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Book 7: Chapter 145: Just what is magic

“Everyone please watch.”

Xu Yi turned his hand and a small fireball appeared in his palm.

The seven Arch Magi looked at the fireball in Xu Yis hands with confused looks.

“Chairman Xu, is there something special about this fireball” A Candra Empire Arch Magus asked.

“No, theres nothing special about it, its just a normal fireball.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Now, can the seven of you also release a fireball as well”

The seven Arch Magi looked at each other, but they still released a fireball each.

For the eight Arch Magi including Xu Yi, this lowest grade Fire Spell wasnt hard at all. Each person could be said to have a high grasp of this fireball spell.

However, when the eight fireball spells came together, it was quite clear that there were differences between them.

For example, the fireballs of the Marlow Empires four Arch Magi were around the size of a human head. The fireballs in the hands of the three Candra Empire Arch Magi were much more round, just being a bit bigger than the size of a human fist.

As for Xu Yis own fireball, it was right in the center. It wasnt as big as a head, but it wasnt as small as a fist.

Putting the size difference aside, each Arch Magis fireball had a different glow to them. Some were very bright, some were dark, some were a shocking red, and some even had a trace of purple among the dark red flames.

“Everyone, this is just the most simple fireball, but each person has a different fireball. Do you still think that the traditional view of magic of the Sines Continent is correct” Xu Yi pointed at the fireballs in everyones hand and asked without any courtesy.

“This isnt anything, right” A Marlow Empire Arch Magus knitted his brows to say, “Each magician has a different understanding of magic, so its normal for the spells they use to be different.”

“But wouldnt this affect the effects of the spell” Xu Yi asked back. He pointed at the fireball in the hand of this Marlow Empire Arch Magus, “Look, the fireball in your hand is the brightest and has the deepest colour, so it should be focused on explosive might, right”

The Arch Magus gave a slight nod, “That can be easily seen.”

“Then do you know how you did this” Xu Yi asked.

“How it was done” The Arch Magus looked at Xu Yi and felt that Xu Yis question was a bit unreasonable, “I transferred my magic power and summoned the Fire Elemental Magic Energy, so it naturally became like this. As for why…..this is my understanding of the fireball spell, so is there something wrong”

“Of course, its wrong.” Xu Yi was strangely certain as he said, “You only understand gathering elemental magic energy to form the fireball, but you dont know how its done. Dont you find this strange”

The seven Arch Magi looked at each other in blank dismay.

What was strange about this

Didnt the magicians of the Sines Continent all learn magic like this

“Im not the same.” Xu Yi shook his head, “I have a habit which is whenever Im studying anything, I have to understand everything about it before Im satisfied. Just like with this fireball spell, although it was very easy to learn how to gather elemental magic energy to use this spell at first, I wasnt satisfied. That is because I dont know why it was like this. Why was the elemental magic energy affected by my magic power and then gathered together Why did the elemental magic energy in the space around me without any special form become a fireball when it was gathered by me Why did this fireball become like this Why……”

Xu Yi gave a series of why questions that stunned the surrounding seven Arch Magi.

It was just a fireball, but Xu Yi had thought of so many issues which really was astounding.

Of course, it was because he had this serious attitude that he was able to become an Arch Magi in his early forties.

“In the first few years, I didnt have a way to clarify these issues, but after founding the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, our company started gathering magicians of different grades from different places. Then after many years of research, I finally had some slight understanding of what the so-called magic truly is.”

“What is it” A Candra Empire Arch Magus couldnt help asking.

“Look carefully.”

Xu Yi hinted at everyone to look at the fireball in his hand and then with a thought, he started using his magic power to cause this fireball that was between the size of a head and a fist to suddenly start swelling. It suddenly became as big as the fireball in the hands of the four Marlow Empire Arch Magi.

The expressions of the other seven Arch Magi didnt change.

Although strengthening the spell and increasing the size after the spell was formed was a bit hard, it wasnt much for an Arch Magus.

As soon as they had this thought, the fireball in Xu Yis hand suddenly shrank, becoming very small. It was even smaller than a persons fist and became as small as the tip of a finger.

The seven Arch Magi couldnt help revealing surprised expressions at this.

