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When Xu Yi came home, it was already late at night.

Perhaps it was because she was back in a familiar environment, but as soon as they came in, Vivian who had been sleeping on Xu Yis back suddenly woke up. After being in a daze for a bit, she fully woke up and quickly jumped off Xu Yis back as she lowered her head to apologize, “Sorry, master, you had to carry me back…..”

Xu Yi patted her head and asked, “How was it Did you have a good time living with Evita and Akali”

Vivian immediately revealed a smile and excitedly nodded, “Un, it was very good. Big sister Akali and big sister Evita were very good to me. Big sister Still also came to see me and bought new clothes for me. Master, look, Im wearing the clothes big sister Still bought for me right now.”

Xu Yi looked at the thick cotton padded jacket Vivian was wearing, “No wonder. I was thinking that I didnt buy this for you, so it was something Still bought for you. Vivian, it seems like it was a very good idea to let them look after you. How about you just live with them from now on, they are this good to you anyway.”

“Ah” Vivian was stunned before tears suddenly appeared in her eyes, “Master, you…..you dont want me anymore”

Xu Yi never thought that just a casual joke from him would make Vivian cry. He quickly wiped away her tears in a panic before anxiously saying, “Im just joking, dont take it seriously!”

“Really Master, it isnt because you dont want me anymore” Although the sadness on her face softened, Vivians expression still looked unsettled.

Seeing how she looked like an abandoned little animal, Xu Yi let out a sigh. He thought that he really didnt pay enough attention.

Vivian had been a slave since she was young, so she never had a sense of stability and safety before. Now that she finally had some peaceful days, naturally it would be very important to her.

Perhaps it was only a casual joke to Xu Yi, but it was a very terrifying fact for her, so naturally it would cause such an intense reaction from her.

“Relax, I wont not want you, I was just kidding.” Xu Yi patted her head and comforted her in a very certain voice. Then he gave the Magic Lamp that Evita gave him to Vivian, “Go and turn on the lamp. Youve been with Evita and Akali for so long, you should know how to use it, right”

Hearing Xu Yis orders, Vivian finally stopped crying and brought the Magic Lamp into the room.

Seeing the room light up, Xu Yi turned back to look at the dark night and raised his voice a bit to shout, “Young miss Agnes, come out.”

Space distorted to his left and Agnes appeared.

“Chairman Xu, do you need me for something Could it be that you changed your mind and are prepared to head back to the tribe with me now” Agnes voice was filled with a trace of pleasant surprise.

“Im very sorry, I have to disappoint you.” Xu Yi shook his head, “I just want to ask you, how are you planning to spend the night”

“Spend the night” Agnes seemed like she never thought Xu Yi would ask this, so her voice was a bit surprised, “Ill just stay here.”

“Stay here” Xu Yis face filled with disbelief, “You wouldnt be planning to spend all night outside, right Its this cold, you arent afraid of freezing to death”

Agnes opened the cloak on her head and tilted her head with a curious look.

“Chairman Xu, youre caring about me”

“Thats right, Im caring about you!” Xu Yi snappily said, “Although I feel that you following me around like this very annoying, but I cant just watch a little girl like you sleeping on the streets, right Come, come in. Although my place isnt big, theres no problem if one more person lives here.”

Agnes hesitated a bit before following Xu Yi into the room.

When she walked to Xu Yis side, Agnes suddenly thought of something and said to Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, I am seventy four years old this year, Im much bigger than you. You shouldnt call me a little girl.”

Xu Yi instantly found this funny. He looked over at Agnes and said in a voice showing that he was a bit angry and found this a bit funny, “According to the standard of your elves, seventy four is equal to being a teen for us humans, right I am a twenty seven year old human, so is there a problem in calling you little girl”

Agnes actually carefully considered this before giving a nod.

“This is also reasonable. Alright, you can call me little girl.”

Xu Yi was defeated by this elf Agnes stubbornness and honesty. He could only shake his head and not pursue this topic any longer.

When he walked into the room, Vivian had already lit up the Magic Lamp and it released a light green glow, covering the room in a light shade of green.

