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Book 8: Chapter 15: Working far from home

Seeing the girl sitting beside master Akali, Lucian shook his head to confirm that his eyes were right.

Thats right, this girl was that mysterious girl that he met last month!

Lucian had thought that it would be very hard to see her again, but he never thought that he would meet her again here.

When he wanted to raise his hand to greet the girl, she looked over and shook her head at him.

Lucian suppressed the questions in his heart and looked at master Akali with everyone else.

“Everyone can just sit.” Akali casually said. After everyone sat down, her gaze swept over them and she gave a nod, “Since youve all passed my test, that means that your abilities already satisfy my needs. Then I have nothing to test you on and I just wanted to tell you some things.”

Everyone focused on Akali as even their breathing slowed down.

“The research assistants that Ive recruited this time will be dispatched to work outside of the Sines Continent for a long time. The shortest period will be half a year and the longest period will be a year before you can come back. So if any of you cant accept this arrangement, you can choose to back out now.”

Everyone looked at each other and several of them revealed awkward looks.

Although becoming master Akalis personal assistant was a once in a thousand year chance, to leave the Sines Continent for half a year to a year, this request was hard to accept for some people.

After being silent for a bit, two people stood up. They gave Akali a respectful bow before indicating that they couldnt accept this arrangement.

Akali didnt mind and waved her hand as she said, “You can go participate in the normal exams then. If you can pass them, then you can still work for our company.”

The two looked at each other before giving sighs.

But the two of them didnt leave right away. One of them hesitated for a bit before asking Akali, “Master Akali, can you tell us what the treatment is if we become your personal assistants If its good enough, I think that it wouldnt be impossible for me to accept this arrangement.”

Everyones expression changed as they turned to Akali again.

Thats right, this was what they really cared about.

Although Akali was everyones idol and becoming her research assistant was a dream for them.

What they really cared about were the actual benefits.

In the end, they wanted to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce because of the good treatment they would receive here.

Akali revealed a smile, not looking surprised by this question at all.

“The specific treatment……If you accept this job, you will become a first grade research assistant for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce magic research facility, along with all the treatments that a first grade assistant would get. I think that you should have already researched this before coming, so theres no need for me to tell you about them.”

Quite a few people nodded in response to this.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced their recruitment, they had made the salaries for each position clear and had published them in the major newspapers ahead of time.

As long as one wanted to come, they could easily obtain this information and had some ideas in their hearts.

“Because of the specialty of this work, you will also receive benefits other than that of a first grade research assistant, as well as some subsidies. The amount will be decided by me and for now, it will be five gold coins a month per person, but this can be adjusted based on future circumstances. Of course, if your performance is good, I wont be petty with bonuses. Moreover, because you are researchers being assigned outside of the company, all your boarding and living fees will be taken care of by the company, so you dont need to worry about them. How about it Isnt this treatment good”

Everyone looked at each other before giving nods.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces primary research assistants salary was already twenty five gold coins a month. With the five gold coins a month subsidiary, that was thirty gold coins a month.

Although this income wasnt considered the highest on the continent, it was considered among the top earners.

The most important thing was that compared to the other companies, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had always had the best prospects for development. If they entered the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there was no doubt they would have a bright future.

This was more important than several gold coins a month.

Not to mention that Akali also said that their boarding and living fees would be taken care of by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. This would save them quite a few expenses and quite a bit of effort, which was another form of income.

In short, the treatment was already good enough.

The person who had asked this question lowered his head to think for a bit before sitting down again.

Everyone looked at him and he explained with a red face, “With this treatment, my wife should agree to me leaving home for half a year……”

Everyone was surprised before they couldnt help breaking out in laughter.

In the end, this fellow was a pecked husband.

Lucian laughed along while he couldnt help looking at the others who had passed the exam with him.

He didnt pay that much attention before, but looking at them now, he found that among the twenty people, there werent only students that had just graduated from school. There were quite a few of them that were quite old and even one person had a white head of hair.

Hearing this persons explanation, Akali couldnt help smiling.

“Alright, as long as you think that you can accept this arrangement, of course I would welcome you. This job requires a lot of manpower, so the more qualified assistants, the better.”

There was only the other person who had chosen to reject this offer left.

