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Magic Industry Empire Book 7: Chapter 139: Final battle (2)

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Book 7: Chapter 139: Final battle (2)

The Rudson Kingdoms northern army commander and kingdom general Count Darcy turned his head to look at the dense Candra Empire and Marlow Empire army that had surrounded them, as a trace of worry appeared in his heart.

He didnt fully approve the battle plan that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi had personally proposed because there was no need at all.

With the powerful might of the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces, they could steadily fight each battle and advance step by step. Unless there was a big surprise, the Candra Empire wouldnt have been able to resist them.

But according to Xu Yis plan, they would fall into the encirclement of the two empires armies, leaving them no place to escape.

Even if Count Darcy was confident in their battle power, being surrounded by troops that were countless times greater couldnt help but make him nervous.

“Chief Hart, are the Magic Airships prepared” Count Darcy couldnt help asking Chief Hart beside him.

The Magic Airships squad could be considered the final trump card of the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces.

With them, the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces could suppress the enemys magicians and the two empires could only fight with traditional methods.

But with traditional methods, the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces with their powerful military magic machines and the powerful Magic Tanks would have the absolute advantage in battle.

Even if there was a large difference in troop count, Count Darcy was still confident.

“Its already been prepared.” Chief Harts reply made Count Darcy assured, but then he added a few more words that made him feel anxious again, “But in this battle, we cant count on the Magic Airships too much.”

“Why” Count Darcy asked him in an anxious voice.

“Because the two empires are both here.” Chief Hart pointed at the Candra Empire army in front and then the Marlow Empire army behind them, “The two empires have clearly placed great importance on this battle, so Im certain that they would send out all their magicians. I dont know about others, but there must be at least seven or eight Arch Magi. With the current abilities of the Magic Airships, we can only barely deal with these Arch Magi and cant provide too much support.”

“Its like this……” Hearing this answer, Count Darcy felt assured again, “Its good enough to suppress the enemys Arch Magi. The other magicians shouldnt pose too much threat to us. Chief Hart, how should we coordinate once the battle begins”

In the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces, the Rudson Kingdom army only had less than fifty thousand troops and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, putting aside the ones in the Magic Airships only had around nine thousand troops.

But in the battle, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had always been the one in the lead. The Rudson Kingdom armys fifty thousand troops had only coordinated with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards.”

“Theres nothing special, well just do it like normal.” Chief Hart shook his head like he didnt care at all.

“Like normal” Count Darcy looked at the dense armies of the two empires around them that he couldnt see the end of and he thought that it would be good if it was this relaxed.

This battle was without a doubt a showdown with the two empires, so the battle power of these two armies would be much stronger than the Candra Empire armies they had faced before. If they werent careful, they might just fall into a trap.


Count Darcy picked up a telescope to observe the armies of the two empires and he relaxed again.

Estimating from a distance, although there were many soldiers in the army of the two empires, most of them were armed with traditional swords and were riding traditional warhorses.

Although there were a few Magic Cannons and other military magic machines, there were only very few of them and they werent common.

Moreover, when they had been fighting before, the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces had already experienced the might of the “Candra Empires independently developed” Magic Cannons. Un…..they really werent much.

In the previous battles, the Candra Empire had brought out a shocking amount of their independently developed Magic Cannons. They took out a hundred or several hundred at once, but the might of these Magic Cannons were far from being able to compare to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces and their stability was even worse.

The Candra Empire army could release a powerful firepower in the beginning of the battle, fighting against the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces, but it wouldnt take long for that firepower to drop.

Based on the confession they got out of a Candra Empire captured soldier, they knew that the Candra Empires independently developed Magic Cannons couldnt fire too many rounds or there would be many problems.

Some of the support stands would break and they wouldnt be able to fire. There were even cases where the cannon muzzle melted.

Even if some could maintain themselves for some time, the cannon muzzle would still overheat with repeated fire and couldnt keep firing, which greatly reduced the frequency of their attacks.

Compared to the Frestech Brand Magic Cannon that could even fire ten rounds in a minute without having its stability and accuracy affected, the Candra Empires independently developed Magic Cannons didnt have a way to greatly boost their battle power on the battlefield. It might even implicate them because they could break.

So putting aside the military magic machines the two empires bought from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce before, the army of the two empires facing the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces was only a traditional army of the Sines Continent.

Thinking of this, Count Darcys heart quickly filled with confidence again.

It was like chairman Xu had said, in front of the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces armed with military magic machines, traditional armies were like kids without any weapons. There was no need to care about them at all.

“Chief Hart, we can definitely send out a team of Magic Cannons to initiate the attack and disrupt the enemys lines. It will build the foundation for our future attacks.” Count Darcy suggested to Chief Hart.

“Its a good suggestion.” Chief Hart gave a nod. When he was about to discuss this with Count Darcy, they heard the sound of hoofbeats all around them.

Looking up in a surprised manner, they found that the armies of the two empires had actually started to attack all around them.

“Hei, theyre charging with heavy cavalry, it really is quite terrifying. But as for the results……” Chief Hart gave a laugh before taking out a Magic Communicator from his chest and loudly ordering, “Brothers, prepare to meet them head on!”

The loudest hoofbeats and the ones that approached the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces came from the northwest.

The one in charge of the Candra Empire royal guards first cavalry division, which was the most elite heavy cavalry in the entire Candra Empire, Baron Ramos stared right at the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces in front of him through the slits of his helmet with eyes that were filled with hatred.

Two months ago, his younger brother had died in a battle with the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces.

Since that day, he already regarded these fellows who dared to invade the Candra Empire as the greatest enemy.

But before this, the Candra Empire had suffered disastrous losses whenever they faced the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces, so the anger in Baron Ramos heart could never be vented.

But today, the two empires were working together and the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces were surrounded like this, so Baron Ramos will to fight surged in his heart.

He would definitely massacre these intruders without leaving a single one alive!

Only then could his little brother in heaven rest at ease!

“Brothers! Kill!!!”

Although there were still three kilometers between them and the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces, Baron Ramos couldnt take the rage in his heart and roared out.


The first cavalry divisions five thousand elite heavy cavalry angrily roared out into the sky, spreading across the battlefield.


These were from the heavy cavalry that had charged from different positions at the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces responding to the first cavalry division, also letting out this shocking roar of rage.

With the hoofbeats all around, it truly was terrifying.

Facing the most elite heavy cavalry of the two empires, if it was any army in the past, they would have panicked. However, when this scene that most people would be so shocked by that they couldnt say a word, when Chief Hart saw this, he just raised a brow before calmly giving his order.

“Magic Cannon squad, give these fellows who dont know life and death something to look at first.”

As soon as his voice fell, countless lights sprayed out of the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces formation like a foundation, flying out in all directions.

When Baron Ramos leading the charge saw the beautiful lights that contained a terrifying might arrive in front of him, he took a deep breath and loudly shouted.

“For the glory of the empire!”

“For the glory of the empire!”

The five thousand elite heavy cavalry of the first cavalry division roared out at the same time.

The warhorses in that heavy army running across the Tara Plains, each step was like a drum that was beating.

Five thousand warhorses charging together was like five thousand war drums.

Their war cry filled the sky.

However, at that time, countless lights fell down on them and landed among the charging heavy cavalry.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong!”

There was a series of explosions that rang out. The grass that had turned a bit yellow on the Tara Plains because of the autumn weather was sent flying into the sky along with the dirt by the explosions.

With the dirt and grass that flew up, there were also countless elite knits and the horses that they sat upon.

The roar that had reached the heavens stopped and the first cavalry division that had been in perfect formation was now in a mess.-

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