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One will search high and low only to find it when one least expects to

Hearing what Vivian said, Agnes doubtfully looked at her, but she didnt say anything. Xu Yi asked in a curious voice with a trace of expectation, “Why isnt it good Vivian, can you tell which part isnt good”

Xu Yi was very expectant of Vivian because last time he accidentally found Vivians talent for product design, he had decided to send Vivian to Baron Rickto Magic Academy to learn drawing, wanting to unearth the talent inside her.

Now that he saw her actually agree to the beautiful Magic Lamp that Agnes drew, Xu Yi wasnt a bit surprised at all, rather he was excited.

“This…..” Vivian looked at Anges and saw a pair of long ears. This big sister who looked like the legendary elf didnt seem too happy, so she hesitantly pointed at the drawn Magic Lamp a few times before pointing at the beautifully drawn base and saying, “If the base is like this, theres no way to draw the Magic Array onto it.”

Xu Yi looked at where Vivian was pointing and after thinking about it, he realized that Vivian wasnt wrong at all.

Evita was the one who came up with this Magic Lamp, but because she didnt learn anything about design at all, she just designed it based on requirements. So there were many things that she didnt consider, or rather she didnt have the related knowledge for at all…...

This Magic Lamps current appearance was formed from Evitas many tests, so there werent any considerations for appearance changes at all. So as soon as it was changed by Agnes, there were immediately problems that appeared.

The most important problem was that the designed base couldnt support a Magic Array, but Agnes had changed it anyway. The base was much smaller because of this, so there wasnt a way to put a Magic Array on it.

In other words, this kind of design was a complete failure.

Xu Yi looked at Vivian and couldnt help nodding in praise.

She actually noticed the most important problem with this design, showing that she really did have a talent for this.

“Very good, Vivian, youre very correct.” Xu Yi said in a voice of praise, “Then according to your thoughts, how should this Magic Lamp be changed”

“I feel its best if its changed like this……”

Perhaps it was because she gained courage from Xu Yis encouragement, but Vivian directly took the pen and drawing pad from Agnes hand and drew a new Magic Lamp design on another page.

One had to admit, the elves did have more talent when it came to art. Although Vivian was considered a genius at drawing and had studied drawing at Baron Rickto Magic Academy for a while, while her drawings were very clear and life like, the feeling it gave to people was inferior in comparison.

But compared to Agnes drawing that only cared about the design, Vivian didnt just draw the design. She also included drawings that considered the internal design, making it look more realistic.

And this came from the usual guidance Xu Yi gave Vivian.

When Vivian finished, Xu Yi was filled with praise, “Good! Vivian, your drawing is great!”

Vivians drawing considered the overall design of the Magic Lamp. Not only did it leave enough space for the Magic Array, it also left some space for further changes.

Other than this, based on the design of the glass cover, Vivian had also considered the problem of light divergence. She had cleverly designed the glass cover to have a curved non transparent mirror.

Although it wasnt clear what effect this would have on the design, it showed that she had already considered the light divergence problem. This was something that Xu Yi hadnt taught her and was something Evita and Akali never considered, so it could be seen that she had thought of this herself.

Getting praise from Xu Yi, Vivians face couldnt help revealing a proud look. When she looked at Agnes, she raised her head a bit.

Agnes didnt notice Vivians little actions. Rather after looking at the design Vivian made for a while, she shook her head, “No, this isnt beautiful enough.”

Xu Yi had a thought and gave the drawing to her.

“Then Agnes, based on this, make something that you think looks good.”

“Can I” Agnes looked at Vivian.

Vivian hesitated a bit. Although her heart was a bit unwilling, she still obediently nodded.

So Agnes quickly finished a new drawing.

This time, she even made a few revisions to the inner design Vivian had made.

The drawing really looked much more refined and beautiful after it was modified. Even if Vivian wasnt willing to submit, she still had to admit this point.

But Vivian found several more problems and pointed them out without any politeness before making another drawing.

Agnes gave her ideas on the design again and created another drawing.

Vivian also found more problems and made another drawing.



The next morning, Xu Yi woke up on time.

When he walked out, he saw the drawings scattered all over the living room and Agnes and Vivian sleeping sprawled over the table.

Seeing the tired look they had on their exhausted faces, they probably slept quite late.

Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head. When he saw Agnes and Vivian competing with each other last night, he smartly chose to retreat and sleep first.

