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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 49: Precise machinery

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Book 8: Chapter 49: Precise machinery

On the current Sines Continent, the understanding of magic was no longer as simple as using magic power to gather elemental magic energy and forming spells.

With the scientific view of magic that Xu Yi proposed, the magicians of the Sines Continent were getting deeper and deeper into the essence of magic.

The most clear example was that any kind of magic would now be supported by countless precise data sets. They no longer used fuzzy concepts such as “feelings” and “seeing what was most suitable”.

Take the most simple fireball spell. When it came to the fireball spell, one would need the elemental magic energy concentration, the method of forming the fireball, the speed of concentrating energy to form the temperature of the fireball, the size, the shape, etc……Different complicated and precise data that was necessary.

Moreover, this data would be adjusted for different magicians, so it was much harder to study fireballs compared to before.

But the benefit was that as long as you grasped this method, it would be equal to grasping the fireball spell. It would even give you a deeper understanding of Fire Magic which would make studying other magic much easier.

Of course, there were few magicians on the continent that would be like before, learning these “fireballs”, “water arrows”, or “rock throw” elemental spells because they played no use in the magic machine industry.

What everyone needed to study was much more complicated than this.

Like now, if it was the past, Xu Yi would have used his magic power to affect the elemental magic energy around him if he wanted to use magic to check this pillar, getting a response from it. This would be nothing more than a feedback in terms of magic.

However, after Xu Yi decided to check with magic, he had Akali pull out a machine first before putting several probes on the pillar. Then he put his hand on the pillar and slowly and accurately started releasing his magic power.

In fact, this work could be done with the magic alone.

But because they didnt know anything about the pillar and it was something left by the Abyss Demon Race, Xu Yi wasnt assured in using the machine alone and decided to personally do the investigation.

As a powerful Arch Magus, his ability to control elemental magic energy wasnt as strong, accurate, or as flexible as the machine, but once something happened, he would be able to react immediately.

Xu Yis magic power was strictly speaking a mental force that was released that affected the elemental magic energy around him, which gathered around the pillar.

After this elemental magic energy reached a certain point, Xu Yi stopped. He started changing the frequency of the magic and trying to get different reactions from it.

According to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces research from eight years ago, changing the frequency of magic power could change the frequency of the elemental magic energy. The different elemental magic energy fluctuations would create different energy waves which also created different forms of energy.

To go even deeper, it was related to the Nuclear Magic Energy.

But there was no need to go that deep right now. Xu Yi just needed to use another special characteristic of this theory.

Through his studies, Xu Yi found that elemental magic energy of different frequencies could actually take all forms of energy that he was aware of.

For example, the electricity that was used on earth was actually magic that came from the higher grade Wind Magic, Lightning Magic.

The only issue was that when magicians used Lightning Magic in the past, they didnt pay any attention to the voltage or the current. Only after Xu Yi noticed this and requested that the magic research facility investigate this that they had become able to control the current like on earth.

He could even use this electric current to light up a tungsten filament.

Of course, in front of the simpler and more convenient Magic Lamp, an electric lamp was more inefficient and cost more, so Xu Yi wouldnt waste time with this.

But through this research, Xu Yi had a deeper understanding of magic.

He believed that as long as they maintained this deeper research, magic that seemed very backwards could biome as advanced as modern technology on earth.

Now going back to the topic of Xu Yis investigation.

According to previous research, he could rely on his super precise control of elemental magic energy to create countless forms of energy.

His thought was to use these different forms of energy to incite the pillar and see if there were any responses.

In the beginning, there wasnt a single response from the pillar. It was like it was made of ordinary stone and it wouldnt move no matter what Xu Yi did.

However, when Xu Yi increased the elemental magic energy to the third magnitude and used electricity again, there was a faint glow that appeared around the pillar.

Akali who was a bit bored, elder Undine, and the others on the side all called out in surprise as their eyes popped out.

Akali quickly looked at the data on the machine and loudly said, “The elemental magic energy is at 3.7 Evs, frequency 25.391 hertz, 193.37 degrees, wave band……”

A bunch of confusing data came out, but Xu Yi quickly understood what it meant. He adjusted his magic power and released the same elemental magic energy form from before.

