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Book 8: Chapter 78: Entering outer space

The nights in early May had a faint chill to them, but compared to last month, it was a much more comfortable temperature.

After having dinner, the people of Wimbledon City left their homes in groups of twos and threes, going out for a walk to help with their digestion while also relaxing.

In the squares inside and outside the city, there were already quite a few people gathered, creating a lively scene.

In the beginning, some people just strolled over by themselves or gathered together to talk or did some simple exercises.

But that changed when night came.

When the statement came out, many people doubted it and felt that it was an excuse from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce promoted the long distance magic power supply network in the Stantine Duchy, those doubts slowly disappeared.

Because of the matter in Zidanru Town, the Candra Empire and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce both remained firm on their stances. The Candra Empire believed that there was a hidden danger in the long distance magic power supply network, so the Candra Empire didnt plan on introducing it to their territory, which caused some people to be dissatisfied.

Whether it was the «New Moon News», the various newspapers, or the examples that many people provided, they all proved that the long distance magic power supply network made peoples lives much easier and made household magic machines more effective. Being able to save on household expenditures was definitely something valuable and was worth promoting.

But because of the Zidanru Town incident, the Candra Empire couldnt introduce it to their territory and made many people dissatisfied.

Because of the Rita Chamber of Commerces performance before, many people vented their anger on this company.

So when the Rita Chamber of Commerce announced their new Magic Air Conditioner, very few people bought it.

The discussion of this continued until people scattered from the squares yesterday.

But it was unknown if todays «New Moon News» would have similar news that could attract everyones attention again.

The large Magic Illusion Projector in the square wasnt idle. They were broadcasting some advertisements or some Magic Illusion Films before this. However, once seven oclock came, all the Magic Illusion Projectors in the square changed to the New Moon Chamber of Commerces logo, signifying that the «New Moon News» was about to start.

When the «New Moon News» started each day, they would give a short summary of what todays «New Moon News» would entail. That way, people could have a general idea of what todays news would be about.

Normally speaking, the short introduction would introduce a few pieces of important news before they would start their reports.

However, the «New Moon News» was different from usual today.

“All the viewers out there, do you really understand the land underneath you” After the greetings, the male anchors first words had shocked everyone.

“Do you really understand the world that we live in” The female anchor said this which made everyone confused.

“Next, we would like to invite everyone to look at some images.”

When the male anchors voice fell, the Magic Illusion turned dark before lighting up again, showing the scene of some plains.

The male anchors voice narrated this.

“This is the scene of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces first satellite launch. Everyone can see that there are many people gathered in the distance, they are all guests that were invited to attend the ceremony.”

Hearing this explanation, everyone understood.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce launched their first satellite, the New Moon Chamber of Commerce had live broadcasted the process through the Magic Illusion Projectors. Everyone had seen the scene of the Magic Rocket flying into the sky.

People still couldnt forget the shock that they felt then, so hearing this explanation, they found that this scene was very familiar.

But the angle of the Magic Illusion was a bit strange.

When everyone watched the broadcast, they had the same angle as the crowd and watched the Magic Rocket flying into the sky.

The current angle was looking at the crowd from a distance, almost as if……as if they had the same view as the giant Magic Rocket that flew into the sky.

The female anchors voice rang out at this time.

“Viewers, the images that we are seeing now are the images sent to us from the Magic Illusion Camera from the Magic Rocket. So we can see that the angle that the crowd is looking at in the distance is in the direction of the Magic Rocket.”

Even the people that didnt react yet understood at this moment.

The image started to shake and there was a giant sound that came from the illusion.

“What everyone is seeing now is the Magic Rocket beginning its take off.”

After a while, they saw the Magic Illusion gradually leave the ground which represented the Magic Rocket taking off.

Very soon, the ground in the illusion became further and further and the people on the ground turned into black dots before completely disappearing.

Out of the people watching the «New Moon News», there were few people that had the chance to fly into the sky, so there werent many people who had experienced being in the air.

Although they could experience being in the air because of the New Moon Chamber of Commerces Magic Films, they never had a first person angle, so naturally it wasnt like this time where it felt like they were experiencing it personally.

As the Magic Rocket quickly soared into the sky, the ground got further and the sky came closer.

Some more intelligent people noticed that the ground was turning into a sphere, which proved the Frestech Chamber of Commerces opinion of them being on a “giant planet”.

Many people nervously watched as the sky came closer and closer. They were looking forward to seeing what it would really look like to break through the sky.

Very soon, after a group of clouds appeared in the image, people found that the image had turned black and there were only some strange sounds from time to time.

This darkness didnt last long as the image quickly lit up again with a light that was even brighter than sunlight.

After another while, it turned dark again before quickly lighting up.

After this happened several times, the image suddenly lit up and an endless black sky appeared in the image.

In the distance, there was a giant fireball.

Based on the position, it should be the sun.

But based on the image, people found that the sun was very different from the ground that they were standing on.

“The Magic Rocket has finally broken through the atmosphere and has officially entered outer space. What everyone is seeing now is the situation of outer space.” The female anchors voice rang out.

Everyone looked at the beautiful and shocking scene in the Magic Illusion in a daze, with no one being able to come back to their senses for a long time.

After showing the image of outer space, the Magic Illusion changed again.

“What everyone is seeing now is the true appearance of the planet that is under our feet.”

Everyones eyes opened wide.

A giant planet that was mainly covered in blue appeared in the Magic Illusion.-

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