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Book 8: Chapter 43: Whose hand holds this power

“What problem” Xu Yi looked at Lamasia with an interested look.

A scientist was never scared of finding problems, they were just afraid that there werent problems.

Lamasia was silent for a bit before pointing at the tall warhead in the distance and saying in a hesitant voice, “Sir chairman, do you think……if this warhead is really detonated, how big of a range would it destroy”

“I should ask you this question, how would I answer it if you ask me” Xu Yi found this a bit funny as he asked this back.

Lamasia shook his head. He didnt deny Xu Yis views and didnt know how to respond.

After a period of silence, he said with a sigh, “If this warhead was detonated here, this entire mountain might be blown to ashes and no one here would be able to escape.”

Lamasia looked at Xu Yi and after a pause, he added, “Perhaps only Arch Magi like sir chairman or Arch Magus Camilla would have a chance to live, the others wouldnt have a chance to escape at all.”

This mountain was over five kilometers west of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base and covered over sixty hectares.

If it could destroy this entire mountain, then the explosion range of this warhead was close to one square kilometers.

This terrifying might might even be on par with the first nuclear bombs developed on earth.

If there werent measures taken to deal with the chaotic magic space left behind, this place would become a land of death that people couldnt enter for a long time.

Compared to how the atomic bombs would leave radiation damage to the people that survived it, this warhead was a bit more terrifying.

Understanding what Lamasia meant, Xu Yis expression became serious.

“What do you want to say”

“I wanted to say……” Lamasia shook his head and gave a bitter laugh, “Sir chairman, did we make a terrifying monster”

Xu Yi didnt answer this question. He was silent for a bit before pointing at himself.

“Lamasia, if I were to use all my strength, how much destructive power could I create”

Lamasia was surprised before answering without any hesitation, “With your current might, the destructive power you could create would only be more terrifying than this warhead.”

“Thats right.” Xu Yi revealed a smile again, “Look, no matter how terrifying this warhead is, it is only equivalent to the destructive might of an Arch Magus or even slightly inferior. But the Arch Magi have been on the continent for over ten thousand years, so what are you afraid of”

“But……There are only at most a few dozen Arch Magi and this Nuclear Magic Warhead…..as long as the experiments are successful, we can make hundreds or even thousands of them!”

“I need this.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “I want to expel magicians from the battlefield, even Arch Magi arent an exception. So to do this, I have to surpass the power of an Arch Magus. These warheads suit my needs. As for your worries, I can understand them. However, Lamasia, what creates disaster isnt the weapons themselves, but rather the people who hold the weapons. Do you understand what I mean”

Lamasia silently thought about it for a bit before turning to look at the warhead. He gave a slow nod as if he understood what Xu Yi meant.

But from his expression, it didnt seem like he fully believed this.

Xu Yi didnt feel strange seeing this at all.

The warhead was a terrifying thing that could match Arch Magi. Now that it was in the hands of normal people, naturally it would make a normal person like Lamasia feel strange.

In fact, this was what he felt as the one who knew the most. Rather, the subordinates and normal researchers under him didnt think about it that much.

“Studying Nuclear Magic Energy isnt just to make this warhead and it isnt just for making weapons.” Xu Yi patted Lamasias shoulder and comforted him, “In fact, if the Nuclear Magic Energy was used for the civilians, it could play a major role.”

“Civilian use” Lamasia looked at Xu Yi with a confused look.

Starting from the beginning, he had studied the Nuclear Magic Energy just to make this warhead, he had never considered civilian use.

“Sir chairman, the Nuclear Magic Energy is too wild and its very hard to release slowly. It wouldnt work for civilian use, right”

“That is only right now. As long as we keep developing it, I believe that we will definitely be able to control this energy.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Lamasia gave a nod as he suddenly felt a bit better.

After talking to Lamasia about a few things to take note of during the experiment, Xu Yi left this valley.

After walking out of the magic barrier, Xu Yi looked back at the valley that didnt show any strange signs and slowly shook his head.

After Lamasia took the warhead away, everything here would be moved out.

