were unable to grasp the principles of magic, which was something natural.

The Abyss Demon Race of ten thousand years ago wouldnt go out of their way to teach elves how to use magic and the lowly elves of the time couldnt come in contact with the core parts of the Abyss Demon Races magic. They could only use their intelligence to grasp parts of how to use magic.

After a long ten thousand years, the specific parts about magic had already faded in history.

So while the magic on the Sines Continent was developed and was strong enough, to Xu Yi, there was a clear lack of basic foundational knowledge. It was unknown when this split happened, but magic wasnt able to help the Sines Continent that much, which was why the world had been stuck in a backwards state.

When Xu Yi arrived, with his complete scientific knowledge and theories from earth, as well as the practicality of magic from his research, the people of the Sines Continent started to pay attention to this.

Because of the inspirations from Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, people started to gradually diversify their study of magic. All kinds of achievements started growing like mushrooms and even novel inventions that Xu Yi never would have thought of started appearing.

So Xu Yi felt that he had underestimated the people of the Sines Continent.

Since transmigrating to this world, he felt that he was the protagonist of a novel, so he had taken care of everything himself. He wanted to take responsibility for all magic research and lead the world in the direction that he wanted.

But he found in the past few years that once he set the people of this world free, the ability that they demonstrated filled him with shock and praise.

As for this absurd feeling, it was because of the magic the Abyss Demon Race left behind. It was clear that the Abyss Demon Race had grasp of this state of the art technology, but it had been twisted by the people of the Sines Continent when it had been passed down.

With the arrival of Xu Yi, the Sines Continents view and study of magic had returned to practical application. However, because Xu Yis technology was different from the magic technology of the Abyss Demon Race, the research didnt seem to conform to what Xu Yi had expected and it was a bit strange.

For example, the Magic Computer that Sancheli developed. Although Xu Yi had once talked about this, after Sancheli had actually developed it, it had become something that was different from the computer that Xu Yi had in mind.

Sancheli even couldnt understand all the principles himself, but he was still able to make the Magic Computer operate properly and use it quite easily.

Based on the views of earth, this was a proper piece of black technology.

Or to put it simply, the entire magic machine industry of the Sines Continent, or just simply magic itself was considered black technology.

“Is this really good” Xu Yi couldnt help knitting his brows.

As a former high level mechanical engineer from earth, he found it very hard to permit himself to use technology that he couldnt understand the principles of.

Because there were many instabilities in using this and could even have the chance of creating unpredictable danger.

However……even if Xu Yi was an Arch Magus, he couldnt understand all the principles behind magic.

This was because there was a large gap between the magic theory of the Sines Continent and the Abyss Demon Races magic theory from ten thousand years ago, Xu Yi alone wasnt enough to solve this.

Of course, black technology didnt mean that it wasnt useful.

Strictly speaking, there were many pieces of technology that couldnt be fully understood on earth because something like science was constantly improving because it kept contradicting itself. It kept improving the things that were contradicted and there was no true analysis.

It was like this with science and it was also like this with magic.

Moreover, in the end, magic was just like science, but it was different from the science of earth and wasnt that easy to differentiate.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi took a deep sigh. When he looked around him again, he suppressed the feeling and doubts in his heart.

The current situation was the situation of the world. He couldnt forcefully change it and there was no need, let alone……the fact that he didnt have this power.

Xu Yi reached into his chest and pulled out a Magic Communicator he used for work.

“Cindy, help me contact the emperors of the two empires. Tell them that I have to meet them in private.”-

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