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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 1: Im not willing

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Book 8: Chapter 1: Im not willing

It was the beginning of June, the beginning of summer. The sun was shining over the streets of Dollar City and it was already too hot to resist.

Lucian looked down at the resume in his hand as drops of sweat went from his forehead to his chin before falling onto his resume. It landed right on the large words “Philip Academy”, causing the words to be blurred.

After looking at these words on the resume for a bit, Lucian couldnt help revealing a bitter smile.

When his parents had let him study at the Philip Academy, it had used up all their savings over the past ten years.

Then after this, to pay for his fifty gold coins fees each year and his high living expenses, as well as other expenses, his parents had gone from morning to night, sparing no effort to find work all day.

It was all in hopes that after he graduated from the Philip Academy, he would be able to find a good job.

But after he had graduated and came to Dollar City alone to find work, he hadnt been able to find a single job that had satisfied him.

It wasnt that he couldnt find work.

For someone like Lucian who graduated from a magic machine industry specialized school like Philip Academy, he was a product that was in high demand. After passing his resume around for three days, he had received warm invitations from more than ten different companies.

However, Lucian wasnt satisfied with working for these companies because most of these jobs involved going into the factory, being responsible for engraving Magic Arrays.

To Lucian, this work could be done by any magician that had a decent control over magic and it wouldnt allow him to show off his specialty.

The most ideal work for Lucian was naturally to enter the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility. He wanted to be one of those noble researchers who worked with the most advanced magic machines and technology every day.

Only that would be worthy of his five years of studying in the Philip Academy.

Of course, Lucian knew that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility was the highest level magic research facility on the continent. His current level was far from being enough.

However, even if he couldnt join the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility, he still wanted to join the magic research facility of the other companies, alright

So Lucian had spread his resume around and he found that this method didnt work. Then he focused on the large company and focused on applying for jobs with these large companies.

However, even if those large companies had room in their magic research facilities, they all had very high requirements. They didnt look for someone like Lucian who had just graduated from school.

Lucian wasnt an outstanding student who graduated from a top school like the Frestech Academy, so he didnt draw their attention. So he had achieved nothing even after several days.

“If I cant find any work, this might be a wasted trip.”

Lucian gave a sigh before reaching out to touch his pocket, finding that he only had two gold coins and ten silver coins left.

This money was enough to spend for some time in a small mountain village like his hometown, but in the capital of the southern province, Dollar City, which was called the most prosperous city in the empire, it wasnt even enough for a few days.

“Two days! If I cant find any suitable work in two days, I will even work in the most boring factory assembly lines!” Lucian secretly gritted his teeth and made up his mind.

If possible, if he couldnt find anything good, he wouldnt keep looking. He might as well go back to the Philip Academy to keep learning.

Anyway, his results at school werent bad and his teacher told him that if he was willing to study a few more years to get the high level graduate certificate, he could choose any large companys magic research facility when he came out. He might even be able to go to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility.

But reality gave Lucian no other choice.

The reason was very simple, he had no money.

The higher education courses cost even more than the normal courses and Lucians family already had a hard time putting him through the normal courses, so of course they wouldnt be able to let him keep studying.

Not to mention that Lucians little brother was already ten years old and was at the age to enter the basic courses at the school, so he also needed money.

Lucian came out to work not only to save up for his large school fees, but also to make some money to help his little brother go to school and lighten the burden for his parents. No matter how he looked at it, this was the better choice.

Although his parents had never said anything, Lucian himself also hoped that his twelve year old little sister could go to school. He didnt want her to be like those other village girls who found someone to marry after reaching a certain age and then living a normal life.

These things all needed money, so Lucian couldnt continue with his own education and could only find a job after he graduated this year.

Although inscribing Magic Arrays in the factory assembly line was a bit boring, the income was much higher than normal workers.

For example, Lucians parents worked for a household magic machine factory near their village and were the simplest workers. They only earned around ten gold coins a month, no more than fifteen gold coins at times.

