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Book 8: Chapter 5: Not seeing the light of day from now on

The Magic Sealing Array was just to put the elemental magic energy in the surrounding magic space in an unstable condition, causing magicians to be unable to affect it with their magic power, not allowing them to control the elemental magic energy and being unable to use spells.

To destroy this influence, there were two methods.

The first was to obtain the data of the Magic Sealing Array, especially the data about how it affected the surrounding magic space. Then one would have to use their own magic power to counter this change and then regain control of the elemental magic energy.

This method was similar to the method that Lucian had used to draw this Magic Array, but Lucians method was just using some small loopholes, so it couldnt be considered breaking it.

The second method was to use pure physical destruction. It was to destroy the actual Magic Sealing Array, which would naturally destroy the effects of the Magic Sealing Array.

In the current environment of Lucians group, the only possibility was that the Magic Sealing Array was atop the Magic Car that they were currently standing in.

But when Lucian touched the wall of the trunk, he felt the inference of another type of magic.

He could quickly tell that no matter which wall he touched or if it was the floor that he was standing on, there was a Firmness Magic Array that was affecting it.

This Firmness Magic Array was very simple, it would make any object tougher and make it hard to change its shape.

So to break through the trunk that they were in, they would have to first break this Firmness Magic Array.

However, Lucian had made just a single attempt and he found that this Firmness Array was much more complicated than he imagined. It wasnt at a level that he could understand at all.

“Its very clear that the other side is prepared, so thats why they dare to let us act freely in this trunk.” Lucian gave a sigh as he gave the results of his investigation to the others in the trunk.

No one was surprised by his answer, they just had slightly disappointed expressions.

They were the same as Lucian, they were all students of the various magic machine industry academies of the Candra Empire. They were all considered decent magicians, so they could easily see through the situation.

They had instigated Lucian because he could force out a Magic Array in this situation, which gave them a bit of hope towards him.

Now that Lucian said that he didnt have a way, although they were disappointed, they understood that Lucian was a student that was around the same as them. Although he was better than them at certain things, he wouldnt be that much better.

The boy who helped Lucian maintain the illumination array gave a sigh and took his hand back as the trunk fell into darkness again.

Everyones heart fell back into darkness along with the trunk.

Lucian naturally wasnt willing to give up, but no matter how he checked it, he couldnt find a way out of their predicament.

In the end, he was only a student that was about to graduate. Even if his results in school could be considered outstanding, whether it was experience or abilities, he was limited, so how could he possibly deal with this

The jolting of the trunk continued which indicated to them that this Magic Car was quickly heading to its destination.

They didnt know how long passed in that darkness, but after jolting for a bit, the Magic Car suddenly slowed down.

The people in the darkness looked at each other as they knew that they had reached their destination.

After some faint voices from outside, the trunk suddenly opened and the strong sunlight came in. It was so dazzling that the people who hadnt seen light in a while in the truck all closed their eyes.

“Alright, all of you get out.” A rough voice rang out, “Im warning you, dont try anything or you will suffer!”

Lucian narrowed his eyes and looked out. He saw that there were two strong men outside the door and a few eaves could be seen outside, but he didnt know where this place was.

“Dont act dead. Quickly get up, these masters dont have time!” The two strong men impatiently hit the trunk.

The giant sound reverberated in the trunk and everyone couldnt help covering their ears.

Lucian looked at the two strong men and was about to make a move when a black figure in the corner suddenly charged out. This figure jumped into the air before pausing as if it was about to fly away.

However, when this figure was in the air, it was like it had lost all support and fell right to the ground.

The two men were surprised before reacting. Seeing the person lying on the ground unable to move from the pain, they began laughing.

“Ha, kid, you want to escape from this place Stop dreaming! Let me tell you, this place is covered by the Magic Sealing Array, so dont think that you can escape with just you kids! Even a Great Magician couldnt escape!”

Lucians expression changed slightly.

When that uncle Rondo introduced himself, he called himself a “Third Grade Magician”. Now these two men were also using the term “Great Magician”.

This was a magician grading system that had been eliminated on the continent, so why were they still using it Could it be related to something

The two men ridiculed him for a bit before one of them grabbed the person on the ground by the hair and lifted him up.

Lucian was a bit surprised. This person who had tried to escape was the boy who had talked to him and then helped him maintain the Magic Array.

The man who grabbed him punched him right in the stomach without another word.

The man was quite strong and this boy wasnt that strong, so with this one punch, he bent over and spat out blood.

The two men saw this and revealed proud smiles.

“Hei, you bunch of magician brats. Us brothers used to fear you, but now…..youre just trash without any strength!”

The other man waved his hand at the others in the trunk.

“Do you see this All of you get out now or youll be the same as him!”

The other people in the trunk looked at each other before helplessly getting out.

When each person came out, the man would put a set of handcuffs on their hands, clearly not giving them any freedom at all.

When it was Lucians turn, he didnt fight back at all and allowed him to cuff his hands.

When the handcuffs were put on, he could clearly feel the magic fluctuations that came from them. Then he felt that the flow of magic inside him encountered a strong disturbance that made it very erratic, even causing him to lose the ability to control the magic power inside his body.

Lucian was shocked by this.

Disrupting the magic inside a magician, this was something that had caught the interest of the magician circle in the past two years and these people in front of him had already created a working product.

With the special made Magic Car that they transported their group in and the large scale Magic Sealing Array that they put, it could be seen that the backer behind them was very powerful.

Only until now, Lucian still didnt understand why they would kidnap a bunch of students like them.

But these two men werent interested in explaining. After cuffing each person, they pushed them into the depths of the manor.

After taking a few steps, two girls in this group suddenly broke out in tears.

“We……We wont go……”

“Please……Please let us go……I dont want to go……I want to see my mom……”

Hearing the cries of the two, the ten boys including Lucian all had dark looks as they turned their heads away, not daring to look at the two girls looking at them asking for help.

They were only normal students and in this situation, what could they do against these enemies that clearly had a solid backing

The two men were already used to seeing this and pushed the two crying girls as they said while laughing, “Alright, we wont sell you to a brothel. What are you crying for”

“Right, its just a bit of illegal labour. Relax, for treasures like you, we wont do anything to you. Of course, that is on the premise that you are good. If youre not……”

Lucians heart turned cold.

Illegal labour

Could it be that these people were the legendary evil organization that appeared in the past few years and traded in Low Grade Magician labour

This organization was very strict and if one fell into their hands, they might never see the light of day again.

The other people had clearly also heard the rumours and their expressions changed as they started to stir.

However, these two men didnt hesitate to beat them and didnt hold back, so they quickly suppressed them.

“Pei! I already told you, as long as you are good and dont make trouble, would these masters need to do anything” One of the strong spat out at one of the people he just finished beating before rubbing his fist, “Im warning you, if you keep talking like this, I wont be so gentle next time!”

The group stuttered, but no one dared to refute him and could only walk along with the two men.

Lucian looked at the entrance of the manor in the distance and his heart sunk.

He knew that if he went there, it would mean that he would be forced into illegal labour and would never see the light of day again.

Not to mention joining the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility like he dreamed, he might not even have a chance to go home and see his parents ever again.

What to do

At this time, there was a clear and powerful voice that suddenly rang out.

“Hei, the game ends here!”-

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