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Book 8: Chapter 50: Stepping onto the Magic Cloud Continent

It wasnt just a single ruin.

Over the next few days, the Magic Airship squad that had searched the surrounding seas found two more smaller islands that held ruins.

It was the same as the first time, these two ruins both had stone pillars.

Xu Yis group checked these two ruins and the results were the same as the first time.

After waiting for several days, Santander came back from the Sines Continent with a New Moon Chamber of Commerce team with the investigation equipment and a small research team sent by Evita.

After they arrived, Xu Yi gave them their orders.

Akali still focused on the magic signal relay station that she was responsible for. As for the other two teams, they worked with elder Undine and the elven magicians of the Azshara Tribe skilled in investigation magic, as they began studying the pillars with the investigation magic equipment.

As for the Magic Airship team that Xu Yi brought, they kept searching the surrounding seas.

Xu Yi believed that it wouldnt just be these three ruins.

If they could find all the Abyss Demon Race ruins in this area and then solve the mystery behind them, they might be able to solve the ancient puzzle of whether the Abyss Demon Race left this world or not.

Of course, whether it was finding these ruins or investigating them, they all required a large amount of time.

Akalis work couldnt be finished in a short period of time either, so after giving some initial guidance, Xu Yi followed his schedule from before and left Sky Island.

Xu Yi took the Magic Airships to span the four thousand kilometers gap between Sky Island and the Magic Cloud Continent. When he landed, he arrived at the Frestech Chamber of Commerces base on the east coast of the Magic Cloud Continent. The huge fleet that had left at the same time as Xu Yi had already arrived and had started their work already.

When Xu Yi came out of the Magic Airship, he saw in the distance that there were two glowing silver parallel lines that were in the distance.

If there was another person who transmigrated from earth here, they would have immediately recognized that these two silver lines were actually train tracks!

In fact, when the Frestech Chamber of Commerces yearly steel output exceeded five million tons, Xu Yi had thoughts of laying down rail tracks and introducing trains into this world.

But rail tracks were different from roads.

Roads could be laid down at will and it was easy to connect them, so they could allow one to travel across the Sines Continent without being impeded.

But the rail tracks cost much more and they were more limited since they had to operate on the tracks themselves.

With the current situation of the Sines Continent, to connect a single track or multiple tracks across countries was nothing more than a fools dream.

So Xu Yi hadnt promoted the railroad on the Sines Continent yet. After all, the steel production on the Sines Continent hadnt reached a point where it was abundant, so there werent many countries on the Sines Continent that had the ability and courage to invest in building railroads.

But there was no need to worry about this on the Magic Cloud Continent.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce through ten years of hard work already controlled a giant area of over forty thousand square kilometers on the Magic Cloud Continent.

In this area they controlled, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could do what they wanted and didnt need to report to other powers.

So Xu Yi had decided to conduct the first railroad experiment here without any hesitation.

After three years of development, this place that was controlled by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce not only had several roads, but also two railroads that connected the north and south.

Then with the air channels provided by the Magic Airships, transportation was very well developed in this region.

When Xu Yis eyes fell onto the tracks, there was a passenger Magic Train with thirteen compartments that slowly came out of the station before gradually picking up speed. It didnt take long before it disappeared into the horizon.

“Where is that going” Xu Yi turned back and asked Bannett who was in charge of the Magic Cloud Continent base that had come out to greet him.

“Its transporting a batch of steel arrows to the Green Water Tribe.” Bennett didnt even turn his head as he immediately replied, “The Green Water Tribe is planning on expanding their territory to the southwest and ordered a bunch of weapons from us to deal with those annoying goblins.”

The Green Water Tribe was a local elf tribe that was near the Frestech Chamber of Commerces base. They had sent a representative to the Sines Continent to see cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

In these years, the Green Water Tribe and the neighbouring elf, dwarf, halfing, and other other tribes had greatly increased their battle power through cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Not only did they stabilize their situation, they could coordinate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards to attack the goblins who had humiliated them before.

In this current region, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was without a doubt the strongest. The goblins couldnt do anything to them.

With the silent agreement of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the local tribes didnt hesitate as they did all they could to expand their territories.