Looking at the Magic Lamp on the table, Agnes looked a bit surprised. She went around the Magic Lamp before saying in surprise, “Chairman Xu, you humans really are a creative race, to actually make something like this. This is simply like the Moonlight Flowers in our tribe we use to light up the night.”

“Dont you elves have strong night vision Why would you need the Moonlight Flowers light” Xu Yi asked.

Agnes shook her head, “Not every elf has strong night vision. The older elves have weaker bodies, so their night vision is also weaker. They need the Moonlight Flower and Elunes light very much. Chairman Xu, what is this thing that is like the Moonlight Flower called”

“This thing is a Magic Lamp. What, youre interested in it” Xu Yi was a bit surprised.

Agnes nodded, “Un, I like this thing very much. Of course, it would be better if it was more beautiful.”

“You dont think its beautiful enough” Xu Yi looked at the Magic Lamp on the table with a confused look.

Since Evita specially gave him this Magic Lamp, of course it was the best looking one to Evita. The Magic Lamp was beautifully made and it was of excellent craftsmanship, Xu Yi felt like it was a work of art.

But this Agnes didnt think it was beautiful enough, so her request must be quite high.

But thinking about it, Xu Yi remembered that the elves had always been best known for elegance and beauty. The things of the elves would always be considered extremely fine and beautiful items.

The goods that have spread from the elven empire thousands of years ago were considered supreme artistic treasures. Once they were known to the world, they could be sold for shocking prices of up to hundreds of thousands of gold coins.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi couldnt help curiously asking Agnes, “What part of the Magic Lamp isnt beautiful for you If you could design it, what would it look like”

Agnes was a bit surprised by Xu Yis question, but after turning to look at him, she turned back to the Magic Lamp on the table and thought it over. She drew in the air with her slender finger a few times before stopping and helplessly saying, “I dont have a way to tell you.”

“Isnt that simple” Xu Yi turned to Vivian who had been stunned by the sudden appearance of this strange girl with sharp ears and said, “Vivian, go and bring your pen and drawing pad over for Agnes.”

Vivian responded before going to her room to get a pen and the drawing pad for Agnes.

Agnes took the pen and the drawing pad, but she didnt immediately start drawing. Rather she looked over Vivian and turned to ask Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, this human girl, is she your daughter”

Xu Yi almost fell over, “Im only twenty seven, how could I have such an old daughter”

“Then shes your wife”

Xu Yi helplessly patted his head, “I really dont know what you elves are thinking…...Vivian is still this small, how could she be my wife”

“Oh, then I understand, she is your little sister, right” It was like Agnes cared very much about the answer to this question as she kept pursuing the topic.

“Alright, just treat her as my little sister. Stop worrying about this, quickly draw what youre thinking. I really want to see what a beautiful Magic Lamp looks like to you.” Xu Yi urged.

Agnes responded and took the pen and the drawing pad. After thinking for a bit, she began drawing on it.

Its said on the Sines Continent that every elf was an artist.

Xu Yi had only heard it and not believed it, but now that he saw Agnes drawing in front of him, he suddenly felt that these words were probably not false.

It was just a few strokes, but the distinct appearance of the Magic Lamp had appeared on the paper.

After a while, a life like drawing of the Magic Lamp appeared on the paper.

Finally Agnes added a few modifications and a completely unique and stunningly beautiful Magic Lamp was finished.

Xu Yi looked at the drawing and couldnt help praising it..

Not talking about how fast and precise Agnes was in drawing, just this drawing alone was already filled with beauty.

Although it wasnt that different from the Magic Lamp on the table, but with the unique views that Agnes had and the small changes she had made, the final product was not only filled with beauty, it also seemed incomparably finely made. If people saw it, they wouldnt be able to stop their gasps. This was simply a work of art!

Only taking a single look, Xu Yi deeply believed that if a Magic Lamp had this kind of beautiful appearance, it would definitely draw out peoples desire to buy it!

Just based on this design, the price of the Magic Lamp could be increased by several times!

Xu Yis eyes instantly filled with passion as he looked at Agnes.

This female elf, she was simply a natural born outstanding designer!

At this moment, Vivian on the side suddenly spoke in a timid voice.

“Master, this kind of Magic Lamp…...it doesnt seem right.”-

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