Everyone turned to look at him. That person gritted his teeth and took a while to make his decision, but he still said with a sigh, “Sorry, master Akali, my parents are old and I cant be away from home for long.”

Akali gave a nod, “Theres no need to apologize to me. Youre willing to care about your parents, that is something worthy of praise.” After saying this, she turned to the others, “Even all of you, I suggest that you seriously consider this and see if you are really willing to accept being away for half a year or even a full year. You have to know that this isnt a place that is several hundred kilometers or a thousand kilometers away, this is a place thats several thousand kilometers or even ten thousand kilometers away, so you have to think this through.”

Everyone fell silent at this.

That persons reason had shaken them.

Indeed, although transportation had become much smoother on the Sines Continent and they didnt need to remain in their homes their entire lives like before, finding it hard to travel long distances.

Going several thousand kilometers or even ten thousand kilometers away wasnt something that was easy to accept.

“Alright, I dont need you to agree right away. The official list will be determined next week, so you have a few days to consider this.”

Akali waved her hand at a Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff member who had been standing behind her and that person handed out some documents to everyone.

“This is a brief introduction of this job, as well as the requests that I have. You should look over this over the next few days and see if you can accept my requests, then you can give me a clear answer in a few days. If you cant…..Un…..its better to decide early so you dont miss our companys recruitment this time.” Akali said.

After saying this, Akali gave a sign that this meeting was over.

Everyone stood up and gave Akali a bow before taking these documents to leave the room.

When Lucian was planning on leaving, Akali suddenly called out again.

“Right, Lucian, you stay.”

The others looked at Lucian with looks of envy and jealousy before leaving.

There was only Lucian and Akalis group left in the room. The mysterious girl who had been sitting beside Lucian with her head down without saying a thing looked up at Lucian.

“I never thought that you would come. I thought that you would be unwilling like those spiteful children.”

It was like when he had met her before. There was a bit of happiness in her relaxed tone and her eyes had a hidden smile, but her face didnt reveal a smile at all which seemed strange to look at.

Lucian looked at her with a complicated look for a bit and after hesitating, he came over to give her a bow.

“Sorry and……thank you.”

The girl seemed surprised by Lucians action. After a pause, she gave a quick and strong laugh.

“It seems like youve finally thought it through. Very good, I like young people who know when theyre wrong.”

Lucian looked up at her with a strange look.

This girl didnt seem that much older than him, why did she call him and the students from last time young people like she was much older than them

“Freya, if you call others young in front of me, are you secretly saying that Im old” Akali suddenly said from the side.

The girl gave a chuckle, “Aunt Akali, youre the one who said it, not me. Then again, hes several years younger than me, so of course I would call him a young man.”

“You, stop learning from your father. Acting all old when youre this young, what will you do in the future”

“Alright, you called my father old fashioned, Ill tell him when I go back.”

“He wont care about you.” Akali shook her head and turned to look at the stunned Lucian with a smile, “Sorry, its just the two of us talking. Lucian, Freya mentioned you last time, so I paid attention to you this time. Based on the test, you have a very solid foundation and good practical skills, as well as good creativity, which is rare. I hope that you will keep this up in the future.”

Lucian quickly nodded.

“Thank you for your instructions, I definitely will.”

“Un, I dont have anything else to say, but Freya seemed very happy to see you here, so I hope that you will stay. See if she has anything else to say to you.”

Lucian looked at the mysterious girl who was called Freya with a surprised look.

Freya waved her hand with a smile, “I dont have anything else to say. I found that you had good abilities last time, so I didnt want you to be buried away and recommended you to our companys recruitment. Since you are here and have passed aunt Akalis test, thats very good. I hope that you will work hard as aunt Akalis subordinate. Un…..dont blame me for not warning you. Aunt Akali only seems gentle, but shes quite strict, so you should be careful.”

“What nonsense are you saying!” Akali glared at Freya before turning to Lucian with a smile and shaking her head, “You have several days to consider this, I hope that you can give me a satisfactory answer.”

Seeing that Akali indicating the end to this meeting, Lucian gave a nod. He stood up to give the two a bow before leaving the room.

After leaving, Lucian walked along while thinking about the conversation just now, feeling that something was off.

After a while, he suddenly stopped as his eyes popped out and his face was covered in shock.

“Gods! Freya Isnt that……”-

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