The Nuclear Magic Energy research was very dangerous and it wasnt suitable to leave at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce main base, so Xu Yi wanted to move it out a long time ago.

Seizing the chance provided by this experiment, Xu Yi planned on moving this entire department to a large island on the endless seas, treating that place as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Nuclear Magic Energy development center.

When he looked back at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce main base in the distance, Xu Yi fell into deep thought.

It wasnt just the Nuclear Magic Energy research department that needed to be moved out, there were also some of the major departments that needed to be moved out.

But there was no rush in relocating this part, or it could be said that it wasnt urgent.

If by chance the news of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was leaving the Sines Continent spread, it might cause the continent to immediately fall into chaos.


The spring progressed as normal.

When the warm wind came across the continent, all the countries started their annual spring plowing.

If it was several decades ago, the spring plowing was something that everyone on the continent had to participate in because they wanted to plant the best crops during this time, it wasnt just a single important thing that had to be done.

Tilling the fields, sowing the seeds, spreading the fertilizer, and so on, all of that required large amounts of people.

Even at times, the aloof nobles and even the most prestigious kings would have to go to the fields. They would have to adopt a stance of focusing on growing to act as a model which would show the importance of this spring plowing.

This was inevitable when production was low. If there wasnt enough of a harvest, most people would starve during the year.

However, because of the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and their various agricultural magic machines, the people of the Sines Continent no longer felt rushed when it came time for the spring plowing.

Whether it was tilling the fields, planting the seeds, or spreading the fertilizer, the agricultural magic machines could do that job.

The civilians with land just needed to pay a bit of money and get those specialized companies to do those things. They didnt need to care about it at all.

Moreover, there werent that many civilians that were willing to work on farming. After all, compared to working hard all day in the fields, it was better to work in the factories where a single day of income was much higher than working in the fields.

In the past Sines Continent, farming was most of peoples lives and there was no division.

But now, if the farmers werent people from specialized companies, they would be looked down on by others.

Because only someone without any skills would reduce themselves to being a farmer. Doing that kind of work was very tiring and the income wasnt high.

With the development of the magic machine industry on the Sines Continent, there were countless jobs created.

Every person on the continent, as long as they had the mindset, they could find work that was suitable for them.

Even those that didnt know anything could become a worker on a production line.

If they knew a bit of magic machine knowledge, they could become a skilled worker that received better treatment.

If they had a certain understanding of magic, they could even enter the research department of various companies. Perhaps they might have a flash of genius that could bring large benefits to the companies.

As for the aloof magicians, they no longer looked down on others waiting for the subsidies from the Magicians Guild or even starving to death. They actively studied the new magic theories and diligently acquired knowledge about magic machines, working hard to become a high grade magic mechanical engineer.

No one was willing to be lazy and no country was willing to slack off.

However……the Mana Magic Kingdom wasnt slacking off because they had been forced into this situation.

When the other countries were busy with their spring plowing, the Mana Magic Kingdom wasnt an exception.

But with the lack of agricultural magic machines, the Mana Magic Kingdom couldnt figure out a way to fill the gaps even after racking their brains. Even when April was about to end, there were still large parts of the kingdom that hadnt been tilled.

The civilians with other jobs disdained doing fruitless work like farming. The civilians without jobs that wanted to farm found that after they lost the agricultural magic machines, they didnt even know how to do farm work anymore.

The Mana Magic Kingdoms agricultural department were naturally worried about this because they knew that if there wasnt enough food, there wouldnt be any stability in their kingdom.

But the agricultural department couldnt grab people to do farm work. Even if they took measures, they wouldnt be able to solve this problem.

While the agricultural department and the parliament were having headaches over worrying about the spring plowing issue, there was a new calamity that came to the Mana Magic Kingdom.

At the end of April, there were large scale riots that appeared in three provinces of the Mana Magic Kingdom.

The riots directly attacked the government buildings, calling for the kingdom to give them back the rights to work.

The reason was very simple, it was because a bunch of people lost their jobs……-

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