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Book 8: Chapter 35: Mana Magic Kingdoms ambiguous attitude

Before the conference began, the small talk that was exchanged before didnt have any meaning.

Xu Yi didnt have that much time to waste here. His trip to the Mana Magic Kingdom this time wasnt just for this conference, but also something else.

After sitting for a bit and talking to the other magicians at this conference, Xu Yi left.

When he left, there was the High Grade Magician that the Mana Magic Kingdom had sent to organize this conference that left with him.

Since he was a high level member of the Mana Magic Kingdoms Magicians Guild, he was also a high ranking official of the Mana Magic Kingdom.

This magician with dual duties wouldnt appear in any other country, but it was normal in the Mana Magic Kingdom.

Other than being responsible for organizing this important conference, his biggest responsibility was to welcome honoured guests.

Someone like Xu Yi could be considered the most important guest, so the Mana Magic Kingdom would assign someone to take care of him.

Xu Yi had contacted the Mana Magic Kingdom before coming, so there was no need for any delay.

After leaving this manor, the two of them entered a Magic Sedan that was used to pick up honoured guests and drove to the south of Sorcery City.

“Chairman Xu, the location of the new factory has already been set and the basic foundations have been built. Its next to the Maya River to the south of the city. Theres also a road that was recently widened right next to it. Once the products can be made, there will be no problems whether it is transporting them by sea or land.”

After getting in the vehicle, the magician responsible named Fanhorn gave Xu Yi an introduction of their destination.

“I dont doubt your sides management skills, but……has his majesty thought through the plan for this factory”

“This……” Fanhorn revealed a hesitant smile as he replied, “His majesty and the parliament have been discussing this these days and were waiting for chairman Xu to arrive to come up with the final decision.”

“Is that so”

Xu Yi asked in a calm voice as a bit of disappointment filled his heart.

The new heavy magic machine production base between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Mana Magic Kingdom had already started discussions last year. They had finally come to an agreement in the first half of the year, but he never thought that in half a year, they would only come up with the foundations of the factory. There wasnt even an answer about building the entire base. This kind of efficiency really was too low.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce agreeing to the Mana Magic Kingdom and transferring the heavy magic machine technology was already Xu Yi being very generous. However, the Mana Magic Kingdom didnt seize this chance and dragged it out, which made Xu Yi unable to not feel disappointed.

Fanhorn could see the expression on Xu Yis face and quickly said with a smile, “Actually, his majesty and the lords of the parliament have reached a common view and only wish to discuss this a bit with chairman Xu. Chairman Xu, please be assured, since this base has already started its preparations, the kingdom will not give up halfway.”

Xu Yi nodded, neither showing approval or disapproval.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce cooperated with countless countries over the years. Among these projects, there were enthusiastic displays, but also unenthusiastic displays from these countries.

There were many reasons for this, but Xu Yi had never paid attention to each one of them.

After all, there were many countries and companies that asked to cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they didnt lack one or two. If he cared about all of them, he would have tired himself to death.

But the cooperation with the Mana Magic Kingdom this time was different. This was a rare personal project that Xu Yi managed, so the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had placed great importance on this.

Even if the project wasnt considered that big, it was a rare project grade.

However, the Mana Magic Kingdom kept delaying this and didnt seem like they wanted to cooperate at all, which made Xu Yi a bit dissatisfied.

The reason he had taken this project seriously was to take the Mana Magic Kingdom seriously.

This kingdom with magic in its name was the third biggest country after the two empires, which was all because of the large amount of magicians that they had.

Xu Yi had wanted to change the entire Sines Continents view of magic and its uses, so the Mana Magic Kingdom was naturally an important person. He had always hoped that he could have a good cooperation with the Mana Magic Kingdom, making them fully integrate themselves into the magic machine industry.

But since Xu Yi in the «Magicians Peace Convention» that Xu Yi raised, magicians were limited from joining the army and from going to war, the Mana Magic Kingdom that had relied mainly on the battle power of magicians had suffered a heavy blow.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce kept suppressing the continent like this, the Mana Magic Kingdoms national power would drop from this.

So the Mana Magic Kingdoms attitude towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had always been complicated. They wanted to cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to increase their national power, but the hearts of many magicians in the Mana Magic Kingdom were filled with hatred towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so they werent willing to cooperate.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had smoothly promoted the magic machine industry in other countries, but they often ran into a wall when it came to the Mana Magic Kingdom. Even the project that Xu Yi was personally handling was hard to advance.

