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Book 8: Chapter 31: Over ten thousand years of accumulation

There was a large pillar of flame that burst forth, standing on the horizon. The small hill that was over a hundred meters tall had collapsed from the center.

Countless stones mixed with the dirt, as the trees and grass on the hill all rolled down. The giant sound spread in all directions, even causing Xu Yis ears to ring even when he was two kilometers away.

Seeing the hill that had collapsed in an instant, Xu Yi couldnt help curling his lips as he felt a strange feeling.

Before this, the only thing that could create this kind of powerful destruction were the powerful Forbidden Spells.

But now, the scene was created with a single group of engineers and didnt need a single magician.

The promotion of the magic machine industry had been very good, but through the scientific research of magic, the Forbidden Spells that had been considered hard to grasp before had now become common, no longer being that rare.

Therefore, the magicians from before had been stunned by this might.

It was because of this that there were voices of opposition against the Frestech Chamber of Commerce on the Sines Continent.

The people stated that Xu Yi always talked about how he wanted to maintain the peace between the countries of the continent, focusing on development. However, studying magic science had created this kind of hidden power that created a large destabilizing factor to this world which was like slapping his own face.

Xu Yi disdained this kind of view.

Was the world peaceful when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt conduct scientific study of magic

Then again, no matter how strong it was, the role that it played all depended on the person who controlled it and didnt correspond to the power itself.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had found many new applications through their studies of magic, which had created many benefits for the Sines Continent.

Just take the current project.

On the past Sines Continent, if they wanted to build a road through a mountain, it would be considered impossible.

Even if the mountain range in front of them was less than a hundred meters and didnt have that many peaks, for the past backwards Sines Continent, it was a natural moat that couldnt be crossed.

But with the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, through their modified Fire Magic and with Earth Magic, they could blow a large hole in this mountain range and force out a path.

After the Amrit Chamber of Commerces engineers moved aside the rock and dirt left by the explosion, then reinforced the two sides with Earth Magic, they would be able to build a road that would connect through the mountains.

When this road that passed through the north and south of the Curani Kingdom was finished, it would greatly improve the traffic conditions between the north and south.

This was unthinkable if it was the past Curani Kingdom.

Once the Frestech Chamber of Commerce came, they used only two to three months to easily solve the problem that had puzzled countless people for thousands of years in the Curani Kingdom.

This was the benefit brought by the scientific study of magic, which was also a demonstration of the new power of magic.

Of course, the people of the Sines Continent couldnt be blamed for not understanding these new things and even resisting it.

Even someone like Xu Yi who came from a technologically developed world like earth would feel strange when he saw something like this.

In the beginning, when Xu Yi started his magic machine research, he was just using magic as a new energy source. He directly applied it to the mechanical engineering knowledge that he brought from earth and created various magic machines from this.

These magic machines were just variants of the machines from earth, the power supply had just been changed to magic.

But as the study of magic continued, especially in the ten years after Xu Yi proposed the “scientific view of magic”, the magic research on the Sines Continent had exploded in the past ten years. There were countless pieces of black magic technology that Xu Yi never would have thought of that had even caught him off guard.

Take this mountain repair work in front of him.

If this was earth, there would be two methods for this project. One was to build a mountain road that would slowly wrap around the mountain, which required little investment.

The other method was to dig through the mountain by creating a tunnel.

This method would take more investment, but once it was finished, it would save quite a bit of time, so it had more benefits than the first method.

However, through the magic research of the Sines Continent, Xu Yi decided to blast out the middle part of the mountain, which would even save time compared to building a tunnel.

Compared to the two methods of earth, this method was more crude, but it also had lower costs.

Even because of the specialty of magic, this project could be implemented much faster. This project only needed a single month to be completed.

If the same project was placed on earth, it would take at least two years to finish this project.

Whenever he thought about this, Xu Yi would feel very strange.

Since he came to this world, Xu Yis impression of the Sines Continent was a civilization that was much less developed than earth. The technology here was even worse, so it could be considered incomparably backwards compared to earth.

But as more and more research was done into magic, the Sines Continents very special magic did more than earths technology, making it more outstanding in certain places.

Xu Yi was surprised at first, but the more he saw of this, the more he started to consider the reason for this.

Just the explanation that “magic is mysterious” was not something that he as a top magic engineer or a top scientific worker could accept.

Through observing it for a long time, Xu Yi finally came to a conclusion.

In fact, the technology wasnt different from what was seen on earth because it was just the utilization of energy in the end.

Compared to earth that had only developed for several thousand years, with the modern scientific era only lasting around two hundred years, the people of the Sines Continent had been studying magic for over ten thousand years.

Even if it was the humans who controlled the continent now and three thousand years had passed since the race wars, they had never stopped studying magic.

With this long term accumulation, while the Sines Continent could never set up a scientific system of studying magic, they had reached a high proficiency of using various kinds of magic.

But before this, the Sines Continents people had backwards concepts and had only treated magic as a weapon.

Even if a magician wanted to use magic for something else, there wasnt a complete system, so this thought would disappear without any concrete results.

Until Xu Yi arrived. Using the scientific knowledge he brought from earth, as well as his high level mechanical engineering theories, he was able to unify magic and science, developing useful magic machines.

As the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines started demonstrating their uses, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gained more and more influence on the Sines Continent. The people of the continent gradually officially recognized that magic could be used in other places.

So in the past ten years, the Sines Continent had been led by Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to start researching magic from a different angle. Naturally it would be easy to yield all kinds of new research results.

However, these research results didnt come from nothing. It was just that the ten thousand years of accumulation of magic on the Sines Continent was being led in another direction by Xu Yi.

To put it simply, the magicians of the Sines Continent already had this kind of ability, but they took the completely wrong path.

Only in the past ten years did the Sines Continent catch up to earth in terms of applying technology, even surpassing earth in certain aspects.

This had greatly surprised Xu Yi.

He thought that it would take a long time to develop the technology, so he would never be able to see the technological standard of the Sines Continent catching up to earth. He might never be able to realize his dream of heading into space.

But based on the current situation, with the explosive speed of developing technology on the Sines Continent, he might be able to achieve his dream in his lifetime.

“Chairman Xu, it seems like its going very smoothly. You should feel relieved.” The Amrit Chamber of Commerces engineering departments vice chief Djokaf standing beside Xu Yi put down his telescope and turned to Xu Yi with a smile.

Xu Yi pulled himself out of his thought and gave a laugh before shaking his head, “Your Amrit Chamber of Commerce is in charge of this project, theres nothing for me to worry about.”

After a pause, he said with a serious look, “Of course, this road is related to the development plan of the Curani Kingdom, so there cant be any mistakes. I hope that you will treat this seriously.”

Djokaf kept nodding, “Of course, of course. This is a project that chairman Xu personally gave us, so our Amrit Chamber of Commerce will naturally do all we can. We wouldnt dare be a single bit careless.”

Xu Yi nodded before turning to look to the southwest.

Once this road was laid down, not only would it connect the Curani Kingdoms north and south, it would also extend to the southwest, connecting to the countries in the central part of the Sines Continent. It would connect to the former Drow Race Kingdom land that had now been annexed by the Wales Duchy and then link up to the road network of the continent.

Like this, it would connect the central and western countries to the continents east. This would play a very big role in the plan to develop the east.

However……even on the Sines Continent that was exploding with technology, to put down a road that would run from east to west on the continent that currently wasnt connected, it would take at least a year or two before this road that was over three thousand kilometers long would be finished.

It would also take a similarly long time to develop the Curani Kingdom.-

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