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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 51: Cultivation

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Book 8: Chapter 51: Cultivation

Xu Yi brought a large fleet with many personnel and supplies. It was to strengthen the development of the Magic Cloud Continent.

The development naturally wasnt just all talk.

After the fleet arrived before Xu Yi, they had already started working.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerce that came with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce brought a large construction team of three thousand people.

Their task was to widen the roads and build more factories and residences to increase the size of this base. They would try to make this base as close to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base on the Sines Continent, maybe even surpassing that scale.

The Magic Cloud Continent was very important to Xu Yi and the main reason is that the Magic Cloud Continent wasnt like the Sines Continent. Not every inch of land was already carved out by the various powers.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted to obtain a mine on the Sines Continent, they would need to pay a high price.

If they wanted other benefits, they would clash with the other powers of the Sines Continent most of the time.

Compared to that, the Magic Cloud Continent could be called a place without an owner.

This continent was dominated by the goblins.

But the goblins had a very underdeveloped society. Even now, they were a backwards race that didnt have a complete country.

So even if the goblins were much stronger than the other races, they didnt fully control the continent.

As for the various resources of the continent, they werent using them at all.

After the Frestech Chamber of Commerce built a base here, just by casually scouting out their surroundings, they found several mines that hadnt been developed yet.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had spread to over forty thousand kilometers, just the mineral resources that they controlled in this area were already very rich. It even surpassed the amount of mineral resources the Frestech Chamber of Commerce currently controlled on the Sines Continent.

It was because of this that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces high level members had always agreed to investing large amounts into the Magic Cloud Continent, as well as unanimously agreeing to increase their investment this time.

It had to be known, in this mission that Xu Yi led, the amount of investments they made surpassed a hundred million gold coins and they were even willing to invest more in this mission. It could be said that this was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces greatest investment.

Of course, the investment needed to yield returns.

While the Amrit Chamber of Commerces engineer team built the main base for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, because Xu Yi brought another five thousand guards with him, they could increase the speed at which they developed their own territory.

After the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet landed on the Magic Cloud Continent, before Xu Yi arrived, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards underwent a sweep of goblins in the surrounding territories. In just a short thirteen days, they had fought the goblins over fifty times. They wiped out ten large and small goblin tribes and killed over seven thousand goblins.

While expanding their territory, they obtained an iron mine and a non-ferrous metal mine.

After Xu Yi arrived, under his personal plan, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce kept expanding.

In just two months, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had gone from forty thousand square kilometers of land to fifty thousand square kilometers of land.

During this expansion, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards eliminated the goblins while the Amrit Chamber of Commerce construction group spread the road and railroad tracks. At the same time, they kept building sentry posts along the way.

At the same time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce built more and more magic signal towers to maintain communications in their new territory.

With this convenient transportation and communications, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce firmly controlled their new territories.

Even if a goblin tried to attack in retaliation, they would encounter the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards and wouldnt have time to cause any destruction.

The goblins were a backwards race that had only relied on their numbers to dominate the Magic Cloud Continent, so the weapons that they used were stone weapons that couldnt even be considered sharp. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had military magic machines that surpassed the level of this world, so it was like having an adult beat up a child.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards fought the goblins many times and they didnt feel any threat even once.

Although the goblins werent that intelligent, they werent fools either. After fighting all those times, they found that they couldnt win no matter how many they sent, so they knew that they couldnt beat them.

So as time passed, the goblins treated the Frestech Chamber of Commerces territory as a forbidden area and didnt dare encroach it.

After suddenly expanding ten thousand square kilometers, in order to stabilize the situation and to let the guards get some rest, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce stopped their expansion and started to focus on development.


Sweat seeped out from Xu Yis forehead and converged into beads. It formed a line that fell down his cheek until it reached his chin.

Xu Yi narrowed his eyes as he looked up at the scorching sun. He thought that the summers here were even more unbearable than in the Stantine Duchy, could it be because they were at a lower latitude and were closer to the equator

If it was possible, he would be enjoying the cool breeze of a Magic Air Conditioner in a room at the base right now.

But he couldnt, or at least he couldnt do that today.

Today was a very commemorative day.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Cloud Continent base on Xu Yis decision decided to cultivate land near the Magic Cloud Continents base, so they could stop relying on grains from the Sines Continent and become self-sufficient.

In order to demonstrate how important this was, Xu Yi had to personally come to till the soil and sow the seeds.

Since it had been a long time since he did this kind of physical work, in just half an hour, Xu Yi was already covered in sweat.

Actually, there was no need for him to do this.

This was after all a farm that was reclaimed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. With the various agricultural magic machines, there really wasnt a need to have someone personally till the land.

Xu Yi doing this was just to put on a show.

After he finished this show, the agricultural magic machines that had already been prepared headed into the fields. It didnt take them long before they finished ploughing the several dozen hectares of land.

Xu Yi could only laugh at himself.

Xu Yi had led the development of the agricultural magic machines, but now these fellows were being used to shame him in front of all these people.

According to the plan, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces first cultivation of the year would open up thirty thousand hectares of land.

After this land was filled with wheat, according to the calculations from the Sines Continent using the agricultural magic machines and fertilizer, the minimum grain yield would be around a hundred thousand tons of wheat. It was enough to support the needs of the sixty thousand people in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for a year and it would save the grain transport team quite a bit of effort.

Of course, they could only barely meet their demand.

According to Xu Yis plan, this base still had plenty of room to grow. It wouldnt just be sixty thousand people who lived here, it might become six hundred thousand or even six million.

As the Frestech Chamber of Commerce controlled more and more land on the Sines Continent, it wouldnt be strange if the population under them grew to over sixty million.

So this was only just the beginning. The final goal was to promote the agricultural magic machines on the Magic Cloud Continent and let the base become truly self-sufficient.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi looked to the side at the various local other races that were stretching their necks to look at the fields.

Speaking of this, it was a bit funny.

Whether it was the Sines Continent or the Magic Cloud Continent, out of all the different races, other than humans, no matter how developed the other races were, there wasnt a single other race that engaged in farming.

These other races mainly relied on nature for survival and had never thought of harvesting crops.

Xu Yi had considered this question and had found that this was the reason why the other races populations never matched the human population on the Sines Continent.

There were only the goblins that were an exception on the Magic Cloud Continent.

But the goblins couldnt be used as a reference since they were a backwards race that even ate human meat.

The reason their population was so high was mainly because of their strong reproductive abilities, which were like that of mice from earth.

But the goblins had very short lifespans. They would become adults at ten years old and the ones that lived to twenty years old could be counted on ones fingers.

So Xu Yi would rarely treat the goblins as a truly intelligent race.

These fellows were like locusts or mice. If they could freely develop, they might even swallow the entire Magic Cloud Continent.

Of course, the races other than the goblins were another matter.

Just the elves, dwarves, and halflings that Xu Yi saw here, they all had rather developed civilizations. If they were guided properly, they would become very helpful.

So Xu Yi had deliberately performed this large scale reclamation ceremony, it was all for these three races.

At the same time, he had the Frestech Chamber of Commerces other race members that came from the Sines Continent tell these local other races about the benefits of farming, trying to pull them in.

If Xu Yi wanted to control the Magic Cloud Continent, he couldnt allow these locals to separate themselves from them. He wanted to integrate them so that they could be used by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

In the end, what the Frestech Chamber of Commerce lacked the most was manpower.-

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