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Magic Industry Empire Book 7: Chapter 156: Reminiscent

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Book 7: Chapter 156: Reminiscent

“Hey, old partner. Calling you all the way here today, did sister in law Ria blame me” After letting go, Xu Yi said this while laughing.

The person that could be called old partner by Xu Yi, other than Heinz who founded the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, who else could it be

Hearing Xu Yis question, Heinz broke out in laughter.

“Ria was already bored of me being at home bothering her, so she sent me out early in the morning.”

“Oh Then doesnt that mean you dont have a home to return to today”

Xu Yi joked as his eyes swept over Heinz.

Because Heinz had gone to live with Ria in a remote valley outside of Banta City after retiring from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, not willing to be disrupted by others and adding in the fact that Xu Yi was busy, rarely coming to Banta City, the last time he saw him was already two years ago.

After meeting again after two years, Xu Yi found that although Heinzs hair was much whiter and he had more wrinkles on his face, his face looked not bad and he seemed quite healthy which made him quite relieved.

Heinz was already close to seventy years old, which was already quite a high age for the Sines Continent that had a low lifespan expectancy.

To maintain this body and mind at this age, the biggest reason was because he was richer than normal people and could take care of himself better.

Of course, this was the money that came from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce stocks.

After the two talked for a bit, they went to the stage that had been built in the square together.

Countless reporters in the square saw this and immediately lowered their heads to start writing.

This was Xu Yis first personal press conference in history, it was certainly a very historical event. During this event, the true veteran and major shareholder of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Heinz had also appeared which was very meaningful and worthy of being noted.

The appearance of Heinz had actually made these reporters more curious about this press conference.

If it was really just Xu Yis personal press conference, why did he have to invite Heinz

Everyone focused on Xu Yi who had sat down on the tall stage and waited for him to speak.

Xu Yi looked around and confirmed that his figure was being projected to the four large Magic Illusion Projectors on the sides of the square before revealing a faint smile. Then he waved his hand to use a sound amplifying spell.

“Hello everyone, I am Xu Yi. I welcome everyone to this press conference that Im holding in my name.”

Seeing Xu Yi pause deliberately, the reporters suddenly broke out in a thunderous applause.

Xu Yis heart filled with joy.

Although he had held the Frestech Chamber of Commerces product release press conferences before, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce never received this much attention and their influence was far below what it was now.

After the applause stopped, Xu Yi looked at the citizens that hadnt left the square and continued, “To be honest, I knew that people would care about todays press conference, but I never thought that it would receive this much attention. I just wanted to hold this press conference in my name to express a few of my views, as well as to chat with everyone.”

The reporters under the stage were shocked.


Even if Xu Yi just wanted to chat, with his status as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, just a few words would have a very large impact.

Especially in the magic machine industry domain. Any action from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would affect the development of the continents magic machine industry. Countless countries and people focused on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, observing their every move.

Xu Yi as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce chairman, if he said anything at all, it would be analyzed by the people of many different countries to see if there was any meaning behind these words.

So even if Xu Yi was just saying that he wanted to chat, in the eyes of others, they didnt think the same.

“But before expressing my views, I first want to reminisce a bit.” Xu Yi then said.

The reporters all revealed smiles as no one was surprised.

When Xu Yi announced that he would be holding a personal press conference, many newspapers had done their own analysis and they had quickly inferred certain things.

Why did Xu Yi choose today and why did he choose to hold this press conference in Banta City

The reason was very simple. It was because June 18th was the day the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was founded.

And Banta City was where the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was founded.

Xu Yi had invited Heinz who had lived in isolation for all these years out, it was clearly to commemorate this.

As expected, Xu Yi turned to Heinz and continued with a smile, “Twenty three years ago, Heinz and I founded the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in Banta City together and now twenty three years has passed. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce has already become a company of some fame on the continent, which I am very pleased by. I chose this day and chose to hold this press conference in Banta City just to take this chance to reminisce about these twenty three years.”

After saying this, Xu Yi revealed a smile like he was laughing at himself.

“Some people say that once humans start to reminisce, it means that they are old. Indeed, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has been founded for twenty three years and Im already close to fifty years old, so I am indeed old.”

The people under the stage looked at Xu Yi with strange looks.

Xu Yis hair was still dark black and there wasnt a single wrinkle on his face. His eyes were still bright, his skin was still glossy, and his lips were still full of energy. No matter how one looked at it, he seemed like a young man in his early thirties.

Compared to Heinz beside him with his silver hair and face covered in wrinkles, Xu Yi was so young that it didnt make sense.

If it wasnt for him mentioning it, no one would have thought that he was a middle aged man who was about to turn fifty.

Of course, this was all because Xu Yi had already broken through to become an Arch Magus.

It was said that when a magician becomes an Arch Magus, they will hold the truth of magic in this world and greatly increase their lifespan, even preserving their youth.

But when most magicians became Arch Magi, they were already in their fifties, sixties, or seventies, so they would look like an old person even after becoming an Arch Magus.

But Xu Yi was different. He had become a Great Magician when he was just thirty and became an Arch Magus when he was forty. Adding in the fact that he had maintained his body, he had always had this youthful appearance.

It was even said that Xu Yi had good relations with the elves, so he received special blessings from the elves. It was even said that he had received a part of the elves secret to longevity and could live even longer than normal Arch Magus, as well as remain youthful even longer.

This was something that was confirmed by how youthful and beautiful Xu Yis wifes were still.

If it wasnt for these special conditions, Xu Yi would have appeared much older even if he didnt look like a fifty year old middle aged man, he wouldnt be this excessively young looking.

Of course, this wasnt something that people could envy.

Not mentioning anything else, just becoming an Arch Magus was something that only twenty two other people on the continent had done.

“Although Im already old, my heart will not become old.” Xu Yi ignored the strange expressions under the stage and continued with a smile, “For a person, twenty three years is a long time, its a third of an entire life. But for a company, this is only just the beginning. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce is only twenty three years old, but in my eyes, it is only just beginning and it will have a long life. Perhaps a hundred years, perhaps several hundred years, or perhaps……a thousand years.”

The reporters under the stage all looked at each other with a bit of hesitation, but they still recorded Xu Yis words.

With the Frestech Chamber of Commerces current condition, most people wouldnt complain that it was the number one company on the continent.

But the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a very young company. It was like Xu Yi had said, twenty three years was just a beginning for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerces development had been very good, no one could guarantee that it could develop in such a stable manner in the future.

For it to last a hundred years, several hundred years, or even a thousand years like Xu Yi said, it was still unknown.

There were many factors that affected the Frestech Chamber of Commerces development, but the most important one to most people was whether Xu Yi will truly age and one day die of old age.

When Xu Yi wasnt here, would the Frestech Chamber of Commerce still be able to develop on the most correct path and steadily develop like the past twenty three years

Seeing Xu Yi getting a bit emotional talking about the Frestech Chamber of Commerces development and hearing him talk about the difficulties that Frestech Chamber of Commerce faced over the years, the reporters under the stage had many different thoughts.

Most reporters werent interested in the twenty three years of history for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce because countless people had already studied this, so there werent any secrets left.

There were even some people who had published books analyzing this before.

The conclusion drawn was that for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to develop to this extent, it was mainly because of Xu Yi.

If it wasnt for Xu Yi having knowledge that no one could match, leading the Frestech Chamber of Commerces development, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce definitely wouldnt have reached this level.

Therefore, what most people cared about the most was still Xu Yi.

Xu Yi had just talked about how he was already old, then did he consider what to do with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce after he really had become old-

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