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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 7: Charge with me

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Book 8: Chapter 7: Charge with me

Everyone knitted their brows as they looked at Lucian.

Everyone was thinking about how to escape, but he was focused on this small Magic Communicator. He really didnt understand what was happening.

The girl was surprised before her stunned look quickly changed as she said with a smile, “What You have a way to solve the communication problem”

“I specialized in magic communications, so I can give it a try.”

“Good, then you can give it a try. Ill block these fellows.”

The girl put the Magic Communicator in Lucians hands and then to everyones shock, she charged forward at the three Magic Combat Vehicles in front of them.

“You should escape alone!” The boy who had urged her earlier shouted out, “If youre caught, were all finished!”

Hearing this, the others who had been in a daze came back to their senses. They all called out to let the girl escape first.

However, when the girl turned back to look at everyone, she let out a crisp laugh. Then raising her hand, there was a long steel tube that appeared.

Seeing this, the students behind her were all stunned.

This thing……If they werent mistaken, it was a personal Magic Bazooka!

It was barely acceptable that this girl could take out things from a personal Storage Magic Space, but no one would have thought that in this situation, she would take out a personal Magic Bazooka!

With stunned looks, everyone watched as the girl skillfully put the personal Magic Bazooka on her shoulder. There was a “peng” sound that came from the muzzle as a dazzling red light came out of the tube of the Magic Bazooka.

In the blink of an eye, that flame had already reached one of the three Magic Combat Vehicles.


With a large explosion ringing in their ears, the Magic Combat Vehicle was blasted away and fell to the ground like a toy. It bounced around twice before bursting into flames, not moving anymore. The look of shock on everyones face became even stronger.


Wasnt the Magic Combat Vehicle the strongest thing on the battlefield aside from the Magic Tank Wasnt it said that it was even capable of resisting Great Magicians

Why……Why was it blown up by a single personal Magic Bazooka

The more important thing was that the one who shot the personal Magic Bazooka was a young girl who didnt even seem like she was twenty years old yet!

The enemies had clearly been scared by the might of this Magic Bazooka, so the two surviving Magic Combat Vehicles quickly separated, approaching from different sides.

They charged forward while moving in a zigzag pattern, clearly being afraid that the girl would fire another shot from the Magic Bazooka.

But after the girl looked at the two Magic Combat Vehicles, she gave a laugh and threw the Magic Bazooka on her shoulder to the ground. She reached out and pulled out another one.

The students behind her looked at her in a daze, not knowing what expression to show.

This fellow…..Could it be that her personal Magic Storage Space was just an arsenal for her……


There was another flame that was shot out. No matter how the Magic Combat Vehicle tried to dodge, the Magic Rocket created a beautiful arc in the sky before accurately hitting it.

Seeing this Magic Combat Vehicle bursting into flames, the only remaining Magic Combat Vehicle made a big circle as it didnt hesitate to turn back into the manor, losing the courage to charge forward.

The girl threw the Magic Bazooka she fired to the side and clapped her hands. She shook her head and said with a dissatisfied sigh, “Ai, these human smugglers really dont have anyone with courage at all, I even thought that I would get a big fight.”

The others stared at her in a daze as she turned to head to Lucians side.

“Hey, did you figure out what the problem is yet”

Lucian had been focused on studying the Magic Communicator the whole time. When he heard this, he replied without even looking up, “It should have been affected by the Magic Sealing Array, so the signal was impeded and doesnt have a way to connect to the network.”

“Then do you have a way to fix it”

“Its possible, but I need time.”

“You need time” The girl turned back to look at the manor.

After the Magic Combat Vehicle escaped, there was a sudden grating alarm that came from the manor. Dust could be seen being raised in the manor as figures ran around. It was clear that the other side had reacted and after learning that the issue wasnt simple, they wouldnt treat it that easily.

“Hurry up, I cant block them for too long.”

“Alright, but…..can you give me some data first” Lucian looked up at the girl.

“Oh What data” The girl asked.

“Since you can use magic here, you should be clear on the data of the Magic Sealing Arrays influence on the magic space, right Give it to me, I can make it so that this Magic Communicator will be able to connect to the network with it.”