It wasnt that hard to make a normal fireball bigger, but to make it smaller wasnt that easy.

To make a spell that had already been formed smaller, there were two methods.

One was to compress the elemental magic energy that this spell was formed from to reduce the size of this spell.

This was very hard for normal magicians, but it wasnt that big of a problem for Arch Magi.

But after compressing this spell, because there was too much elemental magic energy gathered together, it would be very unstable and would be hard to control.

Moreover, the appearance of the spell would definitely change because of this.

But they could clearly see that other than becoming smaller, the fireball in Xu Yis hands had the same colour as before. It just seemed like it had become smaller and there werent any other changes.

Although this meant that the fireball in Xu Yis hand had become smaller, the density of the elemental magic energy didnt greatly increase. It was as if the outer layer of the fireball had been cut off and evaporated in the air.

To do this, it required very precise control to scatter the condensed elemental magic energy of the spell. At the same time, one had to focus to guarantee that the elemental magic energy in the center didnt disperse.

This was without a doubt a very hard thing to do and even an Arch Magus wouldnt be able to easily achieve this without practicing for a long time.

“This, Xu Yi, isnt this meaningless” The other seven Arch Magi looked at Xu Yi with faces covered in doubt.

Very soon, Xu Yis following actions had changed the doubt on their face to stunned looks.

The small fireball in Xu Yis hand that was only the size of a thumb maintained this form for around five seconds before slowly becoming bigger and bigger at a rate visible to the naked eye, like it was being blown up like a balloon.

When this fireball became three times as large as a normal persons head, everyone felt the magic fluctuations released by Xu Yi change. This super large fireball suddenly disappeared without a trace and turned into a giant ball of water.

The seven Arch Magi stared at this giant ball of water in shock, not daring to believe their eyes.

The fireball had turned into a ball of water. In theory, it could be done by dissipating the fireball and then instantly creating a ball of water.

But the seven of them had been watching Xu Yi the entire time and they never saw him undergo this process. Rather the fireball had directly changed into a ball of water, like the Fire Elemental Magic Energy had suddenly turned into Water Elemental Magic Energy.

How had he done this

Without waiting for them to ask questions, Xu Yis magic fluctuations changed again. The ball of water disappeared and was replaced with a tornado that quickly spun in Xu Yis hand.

The seven Arch Magi were stunned once again as the tornado was replaced by a giant sphere shaped stone.

For the next period of time, Xu Yi kept alternating between the four basic elements in his palm. The shape kept changing, sometimes being a sphere and sometimes being a cube……

The seven Arch Magi were dazzled by this and after a while, a Marlow Empire Arch Magus raised his hand.

“Stop! Chairman Xu, just how are you doing this”

The other six Arch Magi looked at Xu Yi with questioning gazes.

They didnt believe that Xu Yi was bored enough to just show this spell to them since Xu Yi was still an Arch Magus, so how could he play this kind of trick like a child.

Xu Yi revealed a smile before bringing his hand down, causing that spell to disappear.

“I just wanted to tell you that the so-called magic is just using magic to make elemental magic energy take a form. But theres no actual set form for the spell and the four elemental magic energy method doesnt have any meaning. Magic elemental energy itself doesnt have an attribute, nor does the magic power. The reason why it takes different forms is because the grains of the elemental magic energy is being influenced by different frequencies to take different forms.”

The other seven Arch Magi looked at Xu Yi in a daze.

This fellow was saying something that they couldnt understand again.

Xu Yi didnt wait for them to respond and continued, “In short, the so-called magicians are just using mental force to affect the elemental magic energy grains through vibrations with their magic power. Actually, as long as you can find the appropriate method, even if you arent a magician, you can still control elemental magic energy into forming spells. The Magic Array is a clear example of this.”

Speaking of the Magic Arrays, the seven Arch Magi came back to their senses.

“Chairman Xu, your Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines and your military magic machines, dont they depend on the Magic Arrays”

“Thats right.” Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “But our Frestech Chamber of Commerces research into Magic Arrays is different from other magicians of the past. For us, Magic Arrays are tools used to control elemental magic energy and to create spells. The theory isnt that different from most of the spells developed by magicians, but in reality, our companys Magic Arrays are more refined, more thorough, more…..scientific.”-

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