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Book 8: Chapter 77: Launching a satellite

“You mean that……this thing will be able to fly in a place even higher than the sky and it wont fall down”

Chairman Cruise looked at the thing that looked like a Magic Shell that was countless times bigger that Xu Yi called a “Magic Rocket” with a look of disbelief on his face.

Xu Yi rolled his eyes filled with disdain.

“If youve read the latest issues of the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly», or did some research on the theory, you would know that as long as you launch something that exceeds the first cosmic velocity, it will escape the attraction of the planet. It will fly into orbit around the planet and with the planets rotation, it wont fall down.”

Chairman Cruise gave a laugh, “Ive been very busy lately, how could I have time to read the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly» Then again, youre talking about outer space, so its not related to our company. Of course I wouldnt care about it.”

“Are you certain that its not related” Xu Yi pointed at the sky and asked, “Let me tell you, the world under our feet isnt the only one in the endless universe. Actually, in a place that cant be seen with the naked eye, there are still countless different planets and some of them might even have people just like us. Could it be that you dont want to build houses on those planets”

“Building houses in outer space” Chairman Cruises eyes lit up before he shook his head, “Forget about it. Youre just sending this thing into the stars right now. When you really go to another planet, who knows how long that will take. Perhaps……I might be dead before that day comes.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile. He thought that although chairman Cruise didnt know what this rocket was, or even what the concept of outer space was, that didnt hinder his judgement.

Indeed, it was as chairman Cruise had said. Even if they succeeded in launching the satellite today, they were still far away from being able to send people into outer space.

As for traveling through space, going on an interstellar cruise that Xu Yi dreamed of, who knew how long that would take.

Even if technology on earth was far from reaching that point. Since they launched the satellite, fifty years had passed before Xu Yi transmigrated and there was still no hope of traveling through space.

With the current level of technology on the Sines Continent, to reach this point was a dream.

But the Sines Continent was different from earth, this was a world of magic.

Magic was something that the Abyss Demon Race with their brilliant society had left, so it could create many unbelievable possibilities.

For example, if they followed normal development, with the level of technology on the Sines Continent, it was impossible to create a satellite.

But with the power of magic, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was able to use a period of time that was countless times shorter than earth to develop this project.

Of course, this was also because Xu Yi had brought the theory and basics of mechanical engineering from earth.

After talking with chairman Cruise about a few things, Xu Yi turned to look at the rocket in the distance and he felt emotional.

If people from earth transmigrated to this world and knew the truth of this rocket, they would definitely laugh themselves to death.

Because this rocket did have what was considered a satellite, but this satellite was just an empty shell that didnt have anything in it at all.

The satellites launched on earth would do all kinds of things in the sky. There were meteorological satellites, surveillance satellites, communication satellites, and etc……

But because of current technological limitations, this satellite couldnt do any of these. Even if it reached the sky, it wouldnt be able to do anything.

But there was a Magic Illusion Camera with the highest video quality loaded in, so they could take some pictures from outer space.

But no one could guarantee that these pictures would successfully transfer back.

When it came to the magic space of outer space, no one on the Sines Continent had any ideas.

Even the dragons with the most powerful bodies could only barely remain in the highest part of the atmosphere with their dragon forms, but they couldnt break through it.

So this first satellite launch was also a test of the magic space above the atmosphere.

There were many Magic Arrays carefully designed by the magic research facility on the satellite that could test the various reactions of the magic space, so it could investigate the magic space above the atmosphere.

To put it simply, this satellite launch was actually a test for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce on many things, so it had a great significance.


Xu Yi turned to look at the large group behind and around him, seeing that all of them were focused on the Magic Rocket in the distance. They pointed and whispered to each other from time to time, all of them unable to stop themselves from showing looks of shock.

It was clear that most people were focused on the same thing as chairman Cruise. Just putting something in a place above the sky didnt really have any meaning to them.

“Sir chairman, its about time.” A middle aged person wearing the Frestech Chamber of Commerces uniform came over. They lowered their head as they said this in a low voice while also handing a Magic Communicator to Xu Yi.

Seeing his excited expression, Xu Yi revealed a smile and took the Magic Communicator.

“Hey, Freya, Im just attending the ceremony, you should be the one to give the orders.”

Freyas voice that was filled with life and joy, but was a bit more calm and experienced after being the chairman for a while came from the Magic Communicator.

“Lord father, this is a significant matter. Dont you want to give the order yourself”

Xu Yi gave a laugh, “I dont want to steal the spotlight from you as the chairman. Alright, dont worry about me, just take care of it yourself. Ill just watch from here.”

Freya muttered something, but she still quickly replied.

“Alright, then I wont be polite.”

Xu Yi put down the Magic Communicator with a smile before asking the Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff that gave it to him, “The representatives from the other countries, are they currently in the main control room”

“Yes. This time the two empires sent their top people and the Lampuri Kingdoms Prince Raymond personally attended.” After a pause, the staff member continued, “Sir chairman, theyve asked where you were several times. Are you really not planning on making an appearance”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Ive already said it, I dont want to steal Freyas spotlight. If Still knew about this, she would certainly scold me.”

The staff member knew that Xu Yi had already made his decision, so they didnt say anything else and moved to the side.

“Hey, Xu Yi, didnt you say that your dream is to fly into outer space Although this satellite is still far from your dream, this should mean that youre a step closer. Do you really not want to be the host of this ceremony” Chairman Cruise asked.

“No need. My dream is you fly to outer space, not hold a ceremony that doesnt have any meaning at all.” Xu Yi looked at the distant giant Magic Rocket before looking up at the incomparably deep blue sky. It was as if he wanted to pierce through the sky and reach outer space.

After around another twenty minutes, it was time to launch the rocket. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce side held a brief ceremony before officially announcing the launch of the satellite.

Xu Yi didnt have any objections, but because he had seen how solemn it had been when China launched its first satellite into space as a child, he felt that doing this was a bit perfunctory.

But he also knew that not only for the people of the Sines Continent, even for the people of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that participated in this experiment, although sending something into outer space was shocking, they didnt know how to process this or even deal with this matter since it far surpassed their understanding.

“There will be a day when you understand how important today was……”

Seeing the bright glow that came from beneath the Magic Rocket, Xu Yi gave a sigh.

He had said to many people that his dream was to fly into outer space.

Seeing the first step of his dream, he didnt feel that excited.

Perhaps it was because he had to do many, many things just to reach this one point

Or was it because he knew that it was impossible to accomplish his dream in his lifetime, so he was very calm watching this

But when he saw the light under the Magic Rocket becoming brighter and then smoke coming out, causing the Magic Rocket to slowly rise before picking up speed and soaring into the clouds, Xu Yi couldnt help feeling excited.

But compared to the shock that everyone else had and the cheers that rang out after the rocket disappeared into the clouds, Xu Yi was much more calm.

The Magic Communicator in his hand shook again.

Xu Yi picked up the call and it was Freyas excited voice that came out.

“Dad! It worked! It worked! It really flew up! Gods……Oh, no! God isnt above, its our companys satellite thats there!”

Xu Yi couldnt help breaking out in laughter.

Freya had been the chairman for two years and she always acted as a mature chairman, so she held back her excited nature as much as possible. Now that she had finally found a reason to let it all go, it was no wonder she was this excited.

“Alright, Freya, dont be that excited. This is just the first one, we will be sending even more satellites in the future, so you should get used to it. Compared to this, what is more important is to take care of our guests first.”

Xu Yi looked up at the control tower in the distance and narrowed his eyes.

The success of this satellite launch was an exciting matter for him, but for the guests that came to this ceremony, that wasnt necessarily true……-

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