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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 2: News

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Book 8: Chapter 2: News

No matter how envious he was, it wouldnt solve the issue with his stomach.

Lucian watched the illusion for a bit before casually finding a place and ordering the cheapest noodles.

While waiting for the noodles to be finished, he kept watching the news on the Magic Illusion Projector.

After the news report from earlier, the illusion changed and it revealed a scene from up in the air.

Looking down, there was a grand city that occupied a large area below.

Lucian recognized it immediately, this city was the Candra Empires capital, Wimbledon City.

Lucian had never personally gone to the empires great capital city, but he had seen it often on the news, so he was naturally very familiar with it.

Recognizing a place that he had never gone to with a single look, it would have been impossible for people in the generation before Lucians parents.

Even Lucians parents, the furthest place that they had ever gone was the third largest city in the province that was fifty kilometers away from their hometown. Not to mention Wimbledon City, they had never even gone to the provincial capital before.

If this world hadnt changed, they would have been like Lucians grandparents generation, never leaving their hometown their entire lives and not knowing a thing about the world.

However, after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce invented the magic signal network and the Magic Illusion Projector, with the New Moon Chamber of Commerces various programs, even people who had never left their hometowns wouldnt be confined at home without understanding anything about the world.

It was because of these “educational” programs that Lucians parents had made their decision. Even if their family couldnt get new magic machines like the family next door or even if their lives were a bit harder, they would send Lucian to study at the Philip Academy.

So Lucian was very grateful towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the New Moon Chamber of Commerce. They gave him the opportunity to leave that small town and see the world with his own eyes, giving him the opportunity to change his life.

Along with the image of the overhead shot of Wimbledon City, there was also a voice from offscreen.

“The royal familys guard will be demonstrating the small Magic Attack Ships that they bought from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce today. These small Magic Attack Ships were developed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce three years ago and are the most advanced Magic Airships. They can fly at a maximum speed of four hundred kilometers per hour, while being very flexible and having decent firepower. With this new group of small Magic Attack Ships, the royal guards aerial battle power has been increased without a doubt. This will increase the safety and defense of Wimbledon City……”

The people in the restaurant suddenly broke out in a cheer.

Lucian was surprised as his eyes swept over the restaurant. He found that whether it was the boss or the people eating, they were all watching the Magic Illusion Projector on the wall with excited looks.

“Ha, ha, great! With this thing, the royal guards will be much stronger than before.”

“Right, Ive heard about this thing before. Its said to be the Frestehc Chamber of Commerces most advanced Magic Airship and it flies very fast. You wont even be able to see its shadow in the blink of an eye.”

“Really But the news only said that the firepower isnt bad, this might……”

“Are you dumb How could the news report the whole truth This is related to the secret power of our empires army, can it be known by anyone”

“Un, thats right. According to this……”


Hearing the discussions around him, Lucians lips twitched as he revealed a bitter smile.

These fellows didnt know anything, was there anything to get excited about

The news clearly said that this small Magic Attack Ship was developed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce three years ago.

Then in these three years, even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce hadnt finished developing a new generation of Magic Airships, there would be other technologies that would appear that would allow them to easily surpass these small Magic Attack Ships.

Then again, these things werent the strongest and latest things among the Magic Airships that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had. Like that Thunder God Class Heavy Magic Airship that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce never sold that had the strongest aerial battle power, that was the true overlord of the sky.

According to the rumours, in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces internal drills, the Thunder God Class Heavy Magic Airship could easily control the air. All other combat Magic Airships couldnt do a single thing to it.

So as long as there wasnt another power that had the Thunder God Class Heavy Magic Airship, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would always have air supremacy.

Everyone on the continent now knew that in the new method of combat, having air supremacy was having the initiative and was an important factor in deciding the outcome of a war.

Of course, this only existed in the imagination and combat exercises.

On the current Sines Continent, there wasnt a country that that would be dumb enough to face the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or even start a war with them.

Because that was seeking their own death.