And seeing them now, they might have gone all night.

Xu Yis looked at Agnes delicate and beautiful face and couldnt help smiling.

Vivian was the same. Agnes called herself seventy four years old, but she had the same temper. She wasnt embarrassed to say she wasnt a little girl.

Xu Yi carefully looked over the drawings on the table and couldnt help praising it in his heart.

Based on these drawings, their ideas gradually came together. In the end, not only was the Magic Lamps beautifully designed, the structure was also perfect, where even Xu Yi couldnt see a problem.

A Magic Lamp of this design, it could definitely be considered a success or it could be called an outstanding design.

Xu Yi casually took out a page and thought that if the drawn Magic Lamp could be made, it would definitely attract the interest of many people.

Not mentioning anything else, just based on this outstanding design, it was worth buying.

Taking another look at the sleeping Agnes and Vivian, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile.

It really was one will search high and low only to find it when one least expects to.


When Xu Yi entered the household magic machine workshop, he found that the magicians he hired yesterday were already working.

This was the first time magicians were drawing Magic Arrays in the morning, so when Xu Yi saw this, he wasnt used to it.

The students hired from the Baron Rickto Magic Academy only came when they didnt have classes in the afternoon or when they were on vacation, their work times were incomparable to full time magicians.

After Xu Yi watched on the side for a while, he found that the magicians had deeper understanding of Magic Arrays compared to the students.

For the students to complete the small Frost Array and small Flame Array for the Variable Temperature Magic Air Conditioner, it would take them around half an hour. Although these magicians had low grades, each person only took around twenty minutes to finish this work.

This was also their first day at work, so they werent as skilled yet. Once they became more skilled, perhaps they could cut that down to ten minutes.

Higher efficiency and more work time, when comparing this, the results of these magicians far surpassed that of the students.

To this change, the happiest person was of course Heinz.

The limiting factor for the household magic machine workshop was the efficiency of the Magic Arrays. However, since the workers were all students from Baron Rickto Magic Academy, he couldnt request the students to ignore their studies to increase their efficiency.

Even if Xu Yi recruited more of them, there wouldn't be enough students working here, causing the household magic machine workshop to never increase their productivity. This was something that always caused Heinz to break out in a sigh over.

And the bigger problem was that Xu Yi kept having the magic machine workshop create new production magic machines and improve the current ones. This gradually increased the efficiency of the normal workers in the household magic machine workshop, even reaching two-three times the normal efficiency in the beginning.

Compared to this, the efficiency of drawing Magic Arrays was limited to the magic power of the students which couldnt be increased. So like this, it gradually became a situation that Heinz felt helpless over.

It was that after the workers finished the components for the Magic Rice Cookers and Magic Air Conditioners, they still had to wait for the students to draw the Magic Arrays on before finishing them. This greatly affected their production efficiency.

Now that these magicians had been hired, although it was just nine people, based on their work efficiency, they were not lower than thirty students. This instantly solved Heinzs urgent problem and made the entire workshop work more smoothly, while increasing its efficiency. It was no wonder that when Xu Yi saw him, he had a smile blooming on his face.

“Ha, ha, Xu Yi, I think you dont need to recruit that many magicians. After these people become more familiar with their work, we might not even need those students anymore.”

Xu Yi looked at Heinz who let the success go to his head and felt that this fellow would never change how petty he was.

Not to mention that these nine magicians could leave whenever, even if it was for the companys future development, they would need to recruit large amounts of magicians.

Other than completing the simple Magic Arrays, the more important job was researching Magic Arrays that would be used to run the magic machines.

Not mentioning anything else, just based on the changes Great Magician Camilla and Stills group of three did to the two Magic Arrays inside the Magic Air Conditioner, it decreased the size of the Variable Temperature Magic Air Conditioner by half. This allowed them to cut down a third of the Magic Air Conditioners cost.

If there wasnt this change, Xu Yi estimated that the profit from each Magic Air Conditioner was around thirteen to fifteen gold coins. Now with this change, the profit had exploded to close to twenty gold coins!

As the Magic Air Conditioner became popular with the nobles of Banta City and the surrounding cities, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had received an order of over a thousand units.

Putting it together, just based on the Magic Air Conditioner alone, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could receive a large profit of close to twenty thousand gold coins this winter!

And this one third change in profit came from a small change.

This was the power of scientific research!-

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