As for the five workers in this factory that were in charge of inscribing Magic Arrays, they earned at least thirty gold coins a month and the benefits they received were even greater.

Lucians current thoughts were that if he couldnt find a suitable job in two days, he would first return to the Philip Academy to finalize his graduation before going to that factory to work.

His parents had already told the factory owner about his situation and the owner was very interested in Lucian. He immediately gave a starting salary of twenty five gold coins and as long as Lucian agreed, he could start working at any time.

But…..did he really have to do this

Lucian raised his head and narrowed his eyes to look at the bright sun in the sky as his heart filled with a trace of unwillingness.

He had worked incredibly hard every day at the Philip Academy, not daring to waste even the slightest bit of time. He even turned down the confessions of two of his female classmates. Would it all be to go back to his small hometown to live out the rest of his life after graduation

“Im not willing!”

Lucian clenched his fists and took a deep breath.

Although he had given himself two days, he wouldnt give up that easily.

He was already luckier than most people, having parents that were enlightened enough to suffer to put him through school. Then why couldnt he be lucky enough to find work that he was satisfied with in his final two days

As long as his performance was good and he revealed his excellent grades from his school, there would be a company that would appreciate him!

Lucian took a deep breath as he threw away the disappointment and depression in his heart. He roused his spirit and lowered his head again as he prepared to keep moving forward.

But when he lowered his head, he saw a group of people coming towards him.

Being caught off guard, Lucian didnt have the time to dodge and could only lean to the side as much as possible.


The two shoulders hit each other and that person was pushed back two steps before stabilizing themself.

Lucian focused his eyes and found that it was a short middle aged man that he hit. It seemed like the hit wasnt light, it took him a while to stand up.

When he wanted to apologize, that person looked over and glared at Lucian.

“Kid, are you blind Do you know how to walk”

Lucian admitted that he was wrong for looking up while walking. He apologized to this person with a smile after hearing this and couldnt refute him.

That person looked over Lucian and seeing that Lucian was taller and bulkier than him, he gave a snort and turned to leave.

Lucian just gave a bitter laugh as he thought that his luck today really wasnt good.

At this time, there was a faint sound that came from his stomach.

He didnt even have breakfast this morning since he had been going to various companies all morning. Now it seemed like he couldnt hold back his hunger anymore.

Lucian rubbed his stomach before looking around. He chose a noodle shop in the corner that wasnt high scale that looked rather clean and walked in.

“Three days ago, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility announced that they had made a new breakthrough with the magic signal pattern research. According to chief Evitas announcement, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has the possibility of breaking through the distance limit of the magic signal and might be able to reach infinite transmission. If this is true, then that means that the magic signal network across the continent will be entering a new stage. As for this, there are many nations and companies that have expressed……”

As soon as he came in, the sound from the small Magic Illusion Projector on the side attracted Lucians attention.

Seeing chief Evita from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility in the illusion, Lucian couldnt help praising her beauty and there was a joy that filled Lucians heart.

God! The Frestech Chamber of Commerce magic research facility has actually developed the infinite distance magic signal transfer technology!

If this was true, it would have a great influence on the entire magic machine industry of the continent.

It was like the news report had said, it meant that the magic signal network on the continent would undergo earth shattering changes and would be entering a new stage!

Lucian specialized on magic signal transmission in his studies at the Philip Academy, so he cared very much about this piece of news.

He knew that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility and the magic research facilities of many countries and companies had been studying this, but it was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that had developed it first in the end.

Of course, this wasnt a surprise.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had a deep foundation in magic machine industry knowledge, so it would be strange if they didnt develop it first.

Seeing chief Evita in the illusion talking to the reporters, seeing that gentle and noble appearance, Lucian couldnt help secretly praising her in his heart.

“If there is a day that I could reach chief Evitas position, I would be willing even if I were to die……”-

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