“I plan on having an audience with his majesty in two days, help me inform him of this.” Xu Yi thought for a bit before saying this to Fanhorn.

Fanhorn immediately gave a nod, “His majesty was already hoping to meet with chairman Xu. Knowing that you are here, he will definitely be happy.”

Xu Yi gave an un sound and didnt ask anything else.

The Magic Sedan quickly ran across the flat road with the two of them and in less than half an hour, they had arrived at the base that Fanhorn had mentioned.

After getting out of the vehicle, Xu Yi looked out and he couldnt help deeply knitting his brows.

This base that Fanhorn had mentioned, looking at it now, there was only a primitive and empty riverbank!

Other than a few piles of sand and crushed stone in the distance and some people that seemed to be working, it could be considered desolate. How could this be considered a base

“This is the base that you built in half a year” Xu Yis voice turned cold when he saw this.

Fanhorn naturally knew that Xu Yi would be dissatisfied with this scene. He wiped off his sweat and pointed at the piles of sand and crushed stone as he said, “The first workshop is already in place and as long as we move fast, it can be done by the start of next year.”

“As long as we move fast” Xu Yi couldnt help giving a cold laugh.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerces appraisal would always be “fast work and good quality”, but that was built on the foundation of many workers and their construction magic machines.

The base in front of him, other than a few people, didnt even have a single construction magic machine. So no matter how you looked at it, it wouldnt be fast.

What made Xu Yi even more dissatisfied and even a bit angry was that even if the Mana Magic Kingdom didnt care that much about this project, since they knew that he was personally coming to inspect this place, they would try to make it look a bit better for the sake of their own reputation. Shouldnt they at least pretend like theyre doing construction if they knew that he was coming

But now the Mana Magic Kingdom wasnt even willing to act this out for him, or they simply didnt have this idea. This meant that the Mana Magic Kingdom was very conflicted on this matter that no one even tried to put on an act.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi gave a cold snort and turned to Fanhorn to say in a low voice, “If your Mana Magic Kingdom isnt interested in this project, you can just state it clearly. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce isnt a small company that begs others to work with us. If you say it clearly, I promise that we wont meddle in the future.”

Hearing the true anger in Xu Yis voice, Fanhorns head was covered in a cold sweat. He quickly said with a smile, “Chairman Xu, please dont misunderstand, please dont misunderstand! Our kingdom is naturally willing to cooperate with your company, but its just that in the kingdom…..ke…..there are a few hindrances. Now that chairman Xu has come personally, I believe that these small hindrances wont be a problem at all and will be quickly solved. Dont you think so”

“I hope so.”

Xu Yi waved his hand with a cold look in his eyes.

Since there was no need to inspect this so-called base, Xu Yi was too lazy to stay here.

He looked at the people slacking off and shook his head before turning to head back to the Magic Sedan.

When he took two steps, he suddenly heard sounds from behind him.

Turning back, a group of people who had appeared out of nowhere suddenly charged onto this construction site, beating and cursing the workers.

Xu Yi was shocked.

“What is going on”

Fanhorn carefully looked at Xu Yi before saying with a forced smile, “It seems like people are causing trouble……”

“Nonsense, I can see that.” Xu Yi looked at him as he found the scene a bit strange.

Among the people that attacked the workers were actually a few magicians!

This made him very surprised.

Although the position of magicians had fallen over the past few years, no longer being as aloof as before, normal people still respected magicians, so their positions were still higher than normal people.

Normal magicians wouldnt come to attack and curse workers like this, this would be letting down their status.

Xu Yi narrowed his eyes to look for a bit. Fanhorn beside him didnt make a sound, as if he was planning on watching this matter.

Seeing Xu Yi look over, Fanhorn understood his meaning and shook his head with a bitter smile.

“Im not in charge of the matters here, so its not convenient for me to do anything. I ask chairman Xu to forgive me.”

Of course Xu Yi didnt believe him.

Since he was in charge of bringing him here to watch this farce, how could he not have the right to meddle

This meant that he intended to sit back and watch.

Xu Yu watched the people making a mess and knitted his brows.

What was the Mana Magic Kingdom planning Putting on a stance of wanting to chase them out, what benefits were there-

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