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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 115

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Fluorescent Grass Powder

“Du——Du, du——”

Hearing the sound of knocking, Akalis round face popped out from behind the door.

Seeing Xu Yi standing behind the door, Akali revealed an unnatural expression. She paused for a bit before saying with a smile, “Sir chairman, youre back.”

“Un.” Xu Yi nodded before looking around the room, “How is it Is Vivian good”

“The first question back is about Vivian……” Akali muttered before moving aside, “Go in, Vivian is upstairs. She should still be awake, Ill go call her.”

Seeing Akali turn to run upstairs, Xu Yi couldnt help looking behind him, but he didnt see a trace of Agnes.

It seemed like this female elf should have used her Shadow Stealth Spell to hide herself again.

Thinking about how she kept following him on the way back, Xu Yi couldnt help rubbing his head in pain.

Elves were stubborn by nature and this Agnes was especially stubborn.

No matter what Xu Yi said, she wouldnt leave Xu Yis side. It was like once she left, Xu Yi would disappear without a trace.

Xu Yi couldnt speak sense to her, couldnt threaten her, and couldnt even shake her, so he could only helplessly accept this fact in the end.

It was a good thing Agnes didnt like showing herself in front of others. She could always use the Shadow Stealth Spell to hide herself, so she didnt affect Xu Yi too much.

Shaking his head as he came in, Xu Yi found that the living room was actually tidy. It was not like the mess he had seen before whenever he came to visit.

Seeing Akali run downstairs again, Xu Yi couldnt help asking in a curious voice, “Hey, Akali, youve changed your personality You actually learned to clean the room”

Akali looked at Xu Yi with an aggrieved look and gave a soft snort, “Isnt it because sir chairman always says that I dont clean my room.”

“It seems like my words were effective, that is a good thing.” Xu Yi laughed before feeling that something wasnt right. He thought about it before looking up and finding that there was actually a light yellow, transparent cylinder hanging on the roof of the living room.

This transparent cylinder seemed to have something inside that was letting out an intense light, but after being filtered by the cylinder, it became a warm yellow light.

Xu Yi felt this wasnt right because he suddenly remembered that it was dark outside. However the room was very bright, just like daytime.

If it was illuminated with candles, it definitely couldnt achieve this kind of effect.

Looking at the light yellow cylinder, Xu Yi couldnt help calling out in pleasant surprise, “Hey! You actually already succeeded with this research!”

Akalis face filled with a smile as she said, “Yes, sir chairman, this is the Magic Lamp that we researched. What do you think”

Xu Yi raised his hand, but he found that this Magic Lamp was hung high up and he couldnt reach it at all.

When he wanted to find something to stand on to have a better look at the Magic Lamp, there was a soft laugh from the staircase before Evitas voice rang out.

“Chairman, if you want to take a look at the Magic Lamp, how about looking at the one in my hand”

Xu Yi turned around and his eyes instantly lit up.

On the staircase, Evita was walking down.

Perhaps it was because it was late, but she was wearing a set of loose fitting sleep clothes right now. Although it tightly covered her up, it gave a lazy feeling to her that gave her a different kind of feeling and taste.

What attracted Xu Yis eyes even more was the glowing thing that was held in Evitas hands.

This thing had a round wooden base and there was a transparent light purple glass cover on top of that.

The thing inside the glass wasnt releasing a strong light and because it was covered by the glass, it was only letting out a dim light purple glow. Evita that was holding it was covered by it and it added a mysterious aura to Evita.

Xu Yi looked for a while and his heart filled with pleasant surprise, “Evita, you actually solved the problem of the Magic Arrays intensity”

Evita revealed a faint smile and didnt respond to Xu Yis question. Rather she moved aside and revealed Vivian hiding behind her.

Seeing Vivians shy expression revealed by the light purple glow, Xu Yi couldnt help being stunned.

“Vivian, what are you hiding behind Evita for What Could it be that in just ten days, you dont recognize me anymore”

Vivian quickly shook her head. She looked at Evita and seeing Evita give her a nod with a look of encouragement, she hesitated a bit before moving down the staircase and slowly moving to Xu Yis side.

Before she reached Xu Yis side, her expression became more nervous. When she reached Xu Yis side, she suddenly gave a sigh of relief and her expression relaxed all of a sudden.

Xu Yi looked at her with a somewhat bewildered look before he couldnt help reaching out to touch her head.

“You dont have a fever…...I say, Vivian, what is with you”

Vivians face was already a bit red since she had just come out of the bath, but it became even redder as she forcefully shook her head.

