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Book 8: Chapter 69: The new chairman is also crazy


Ankhto heavily slapped the table as he shouted out with an angry look, “This is clearly a plot thats targeting our company!”

Everyone in the conference room looked at him. After a bit, the Frestech Heavy Magic Machine Chamber of Commerces chairman, the human Quiltoras shook his head with a bitter smile, “Ankhto, everyone knows that this is some plot from the Candra Empire side thats targeting our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. However, the problem is…..how should we deal with it”

Sitting beside Quiltoras was the Frestech Energy Chamber of Commerces chairman, the elf Rosador.

If the one that was affected the most was Ankhtos Frestech Household Magic Machine Chamber of Commerce, the ones affected the second most was Rosadors Frestech Energy Chamber of Commerce.

In the reports of the Candra Empires northern province Governor Manor, what caused the fainting incident in the town was the magic supply stations magic supply lines.

These things were the responsibilities of the Frestech Energy Chamber of Commerce.

So after this matter exploded, the pressure that fell onto Rosador wasnt smaller than Ankhtos.

Hearing Quiltoras words, Rosador knitted his brows to think before asking Ankhto, “Ankhto, have you investigated the Rita Brand Magic Air Conditioners air compressor units Are there any problems in the tests”

“Bull**!” Ankhto angrily gave a cold snort, “The Candra Empire side claimed that since these Magic Air Conditioners caused such a large problem, theyve collected them all to study to avoid this same event from happening. They wont let me send anyone to even touch them, so how can I investigate this”

Rosador shook his head, “I dont believe that you wont do anything at all.”

Ankhto curled his lips before giving a sigh, “I did send people to find some other Rita Brand Magic Air Conditioners to test, while also collecting the part from each brand of Magic Air Conditioners, doing high stress tests for these Magic Air Compressors. Facts proved that there were no problems at all. Those Candra Empire fellows were just speaking nonsense!”

“The problem is that no one will believe it even if you took out these results.” The Frestech Chamber of Commerces foreign affair departments manager Feven calmly said while sitting across from Ankhto.

Ankhto immediately became dejected.

“Yes, even if I make people do these tests, no one will believe it even if we publish the results. Those fellows would rather believe the nonsense that the Candra Empire side is spewing. They arent willing to believe the detailed test results that we published, so we really cant do anything about it.”

“This is normal.” Feven revealed a faint smile, “Sir chairman told me many times before that the stupidity of the common folks will always break your lowest expectations. When it comes to safety, they will always believe the side that talks about danger. They arent willing to believe in the sense of safety at all. Their sense of crisis is inherent and its much more serious than you can imagine.”

Hearing the phrase “sir chairman”, everyone couldnt help looking at the center position of the conference room.

But what they saw wasnt Xu Yis familiar face, but the beautiful face of Freya that had a smile on it.

Everyone let out a sigh in their hearts.

If it was Xu Yi sitting there, even if the problem was several times more serious, they wouldnt feel that worried. They believed that Xu Yi would definitely find a way to solve all their problems.

But now that it was Freya, seeing her beautiful, but young face, everyone couldnt feel that much confidence.

Freya had been the chairman for half a year now, so naturally she could guess what everyone was thinking based on their expressions.

She didnt mind that her subordinates didnt trust her as the chairman because she certainly couldnt compare to Xu Yi right now. This was a fact and there was no way to change it.

To have the same position and image as Xu Yi in everyones mind, she had to put in countless effort.

“Manager Feven, chairman Ankhto, I think that you should know that to take care of the effect that this has had on our company, we cant just stop at our companys products, but we should solve the worries in everyones minds.” Freya said with a smile.

Although Freyas position in everyones minds couldnt compare to Xu Yis, since she had spoken, everyone pulled back their thoughts and looked at her with a respectful look.

“Yes, chairman.” Feven gave a nod, “We must keep using advertisements to tell everyone that this event isnt related to our companys product. Rather its just an accident that has a very small probability of happening……”

“No!” Freya cut Feven off, “We must let everyone believe that this definitely wasnt an accident that has a small chance of happening, but rather its something that is impossible!”

Everyone looked at Freya with surprised looks.

