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Book 8: Chapter 22: Is this a warning

As the illusion of the call gradually cleared, it wasnt Seveni that appeared, but rather a youth who seemed to be around seventeen or eighteen years old.

Xu Yi was surprised before raising his hand to greet him.

“Hey, Raymond, how have you been lately Wheres your mom”

The youth in the illusion that Xu Yi called Raymond was the crown prince of the Lampuri Kingdom, Sevenis only heir, Prince Raymond.

Seeing Xu Yi, Raymond gave a respectful bow before saying with a perfect stance, “Hello uncle Xu, thank you for your care. Lady mother is currently discussing something important with the ministers and cant leave. She knew that uncle Xu would be contacting her today and was worried that she might not have the time, so she had me wait here.”

Xu Yis face sank a bit before returning to normal.

Every time he had a private call with Seveni, Xu Yi would contact her three days in advance to make sure that Seveni would have time to talk to him. This time wasnt an exception.

Even if it was like this, Seveni still had an important meeting with her ministers and couldnt come. It really surprised Xu Yi, while also casting a shadow in his heart.

It seemed like Seveni understood what he wanted to discuss with her.

This arrangement was trying to hide her intentions……

Xu Yi looked at the respectful looking Raymond in the illusion and gave a sigh.

If Seveni sent Raymond to talk about this matter with him, he had to reevaluate the importance of this matter in Sevenis heart.

“Raymond, did your mother tell you anything” Xu Yi asked.

“Lady mother said that if uncle Xu had something important to discuss with her, you can talk to me about it first and Ill pass it to her. If there is a need for further discussion, she will find a later time to contact you.”

“He……” Xu Yi couldnt help laughing.

According to Sevenis intentions, she could look for Xu Yi, but it was very hard for Xu Yi to look for her.

If it was said that Xu Yi only had some doubts earlier, he was certain now. Seveni was deliberately avoiding him.

Xu Yi looked at Raymonds face that was still immature with age, but was slowly maturing and he couldnt help feeling a bit disappointed.

Although he knew a long time ago that Seveni as the queen of the Lampuri Kingdom and him as the chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, no matter how close they were, there would be some conflicts in benefits eventually, so their relationship wouldnt be as close as before one day.

From an objective perspective, he had already known Seveni for thirty years. It was already good that they could maintain good relations for this long, it was already considered a miracle.

Based on the present situation, it couldnt be considered a conflict between them yet, but Seveni no longer followed Xu Yis suggestions like before. She now had her own ideas.

Moreover, with her current position, those ideas were understandable.

Only……the things that these ideas involved were the military magic machines that had always been Xu Yis taboo……

“Raymond, it seems like your mother is very clear on why Im looking for her. Since thats the case……” Xu Yi fell silent for a bit before saying with a sigh, “Then help me pass on a few words to her.”

Raymonds expression was a bit surprised, but he didnt ask anything and just respectfully said, “Please.”

“Tell her that I hope that she knows where to stop and not touch my bottom line. I understand that she is considering the Lampuri Kingdom and ask her to think of my standpoint. The Sines Continent has had peace for many years and I dont want to ruin that peace.”

Raymonds eyes opened wide as he looked at Xu Yi in shock.

Since he was young, his mother had kept telling him about his uncle Xu Yi, leaving a deep impression of Xu Yi on him since he was young.

When he slowly grew up and gradually knew more about Xu Yi, he knew that he was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman and knew that he had done many things to change the continent, causing the admiration in his heart towards Xu Yi to grow deeper.

In his mind, his mother and Xu Yi had always been very close, surpassing the normal relationship between man and woman.

He had never heard of his mother and Xu Yi going against each other before, having any contradictions.

But based on Xu Yis current words, there was a very strong scent of a warning.

Why was this

Could it be that his mother had done something to make chairman Xu angry

Raymond knitted his brows to think for a bit, but he couldnt think of a single thing.

