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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 64: Alienating

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Book 8: Chapter 64: Alienating

Seveni knew this, so even if she knew that Xu Yi would be angry after learning of this, she still chose to secretly develop military magic machines.

Even ten years ago, she had this thought when she took Teresa from Xu Yi.

Over the years, the Lampuri Kingdom had made good progress with the military magic machines.

The Lampuri Kingdoms army could suppress the other countries because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces support, not even losing to the two empires.

But the current Lampuri Kingdom, even without the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could have a very strong battle power with the military magic machines that they developed themselves.

Seveni knew that the two empires and many countries were also secretly developing military magic machines. She wasnt certain on what level they had reached, but she was certain that the Lampuri Kingdoms own military magic machines had surpassed all other countries.

Because the Lampuri Kingdoms military magic machines had already surpassed the military magic machines that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce provided ten years ago.

Even if they couldnt compare to the current Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they still surpassed the other countries.

After all, the Lampuri Kingdom was the first country to invest in the magic machine industry, so they were the country that had assembled the most military magic machines and had the most experience with them.

Then adding in their close cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they received many magic machine technology and the Lampuri Kingdom had a natural advantage.

However……because of this, there was a fissure between Seveni and Xu Yi.

The Lampuri Kingdom wouldnt be able to obtain the full support of Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce anymore, but Seveni didnt regret this.

It was still more reliable to rely on yourself. As long as the Lampuri Kingdom became stronger, they would stand firm on the continent and would even have the ability to compete with the two empires.

After these thoughts quickly passed through Sevenis mind, she took a deep breath and looked at Xu Yi with a calm look.

“This means that Xu Yi, you arent planning on caring about this matter Even if the Candra Empire really completely occupies the Mana Magic Kingdom, you wont care”

“If the Candra Empire has the skills to do so.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Of course, as long as the Candra Empire doesnt hurt the benefits of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“I understand.” Seveni nodded before shaking her head and asking, “Then if our Lampuri Kingdom also makes our own moves”

Xu Yis eyes in the illusion suddenly turned sharp.

“Seveni, have you already made your preparations”

Seveni slightly knitted her brows, “I dont understand what you mean, what preparations”

Xu Yi looked at her for a bit before giving a sigh and waved her hand, “Forget it, this isnt related to me anyway. Its your Lampuri Kingdoms matter, its unrelated to me.”

Seveni opened her mouth, but she didnt say anything. After a while, she asked with a smile, “Speaking of this, I contacted you this time mainly because I wanted to ask, has your Frestech Chamber of Commerce made great progress on the Magic Cloud Continent Is that why youre recruiting all those people”

Actually, since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce discovered the Magic Cloud Continent, they had been developing it the entire time.

It was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that took the lead in this development and other countries and companies had joined in the beginning.

But because of how backwards the Magic Cloud Continent was and the fact that it was dominated by the goblins, making it hard to develop, the powers other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce reduced their investments before fully pulling out.

Even the Lampuri Kingdom that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been closest to had chosen to withdraw several years ago.

After all, compared to the Magic Cloud Continent that was ten thousand kilometers away where it was hard to harvest and deliver resources, the Sines Continent was more important.

It wasnt that people didnt recognize how important it was to develop the new continent, but with the quickly developing magic machine industry on the Sines Continent, once one fell behind, they would always be behind and might never even be able to stand up again. So no country had dare hold back their investments and didnt have any manpower or resources to invest in the Magic Cloud Continent.

Now that Xu Yi had been on the Magic Cloud Continent for a year and came back to recruit people to head there, it was clear that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had made progress on developing the Magic Cloud Continent.

“Un, there was some progress. But its still far from fully developing it, so I need a lot of manpower. What Are you interested” Xu Yi asked back.

Seveni shook her head with a bitter smile, “I am interested, but I dont have any extra manpower to help you. The kingdom needs manpower all over right now, so I want to send some people to bring some slaves back from the Magic Cloud Continent. How could I have people to send to the Magic Cloud Continent Then again, when I asked you this in the beginning, I asked you whether you deliberately started the war between the Candra Empire and the Mana Magic Kingdom to send the Mana Magic Kingdoms people to the Magic Cloud Continent.”