Ankhto couldnt help asking, “Chairman, according to the investigation findings of the Candra Empire, this event indeed is a bit connected to our product. Although, the connection isnt that big……”

“Yes, chairman.” Feven also said, “I understand that you want to pull our company out of this matter and not suffer any consequences, but that isnt very likely. After all, this Magic Air Conditioner is clearly related to our company.”

Freya looked at Ankhto and asked in a deep voice, “Chairman Ankhto, you just said that you did many stress tests”


“Then in these tests, how many times did the problem in the Candra Empires report occur” Freya asked.

“Not once.”

“Then do you think that if we continued the stress tests, similar problems would occur”

Ankhto hesitated a bit.

But after a while, he replied with knitted brows, “I dont dare guarantee it since the Magic Air Compressor does have some kind of influence on the surrounding air it is in operation. If some special circumstances happen……”

Ankhto spread his hands with a helpless look on his face.

“So youre saying that you think that this event is possible” Freya asked.

Ankhto was silent for a bit before nodding with a bitter smile.

“I cant completely deny this possibility.”

Freya nodded and no longer asked him anything. Instead, she turned to Evita who was sitting beside her.

“Chief Evita, in the research of the magic research facility, are there results that prove that changing the magic space will change the space around it and affect the human body”

Evita was a bit confused by what Freya meant, but she still gave a nod and said, “Of course there is, its common knowledge. Actually, all traditional magic can fit this description.”

Everyone was surprised, but after thinking about it, they understood something.

Indeed, magic was just using magic power to affect the elemental magic energy in magic space to change the surrounding area and create various spells. It could be said that it directly affected the human body.

“Then is there a defined limit in this research For example, what level of energy would cause serious injuries to a human body or even make it faint Or how low does the level of energy have to be to not affect human bodies at all”

Evita knitted her brows even more.

“This is very hard to accurately define since the effects of each spell are different……”

After saying this, Evitas eyes lit up as she suddenly understood something.

“I understand. Fre……Chairman, your meaning is to let us analyze the data of various spells and determine if they will seriously affect the human body, or even cause them to faint”

Freya revealed a sweet smile that was a bit serious and nodded.

“It is impossible to analyze all spells in a short period of time. I just hope that the magic research facility can assemble a small team that will conduct research related to this to avoid this situation from happening again.”

Evita revealed a faint smile, “Alright, I understand.”

Freya turned back to Ankhto and asked with a serious look, “Chairman Ankhto, dont you have confidence in your own products”

Ankhto was stunned, “Why are you asking this”

“If youre confident, why would you think this way”

“This……” Ankhto knitted his brows along with the rest of the people in the conference room.

Although Ankhtos words showed a few signs of weakness, it could be considered a safe statement. After all, no one could guarantee that there wasnt any problems with precise instruments like the magic machines.

“Continue the stress tests and make sure to reach extremes with each test. Not only will it give others a satisfying result, it will also make our companys products better in the future. As for whether people will believe our results our not. If they dont believe it a hundred times, a thousand times, or even ten thousand times, what about a hundred thousand times or a million times They cant not believe it.”

Ankhto took a deep breath as he could see that Freyas eyes were turning serious.

“Chairman, I understand what you mean. Yes, our Frestech Chamber of Commerces products were able to withstand the longest and most severe tests. Those fellows that dont have confidence in us, we will make them unable to separate themselves from our products!”

“Good, itll be like this!” Freya nodded at Ankhto with a smile before looking over at Rosador and Feven to say with a serious look, “Since the long distance magic supply technology has shown stability in these test areas, then we should start expanding it. So……Manager Feven, at the next duchy parliament, give the suggestion in our Frestech Chamber of Commerces name to start promoting the long distance magic supply technology in the Stantine Duchy. Our initial plan will be five hundred supply stations all over the duchy.”

Everyones eyes opened wide, looking at Freya with shocked gazes.

When Xu Yi was the chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, everyone thought that he was a lunatic and would frequently have crazy ideas.

But now that Freya had taken over, she wasnt any bit less than Xu Yi and also did things in a bold and crazy manner.

After they were stunned, they could only give helpless bitter smiles.

It really was true, what kind of father gave birth to what kind of daughter.-

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