Xu Yi saw that Raymond was full of doubts and knew that he shouldnt have known about the main details of this meeting with Seveni, so he didnt understand this.

He didnt reveal anything and just said in a serious voice, “Just pass these words on to her, I believe that she will understand what I mean.”

Raymond only gave an oh sound before giving a nod.

The two looked at each other for a bit before Raymond couldnt help asking, “Uncle Xu, has mother done anything to make you angry”

Xu Yi waved his hand, “Not right now, but who knows in the future. That will depend on your mothers choice.”

Raymond fell into thought again before carefully asking, “Then…..If mother doesnt want to change her idea, what……what will happen”

“If your Lampuri Kingdom is stronger than our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, then nothing will happen. But……you should understand.”

Raymond immediately gave a nod.

What a joke! Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was only a company, the facts had proven that in a real fight, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was stronger than the two empires combined.

Even if the Lampuri Kingdom had been vigorously developing in the past few years, increasing their national power by several dozen times, they were just asking for trouble if they wanted to do anything to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Xu Yis few words were enough to prove how serious this matter was.

Raymond was filled with doubts.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had always had a happy cooperation with the Lampuri Kingdom, the relationship between them was better than most other countries with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

There were even many people who said that the Lampuri Kingdom was the same as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they couldnt be separated.

Although these words were a bit much, it proved just how close they were.

But now he didnt know what his mother had done to make chairman Xu say these words.

Could it be that there was a fissure in their relationship

Raymond didnt even dare think about what the Lampuri Kingdom would become like if they lost their cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“Xu……Uncle, I think that my mother will definitely understand your meaning and will give you a satisfactory answer. I ask that you…..forgive her as much as you can based on your many years of friendship.”

Seeing Raymonds sincere look, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and shook his head.

“If it was something normal, I would do what I can for her as my friend, Ive already proven this many times in the past decades. But this time she is touching my bottom line and I hope that she wont destroy my efforts of all these years.”

Hearing Xu Yis serious tone, Raymond knew that there was no chance of convincing him and could only give a silent nod.

“Alright, uncle Xu, I will pass your words and intentions to mother.”

“Alright. Also help me tell her that because our company will be conducting several large projects and are lacking people, I plan on bringing back the two teams of experts that I sent to your Lampuri Kingdom. I hope that you can prepare yourselves.”

Raymonds young face revealed a bitter smile.

“Uncle Xu, before you even hear my mothers answer, youre already planning to give a punishment”

Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “If she thinks it is, it can be considered one.”

Raymond could only continue with that bitter smile.

“Alright, I only wanted to say this and nothing else.”

Raymond gave Xu Yi a respectful bow and planned on sending him off.

Xu Yis hand came to the button to turn off the magic communication equipment before his expression changed. He looked at Raymond in the illusion and asked, “Right, Raymond, youre about to become an adult, right”

Raymond was surprised before suddenly giving a nod, “Yes.”

“I remember that your mother once told me that in order to guarantee that you smoothly take the throne, after you become an adult, she will let you handle all government affairs. Are you ready”

Raymond revealed a complicated smile, “Ive already made all my preparations.”

“Un, not bad. Then……Raymond, let me ask you a personal question. If you find it inconvenient, you dont need to answer.”


“As the crown prince, are you happy taking over government affairs to prepare for taking over the throne”

Raymond was stunned as if he was very surprised by Xu Yis question.

After thinking for a bit, he said with a serious look, “I am my mothers only heir and it was set that I would take the throne when I was born, so it is my responsibility. Theres no happiness to feel about this, I just know that as the only successor to the Lampuri Kingdoms throne, I have a future responsibility to become an outstanding king and lead the Lampuri Kingdom to glory!”

Xu Yi looked at him for a bit before slowly giving a nod.

“It seems like your mother has taught you well. Although I dont……Alright, well leave it at this. Raymond, I hope that you will become an outstanding king.”

“Thank you for your blessings.”


“May the goddess light forever shine on you. See you next time.”-

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