So as Lucian looked at the surrounding people who had been excited by the royal guards being equipped with the small Magic Attack Ships, he felt a bit speechless.

Even if the royal family or the entire Candra Empire army increased their battle power, giving the important people in the empire the courage, would they really dare to start a war with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce

Not to mention fighting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, would they declare war on other countries

Stop joking! Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu had released the «Banta Declaration» in Banta City ten years ago, setting the goal as heading into the sea of stars, as well as setting the goal of the Sines Continent on developing the magic machine industry, there wasnt a single country that thought about starting a war.

The most important reason was that once there was a country that did this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards would intervene and wouldnt let the war become bigger.

The second reason was that after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce released the various magic machine technology, helping all the countries develop their magic machine industries, if there was a country that was crazy enough to start a war at this critical moment, they would be swept away by the tides of time and fall far behind other countries.

No country would dare take this risk, even the Candra Empire didnt dare.

So the royal guards announcing that they had suddenly been equipped with these small Magic Attack Ships seemed like it would mean that they and the Candra Empire army was getting stronger to many people, people with some understanding of the situation of the magic machine industry like Lucian would know that this was just to maintain the internal stability of the Candra Empire.

After all, the news had mentioned that there were several areas of unrest in the empire that had attracted the attention of the empire parliament.

The royal guards releasing this news was most likely to shock those people who had dissident ideas.

As the surrounding people kept discussing this, the owner of the noodle shop didnt stop his hands and quickly brought over Lucians noodles.

Lucian was already quite hungry and he didnt care about the laughable discussion that the surrounding people were having as he started to eat.

While eating, he raised his head from time to time to watch the Magic Illusion Projector or listened to the sound that came from it.

After reporting on some current news, the following program was mainly about local news.

Lucian didnt care about the local news because it wasnt related to him and he wasnt interested in this.

But when the entertainment news came on, he couldnt help raising his head to watch for a bit because the entertainment news had news about the elven star miss Lenoya that he loved the most.

Seeing the miss Lenoya in the illusion that was as pretty as a flower, with a noble aura that seemed like she wasnt from this world, Lucian couldnt help revealing an enamoured look.

The New Moon Chamber of Commerce had created many stars through the various entertainment programs, but Lucian didnt care about these so-called stars. Only when he saw miss Lenoya would his heart be moved and he couldnt help paying attention.

But Lucian was clear that his world was very different from miss Lenoyas world. It was likely that they would never intersect in this life, so as long as he could see her through the Magic Illusion Projector, that was enough for him.

When the news about miss Lenoya was over, Lucian came back to his senses. He lowered his head to find that the human uncle across from him was looking at him with a smile and his face couldnt help turn red. He quickly lowered his head to eat his noodles.

Because he ate too fast, he didnt notice that the noodles were too hot and he choked on them. He spat out spit on the table and looked very sorry.

Lucian finally calmed himself down and found that he was covered in soup while the table was a mess. His face couldnt help turning even more red.

The uncle on the side didnt mind and just shook his head. He revealed a kind smile and handed a napkin over to Lucian.

Lucian quickly thanked him before wiping the mess off the table.

“Look at you, you should be a student from some school” After Lucian sat back down, the uncle asked him this with a smile.

“Un How can you tell” Lucian was surprised.

The uncle laughed, “After experiencing a lot, naturally you can easily recognize some things. This isnt strange at all.”

After saying this, the uncle lowered his head to eat his noodles and didnt seem like he wanted to keep talking.

Lucian scratched his head, not understanding what happened.

Because of that small accident, Lucian realized that he couldnt keep eating those noodles and called the boss to pay the bill.

“This customer, its fifteen gold coins for one bowl. Thank you.”

The boss smile fell into Lucians eyes and he couldnt help cursing in his heart.

It was just a bowl of noodles and it cost fifteen gold coins, this was just too much.

The same bowl of noodles would only cost two silver coins in his hometown!

But thinking of how this was Dollar City, Lucian could only give a helpless sigh and reach his hand into his pockets.

Then his expression changed.-

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