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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 21: Black technology

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Book 8: Chapter 21: Black technology

Seeing Freya leave with a spring in her step, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile.

Would Freya cause trouble

Perhaps since she didnt have enough experience. Being given the full right to this matter, it was normal for some mistakes to appear.

But Xu Yi gave the full rights to this matter to her to train her, so it was natural to learn from her mistakes.

Then again, with her intelligence, it was impossible for her to do everything alone and she would make a decision after listening to peoples suggestions.

With the help of the experienced veterans in the company, even if Freya wanted to, she wouldnt be able to cause that much trouble.

Not to mention that even if Freyas ability to cause trouble surpassed Xu Yis expectations and she messed up the whole thing, Xu Yi didnt really care that much.

The magic communication network was related to the magic machine industry and was an important part, with great prospects. However, with the current scale of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they would only have some losses if they lost this industry and it wouldnt cripple them.

Not to mention that with Xu Yis original intentions, the magic communication network was something that the countries should grasp themselves, it was unreasonable for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to control it themselves.

Xu Yi had deliberately had the Frestech Chamber of Commerce control this mainly to give the magic communication network a standard, so it would be easier to spread and develop in the future.

In these ten years, the crazy development of the magic communication network on the Sines Continent had proven that this idea was correct.

Although the Sines Continent wasnt the same as earth where everyone had a cell phone and they could contact each other from long distances at any time, just from the million Magic Communicator units sold by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce last month showed that this was a crazy trend.

In the end, when faced with the temptation of being able to contact their distant relatives at any time, no one could resist.

Moreover, with the development of transportation and the development of the magic machine industry, people were starting to leave their hometowns for work. They went to further places to work and the need for long distance communication increased.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce expanding the magic communication network suited these needs.

With these factors, the development of the magic communication network far surpassed Xu Yis expectations. In just ten years, it had already turned into a raging flame.

It also forced an explosive development of the magic communication technology, which greatly surprised Xu Yi.

In the beginning, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic communication network relayed signals with the signal towers to connect two sides. It wouldnt even allow a third person to join in.

But now, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces newest signal tower could relay a hundred thousand magic signals synchronously.

Although this couldnt compare to the relay towers from earth, it still satisfy the current communication needs.

Xu Yi believed that as the magic communication network became more popular, the demands would increase and the technology would also develop or it wouldnt be able to keep up with the demands.

The other thing that had always surprised Xu Yi and even caught him off guard was that, different from the electric wave communication of earth, the development path of the magic communication network was different.

Xu Yi had followed the communication method of earth to develop the magic communication network at first, but later on, the researchers of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had a breakthrough in technology that was simply like black technology.

The most clear example of this was video communication.

On earth, in the most recent decade, long distance video communication technology has started to become popular.

From when the first phone was invented to the first phone with video call functions, an entire hundred years was needed.

But on the Sines Continent, the magic communication department led by Akali only needed less than two years. They had already made a breakthrough in video communication technology which really surprised Xu Yi.

The reason for this was that the magic signal transfer technology was already included in the over ten thousand years of magic research of the Sines Continent. Akalis group just used the concept that Xu Yi proposed and used this destructive magic, repurposing it for civilian use.

There were similar examples of this all over.

So in the past ten years, it could be said that the Sines Continent had experienced an explosion of magic technology. All kinds of novel and interesting magic technology appeared one after another, many things that Xu Yi never even thought about.

For example, just last month, there was a company in the Marlow Empire that had announced that they had made a new breakthrough in magic technology.

This new technology was focused on the medical field. It was called the microscopic visualization of illness.

According to the announcement of that company, with this technology, they could find any illness in a patients body no matter how small it was. Even those hard to detect illness would be found while they were still developing, preventing them from developing into something that was hard to cure.

This technology would definitely win a Nobel Prize if it was placed on earth.

However, after Xu Yi learned the truth, he didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Because this breakthrough was based on Dark Magic that wasnt that common, but wasnt that rare on the Sines Continent.

This Dark Magic named “Extreme Attraction” had the effect of making a person fall under an abnormal state, not being able to resist anything the caster made them do.

With the guidance of this technique, even the lowest layers of a persons mind and flesh would be revealed, not being able to hide a thing.

According to the current magic theory that Xu Yi led the creation of, magic was the resonance of elemental magic energy and the brain waves that a person had. Using the brain to give an order to control the other persons body wasnt considered that profound.

But the research of this company was to use the characteristics of magic to make the body give off in depth responses to different magic fluctuations, revealing all the weak and recessive symptoms that they might have.

With their support techniques, they could judge the condition of their illness and easily prevent it.

It had to be said, this companys research really was creative. Xu Yi even proposed to the Magicians Guild that this company would receive this years greatest magic breakthrough reward.

But this company had forgotten a very important issue which was ethics.

Because this technology was based on Dark Magic, people had doubts about this breakthrough.

People doubted that when they accepted being inspected by this magic, they might be influenced by the Extreme Attraction to reveal all their secrets, or even fall under the control of this company.

So there were many newspapers and people who cast their accusations, causing this company to not only suffer losses from this technology, but also forcing them to give a public apology. They indicated that they would seal this technology and never use it.

Two weeks ago, the chairman of that company came to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, hoping to sell this technology to them.

In their opinion, with the same technology, countless people will question it if a small and unknown company like theirs announced it, but this wouldnt happen if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced it.

After all, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces reputation on the continent was very good and they had unparalleled credibility.

Xu Yi was very interested in this technology, so he had already sent people to discuss this with that company. He was planning to buy this technology and even headhunt the research team who had developed it.

Researchers that had this kind of uniqueness could be considered valuable resources.

Instead of wasting their time in this small company, it was better to develop at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Based on the feedback, it seemed like that company had basically accepted the conditions of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

He believed that it wouldnt take long before the technology and the research team would fall under the Frestech Chamber of Commerce name.

Situations that were similar to this company had happened quite often in the past ten years.

Xu Yi didnt take away the technology and research team most of the time and even helped them when necessary, allowing them to continue their research.

It was because the companys technology had become the center of criticism this time that Xu Yi had made this move, which was also to protect the research team and their findings.

In short, because of the lead of Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there were various black technology based on magic that appeared. In just ten years, the entire continent had completely changed.

Many newspapers even named the last ten years the “Golden Decade”.

The start of the Golden Decade was Xu Yis “Banta Declaration”.

Everyone was certain that with Xu Yis declaration, the Golden Decade had appeared on the Sines Continent.

Of course, in Xu Yis mind, just ten years was far from being enough. He hoped that this era could continue for twenty years, thirty years, or even longer……

But he knew that to maintain this situation where everyone focused on developing wasnt that easy.

For example, he was currently facing a very important issue.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi gave a sigh. Through his private lion, he dialed Sevenis magic communication signal in the royal palace of Anvilmar City.-

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