It was because of their efforts that in this region, there wasnt a single goblin tribe that could live here.

Bannett even sent a report before that said that they couldnt find a single goblin in this region.

“Oh If they want better arms, why not just buy military magic machines from us Although we wont sell them high grade products like Magic Cannons and such, we still do sell the normal Magic Repeating Crossbows and stuff. No matter what, its much stronger than their traditional bows.” Xu Yi said in a confused voice.

“Sir chairman, you dont know anything.” The smile on Bannetts face became more bitter as he didnt know whether to laugh or cry, “I have recommended the Magic Repeating Crossbows to the local elves many times, but they refuse to use them. They say that the Magic Repeating Crossbows goes against their traditions, so they arent willing to use them.”

“What going against traditions” Xu Yi was surprised, “Dont tell me that the elves are still insisting on sticking to their traditions after being bullied by the goblins all these years”

“I dont know about that. Anyway, they very much dislike the Magic Repeating Crossbows.” After a pause, Bannett didnt wait for Xu Yi to continue asking as he said, “As for the other military magic machines……even the low grade ones, they dont have the money……”

Xu Yi curled his lips. He thought of the Magic Cloud Continents local tribes and he felt a bit of absurdness in his heart.

Although the elves of the Sines Continent had most of their land taken by the humans, they had ten thousand years of history, so they had rich heritages and could never be considered poor.

But the local elves of the Magic Cloud Continent, Xu Yi had felt sympathy for them from the first moment he met them.

As an elf, they were so poor that they didnt even have complete clothing. This really was too miserable……

Even the batch of steel arrow that Green Water Tribe bought, it must have made their tribe bleed to buy them.

“This is wrong……” Xu Yi suddenly knitted his brows, “Didnt I always tell you that you shouldnt just look for humans, you should also work with the other tribes of the Magic Cloud Continent It doesnt matter if these elves dont have money, as long as you prepare some work for them, they should be willing to accept this. Why are they still so poor”

Bannett revealed a bitter smile.

“Sir chairman, you dont know anything. The other races of the Magic Cloud Continent have a much deeper prejudice against us humans than on the Sines Continent. I have tried working with them for several years and wanted to take them in, but there are only a few tribes that actually agreed to this.”

“Prejudice” Xu Yi was a bit confused, “The other race tribes sent their representatives to the Sines Continent to sign cooperation agreements with us. If they were prejudiced against humans, why would they do this”

“Eh…..Saying that its prejudice isnt that accurate. It should be said……that they are vigilant towards us.” Bannett replied.

“Vigilant” Xu Yi narrowed his eyes and swept them across the base. He found that in this large base, there were only a few people from the other races.

From some details, he could tell the local other race of the Magic Cloud Continent apart from the Sines Continent other race that came with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Based on the situation here, there werent many local other races that were willing to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“The tribes of these other races were completely destroyed by the goblins, so they are just remnants. They are different from the other race tribes that are still vigilant towards us.” Seeing Xu Yis gaze fall onto the local other races that were recruited, Bannett added this explanation in.

“Oh” Xu Yis lips curled and he revealed a taunting smile, “It seems like they arent that mighty, they still know to lower their heads in critical moments. That is good, as long as they can recognize reality, theres a way to deal with them.”

Bannett felt a chill run through his heart.

Could it be that after hearing his explanation, sir chairman was about to use a plan where he would turn the other race tribes of the Magic Cloud Continent into “remnants”

Thinking of this, he couldnt help saying, “Sir chairman, the population of the other race is much higher on the Magic Cloud Continent compared to the Sines Continent. Moreover, our priority target right now are the goblins, if we also wipe out the other races…..Just with the small human population of the Magic Cloud Continent, we wont be able to complete our mission of developing this continent.”

Xu Yi looked at him with a strange look, “When did I say that I would wipe out the local other races They are an important labour force for our company, why would I be willing to give up on them”

Bannett was stunned, “Then sir chairman, your meaning is……”

Xu Yi patted his shoulder and said with a smile, “I dont have a method yet, but since these other race tribes arent gods who dont need food or shelter, since they have their own needs, then…..everything is easier to take care of.”-

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