The girls big and bright black eyes turned as if she was looking over Lucian for a bit before she said with a smile, “I cant give you detailed data right now, but I think that you only need the most crucial data set. The elemental magic energy frequency here is between 27.6 and 29.3 hertz.”

“You know this, then……” Lucian was surprised. When he wanted to keep asking, the girl turned to leave with a smile on her face.

Lucian was stunned for a bit and knew that he couldnt keep asking, so he turned his head down to focus on fixing the Magic Communicator in his hands.

Because he didnt have any tools, he could only use his magic power to fix it, so it was much slower than in ideal conditions.

The only hope was that the girl would be able to resist the enemy.

After the girl left Lucians side, she waved her hand at the others.

“You should all move a bit further, or youll be caught in our exchange of fire.”

The other students looked at each other before a portion moved back.

The boy who proposed that the girl run away alone took a step forward and reached his hand out to her.

“You should have many military magic machines, right Give me some, Ill fight the enemy with you. Moreover, you should tell us how you can use magic. Were all magicians here and although were not that strong, we can still help you.”

The girl was a bit surprised as she looked at him.

“What is your name”

“Just call me Danson.” The boy shook his head, “It isnt the time to talk about this. Give me the weapons and tell me how you broke free of the Magic Sealing Arrays influence.”

“With your current abilities, you wont be able to master this method quickly. But if you stand beside me, I can change the magic space around me and you should be able to manipulate the elemental magic energy again.” The girl said.

The others were surprised.

Change the magic space around her Wasnt that in the realm of domains!

Could it be that this girl had actually reached such a terrifying realm That was too unbelievable!

Seeing their surprised expressions, the girl could clearly guess what they were thinking. She said with a shrug, “Im not as powerful as you think, its just a coincidence. You should know that with the current magic theory, the domains that used to only belong to Arch Magi arent that mysterious anymore, right”

Right…..your head!

Although with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu proposing the “scientific view of magic”, the magicians of the continent had established a different magic system compared to before, analyzing the magic that many magicians thought was impossible to do before and making the domains that people thought were the peak of magic not be a secret anymore, it was still very hard to understand the theory and it was even harder to actually put that theory into use.

Even now there were some powerful young magicians who could grasp a part of the domains, but no matter what, it wouldnt be a young girl like you, right

“Alright, the enemies are coming. If you want to fight the enemies with me, stand by my side. At the very least you can use some elemental magic energy to create magic shields and I can protect you all. If youre not willing, then you can just go to the side.” The girl waved her hand and gave her orders.

The students looked at each other. Three girls and six boys moved to the side and ten students including Danson remained at the girls side.

“Very good, it seems like most young people still have some courage.” The girl gave a satisfied nod in a self important manner.

Then she waved her hand as military magic machines were pulled out of her Storage Magic Space, piling up in front of her.

“Alright, take what you like, see if you can find anything good.” The girl waved her hands like she was holding a big sale, causing the lips of the students that remained to twitch.

After a moment of hesitation, they chose the military magic machines that they had some impressions of.

For these students, they had heard about the military magic machines many times in the news, but this was their first time actually holding them.

Everyone was nervous and excited, as all of them didnt know what to do.

The girl looked over everyone and found that other than Danson who looked decent holding the Magic Machine Gun, the rest all looked like novices.

However, she wasnt worried at all. She just looked at Danson and then waved her hand before shouting out.

“Very good! Now, everyone, charge with me!”

Everyone prepared to charge out of reflex before they suddenly reacted.

Charge Charge where

Seeing their hesitant appearances, the girl laughed like she didnt have a care.

Everyone couldnt help revealing stiff looks. They wanted to know what kind of fellow this girl was, actually making this kind of bad joke in this situation!

Seeing that everyone had unkind looks, the girl laughed without any emotions while waving her hand.

“Alright, its just a joke, dont mind it. Everyone follow me closely and dont get too far, well teach these human smugglers a good lesson!”

These words were more like it and the hot blooded boys learned from her as they roared out a few times.

But while these people were nervous and excited to meet the enemies, Lucians voice called out from behind them.

“The signal connected!”-

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