As expected, there was the same faint glow around the pillar.

But this glow was too weak and if everyone hadnt been staring at it, they would have missed it.

Akali knitted his brows to think before asking Xu Yi, “Sir chairman, should we increase the intensity”

“Alright.” Xu Yi gave a nod before gathering more elemental magic energy to inject into the pillar.

As he condensed more and more elemental magic energy, the glow became brighter and brighter.

When the glow became a bit dazzling, Xu Yi stopped.

However, everyone who was looking at the pillar found that other than glowing, there were no changes with the pillar.

“Sir chairman, should we increase the voltage again” Akali suggested.

Xu Yi hesitated.

If this pillar was hiding a precise instrument that needed electric energy, if they kept increasing the voltage, it might damage the internal structure.

After thinking for a bit, he decided to change his method.

Xu Yi didnt increase the voltage, but rather scattered some elemental magic energy and decreased the voltage. Then he carefully controlled the elemental magic energy to form a wisp of weak electricity that he sent into the pillar.

Xu Yi controlled this wisp of electricity as it ran through the pillar.

Through the various hindrances the electricity met, Xu Yi was able to quickly figure out the situation of the pillar.

This pillar was made of a metal that was outstanding at conducting electricity and it was very complicated. His guess that it was a precise machine wasnt wrong.

But after verifying this, he didnt dare keep investigating it.

The level of technology of the Abyss Demon Race should be high, so the machine that they left behind should be very precise. If he accidentally broke it, the gains wouldnt cancel out the losses.

After thinking for a bit, he asked elder Undine, “Elder Undine, I heard Still say that your Azshara Tribe knows a special investigation magic”

Elder Undiner looked at the people around her before giving a nod, “Yes. What about it Are we using it now”

“Theres no other way, but it should improve the situation.” Xu Yi turned to Santander, “Quickly go back to the Sines Continent with your subordinates and find Still. Tell her that I need the New Moon Chamber of Commerce to send a small investigation team for support.”

Everyone looked at Xu Yi with a strange look.

Akali couldnt help asking, “Sir chairman, it cant be that you want to use the investigation equipment to see what the situation is inside, right I dont think that will work, right If it was possible, elder Undine would have used it already.”

Elder Undine nodded in agreement, “Yes, I just used investigation magic and couldnt find anything.”

“What about now” Xu Yi reached out again to send out his magic power and light up the pillar.

Elder Undine looked over and a trace of shock filled her eyes.

“It seems like……I can see some things……”

Akali asked in a surprised voice, “Why is it like this”

“Its very simple. I heard from Still that this investigation magic could only be used on living beings and it was useless for non living beings. So I guessed that this magic wasnt actually investigation magic, but rather its just reactive magic to the flow of special liquids in living beings and giving an effect that was similar.”

Elder Undine looked at Xu Yi in shock as her tone filled with a trace of praise.

“Chairman Xu, you truly are a super genius in terms of magic. Thats right, the principle of the investigation magic is as you said.”

“This is just a simple speculation.” Xu Yi waved his hand. He took back his hand and looked at the pillar before giving a sigh, “The current conditions arent right, so we can only give up for now. When Santander brings back reinforcements, well come and investigate this again.”

Akali was a bit disappointed, “Then didnt we just waste these past few days”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Being in a rush wont give us any solutions.”

Since Xu Yi had already made his decision, they didnt stay here to waste more effort.

After leaving a mark on the map, everyone left the small island via the Magic Airship.

After around an hour, the Magic Airship had returned back to Sky Island. Santander led his group as per Xu Yis instructions back to the Sines Continent.

With the speed of the Magic Airships, they only needed a day and a half to travel the six thousand kilometers.

Then adding in the time that it took for Santander to contact Still and time needed for Still to prepare, it would take them at least a week before coming back.

“Of course, we cant waste our week here, so we should expand the range of our investigation. The Abyss Demon Race wouldnt just leave behind a single ruins.”

After Xu Yi made these arrangements, his eyes fell onto the excited looking Akali.

“You shouldnt be happy since this isnt related to you. Your main job right now is to build the relay station.”

Akali was stunned.-

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