“A little girls thoughts really arent easy to guess.” Xu Yi could only mutter in his heart before turning to wave his hand at Akali and Evita, “Come, Evita, let me see the Magic Lamp in your hand. Akali, take out the research youve done in the past few days, I want to see how much progress youve made.”

Evita brought the crystal lamp over and Xu Yi had her take it apart without any hesitation. As expected, there was a familiar looking Magic Array at the base of the Magic Lamp.

But looking at it more closely, he found that whether it was the Magic Array on the foundation of the Magic Lamp he had bought or the one that Evita had drawn before, it had changed quite a bit. It was clear that Evitas group had made quite a few improvements to this Magic Array.

Xu Yi looked at it for a while and found that the difference with this Magic Array was that on this Magic Array, there was some kind of weed that was densely packed on it. Xu Yi carefully looked it over for a bit before recognizing that although this weed had changed colours, it was still the Fluorescent Grass.

Xu Yi thought about it and softly pressed on the Fluorescent Grass. He found that after her pressed down on it, there were several cracks that formed on the fine Fluorescent Grass.

Evita saw Xu Yis actions and it was too late to call out to stop him. She saw Xu Yi break several pieces of Fluorescent Grass and instantly revealed a bitter smile.

“Chairman, have you found the problem”

Xu Yi looked up at her and gave a slight nod, “This is a very normal problem, it isnt hard to find. Have you not found a solution yet”

Evita helplessly shook her head, “Although the Fluorescent Grass can perfectly release light, it is still grass in the end and is very weak. No matter what methods weve thought of, it is very hard to guarantee it isnt destroyed. So look at this, whether it is the Magic Lamp hanging on the ceiling or the Magic Lamp in my hand, they are all wrapped up in glass to make sure the Fluorescent Grass isnt damaged.”

Xu Yi nodded, “This idea isnt bad. The problem is too limited and we dont have a way to pull the air out of the glass or insert some inert gas to stop the material from oxidizing. But this method cant be used for long.”

Evita looked at Xu Yi in a daze. She didnt understand what Xu Yi meant by pulling out the air or inserting noble gas at all, but she knew that Xu Yi wouldnt thoughtlessly say these things. So she didnt give her opinion and silently waited for Xu Yi to continue while noting these down.

Akali had brought over their research results from the past few days and Xu Yi honestly looked them over after taking them.

These papers were thick and Xu Yi seriously looked over them, so he spent a while reading them all.

After he finished, Xu Yi closed his eyes to think about something before saying to the two of them, “Ive found that the two of you have neglected a very important problem.”

Evita and Akali were stunned at the same time, “What problem”

Xu Yi stood up to walk over to the table and touched the Magic Lamp Evita had put away earlier, taking out the Fluorescent Grass inside the Magic Lamp. He had Akali bring a small bowl and then put the broken pieces of Fluorescent Grass inside, using a soup ladle to crush them.

Seeing Xu Yis actions, Akali asked in shock, “Sir chairman, it cant be that you think that Fluorescent Grass Powder can also absorb the lightning of the Magic Array to release light, right”

“Why not” Xu Yi asked back. He pointed at the material to the side, “Havent you noticed that in the description of the Fluorescent Grass, even after the Fluorescent Grass withers, it can absorb lightning and release light”

“Thats right, so we used Fluorescent Grass for this experiment. If we wanted live Fluorescent Grass, we wouldnt even have been able to develop these two Magic Lamps. But sir chairman, how is this related to your ideas Withered Fluorescent Grass is still Fluorescent Grass, but isnt crushing it into powder a completely different story” Akali still asked in a confused voice.

Evita also had a look of doubt, as she thought that Xu Yi was sometimes whimsical.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Since wither Fluorescent Grass also has the ability to store lightning and release light, it means that it is unrelated to the life force of the Fluorescent Grass and its the specialty of the material that determines this quality. Since its like this, there shouldnt be much difference between complete Fluorescent Grass and powdered Fluorescent Grass. Since its possible in theory, why wouldnt we give it a try The so called experimenting is just trying to find the one success in ten thousand failures.”

Evita and Akali couldnt help nodding thoughtfully when they heard this.

Xu Yi had completely grounded the Fluorescent Grass. He took the Flashing Thunder Array that Evita had prepared from the table and carefully scattered the Fluorescent Grass Powder according to the path Evita and Akali had found.

When everything was prepared, Xu Yi looked at the nervous Akali and Evita and revealed a smile. He reached out a finger and sent out a trace of magic.

With a flash of light, the Flashing Thunder Array activated.

After a while, a weak glow came from the Fluorescent Grass Powder on the Magic Array before it gradually became stronger. It lit up all the dark places on the table and also lit up the three faces with pleasantly surprised smiles around the table.-

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