“No, this is only considered an unexpected benefit. After all, we cant obtain that much manpower from the Mana Magic Kingdom, right If this was the goal, then the income would be too low and the risks would be too high from inciting the Candra Empire to declare war on the Mana Magic Kingdom. As a merchant, this isnt a good choice.”

Seveni nodded as she agreed with Xu Yis explanation.

It was also the consensus of most people on the Sines Continent.

No one felt that Xu Yis arrangements would be for this.

Just like he said, this was a bit…..dumb. It wasnt his style at all.

But everyone was still guessing at Xu Yis true goal and Seveni wasnt an exception.

Xu Yi definitely wouldnt do this for no reason, he must have a deeper goal, but no one could see it right now.

Thinking of this, Seveni looked at Xu Yi who was clearly already fifty years old, but looked no different from that youthful face that she saw when she first met him. She couldnt help giving a sigh deep in her heart.

If it was before, she could just directly ask Xu Yi this, but now it was impossible.

“Then how are you planning on solving this problem” Seveni asked with a bit of interest.

“Theres no good way for now, we can only slowly start with the locals of the Magic Cloud Continent. Did you know The Magic Cloud Continents human population isnt small. Just our company has already found over fifty thousand people. If all the humans on the Magic Cloud Continent were gathered, I estimate there are around one to two million of them. Of course, those humans arent as skilled right now and need a lot of training before they can be used, so……”

Through the long distance Magic Communicator, Xu Yi explained the Frestech Chamber of Commerces arrangements on the Magic Cloud Continent to Seveni.

As Seveni listened to Xu Ys words, she started sinking into her memories.

In the past thirty years, she had discussed various plans with Xu Yi like this. Every time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would make a shocking development and the Lampuri Kingdom wouldnt lose any benefits.

But this time, she could only listen and couldnt join in.

Because the Lampuri Kingdom wasnt in Xu Yis plan.

Even……all the countries on the Sines Continent werent in Xu Yis plans.

Thinking of this, Seveni suddenly felt shocked.

Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had put on such a large display about the Magic Cloud Continent this time, but they didnt want any other countries or powers to join in.

Could it be……that Xu Yi was planning on developing the Magic Cloud Continent alone He was taking the Magic Cloud Continent as his own territory

Thinking of this possibility, Seveni couldnt help feeling a bit of danger.

However, this feeling of danger turned into a bitter smile.

Even if Xu Yi made his stance clear, so what

Now to mention the Lampuri Kingdom she represented being helpless, even the two empires couldnt do anything.

Or it could be said that the two empires and even herself hoped that Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would do this.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Xu Yi focused their attention on the Magic Cloud Continent, it would be a good thing for most countries on the Sines Continent.

Xu Yi spoke for around an hour. He didnt just talk about the Frestech Chamber of Commerces plan, but also about the conditions and customs of the Magic Cloud Continent locals, which could be considered chatting.

To be honest, this call between them could be the longest call that the two of them had since the magic communication network had been built.

However, when they hung up, Sevenis face didnt show a trace of happiness.

If this was before, although their calls were short, they would talk about many important things.

Even if it was chatting, they would just talk about some things in their daily lives and wouldnt take that long.

Now that the two of them had been on a call for over an hour, it seemed like it demonstrated that they had a close relationship, but in reality……

Sevenis lips had a bitter smile as she shook her head and she gave a sigh. When she turned around, her expression was calm again as her gentle smile had turned into a dignified smile.

“Lady mother, is your call with chairman Xu over” Raymond had appeared behind Seveni at an unknown time.

Seveni gave him a nod before waving her hand.

“Contact the two empires. Tell them that theres no need to worry about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Prince Raymond took a deep look at Seveni before agreeing and leaving.

After he left, Seveni came back to her senses. Looking at the Magic Communication equipment that no longer showed the Magic Illusion, her expression became very complicated before she gave a deep sigh.-

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