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Magic Industry Empire Book 7: Chapter 138: Final battle (1)

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Book 7: Chapter 138: Final battle (1)

The chief of the Candra Empire armys staff officer departments chief Boroger put down the telescope in his hand as a bit of doubt appeared in his eyes.

“Strange, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has so many Magic Airships, they should have detected this large army waiting for them here. Why did they come and let us surround them like this”

One of the Candra Empires generals, General Soros gave a cold snort, “What is there to be surprised about I think that these fellows have won too many times and think that we are easy to bully, so theyre looking down on the enemy. Then again, this was in our strategy, so it isnt strange that they were caught.”

“Of course, theres also another explanation. They knew that this was a trap and knew that we had an army here, but they thought that they could easily defeat us and deliberately entered the encirclement.” Another Candra Empire general on the side, General Talenmill said in a deep voice.

“Pei! We even have reinforcements from the Marlow Empire, thats four hundred and fifty thousand troops! Those fellows from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Rudson Kingdom added up are less than fifty thousand, how do they think they can win Look, they have been completely surrounded by us, I dont believe that they can fly into the sky!” General Soros gave a cold snort before saying this in a disdainful voice.

“Hei, they have so many Magic Airships, if they have enough time, they really could fly into the sky.” Another general on the side made a joke as if he was trying to ease the tension between the two generals.

However, when this was said, everyones expression changed.

Especially General Soros who revealed a very ugly expression.

Although this general didnt have any intentions when he said this, this was a hard fact.

Thats right, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had many Magic Airships and each Magic Airship could load several hundred people.

If they had enough time, it wasnt impossible for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could use those Magic Airships to airlift the encircled Rudson Kingdom and Frestech Chamber of Commerce armies.

The Candra Empire really wouldnt be able to do anything.

In the battles before, it proved that even an Arch Magus couldnt really pose a threat to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airships. They could even be severely wounded or even killed by the attack of the Magic Airship squad.

“All of you, stop wasting words.” Marshal Sudman who had been observing the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces put down his telescope and said in a heavy voice, “Whether this was intentional or not, this is a battle that we must fight. No matter what, the enemy has been encircled by us, which does give us a certain advantage.”

Everyone fell silent before giving nods.

For them, this was indeed a clear advantage.

The Rudson Kingdom and Frestech Chamber of Commerce allied army had fierce firepower, but they had few people. Being encircled by the Candra Empire and Marlow Empire allied armies, they would have to face elite troops no matter which direction they wanted to break out from.

The two empires could launch attacks from all around, so with their absolute advantage in terms of troops, they would definitely make the other side run all around.

If they could even make the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces show weakness during their strong offensive, once the elites of the two empires reached their camp, they would enter close range combat. They wouldnt be able to display the long range and large area powerful attacks of the military magic machines, so they would at least be at the same starting line.

When it came to close range combat, the elites of the two empires would rely on their advantage in troop numbers to crush the less than fifty thousand Rudson Frestech Allied Forces.

“Everyone, I believe that I dont need to say much, you should all be aware of how important this battle is for our Candra Empire.” Marshal Sudman looked at the generals in front of him with serious expressions, “If we lose this battle, perhaps our Candra Empire might no longer exist. So no matter what, I hope that everyone will abandon all distractions and focus only on winning this battle.”

All the generals agreed to this order.

The Lord Marshal was right.

This battle had the plan that the Candra Empire had spent all that effort in coming up with. Now that the Marlow Empire reinforcements had finally arrived and they had found the ideal place to attack the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces, everything seemed perfect.

If they still lost like this, it meant that the Candra Empire wouldnt have the power to resist the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces at all.

Not to mention Wimbledon City that wasnt that far away behind them, even the entire Candra Empire could only surrender under the oppression of the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces…..No, it should be under the firepower.

“Contact the Marlow Empire side and tell them that if nothing unexpected happens, attack as per the plan.” Marshal Sudman gave an order to the officer on the side before raising the telescope again to look at the surrounded Rudson Frestech Allied Forces.

Seeing the fierce looking tanks of among the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces lines, Marshal Sudman deeply knitted his brows.

Until now, he still couldnt think of a way to deal with the Magic Tanks.

Although they had proven that digging holes would deter those Magic Tanks to certain degree in previous battles, their main goal this time was to eliminate the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces.

If those Magic Tanks didnt advance and went backwards to break the blockade, then neither the Candra Empire or the Marlow Empire armies could stop them.

Their only hope was to move the magicians squad or directly have the Arch Magi take action.

But if they moved the Arch Magi, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had a special and terrifying way to deal with them that even Arch Magi couldnt escape from.

Thinking of the Arch Magi that had fallen from the two empires in this war, Marshal Sudmans heart was filled with annoyance.

The two empires could act how they wanted before other than their powerful national strength, it was because they had nine Arch Magi each as trump cards.

With them, the two empires had never feared that they would be invaded by enemies.

However, now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had killed more than one Arch Magus in battle, they caused the Arch Magi to no longer be the protective gods of the two empires, but rather something weak on the battlefield.

If they didnt send the Arch Magi, it would be very hard to deal with the powerful military magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If they did send them, it would be hard to accept the loss of even a single Arch Magus.

Feeling helpless, although the Candra Empire army was still able to invite the Arch Magi out to battle, whether it was the Candra Empire army headquarters or the Arch Magi, they werent willing to directly clash with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Rather their main duty was now to help the Candra Empire army withstand the powerful firepower of the enemy.

For example, this time the Candra Empire and Marlow Empires plan was just to rely on the powerful magicians to protect their troops. They wanted to help their troops charge the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces, reducing the casualties from the enemy attacks as much as possible.

Moreover, compared to when the Candra Empire had nine Arch Magi in the beginning of the war, because two had fallen, Arch Magus Laduca and Arch Magus Ofalian refusing to join the battle, and two other Arch Magi locking themselves up, the Candra Empire army headquarters were only able to invite three Arch Magi. So they couldnt rely on them to launch a fierce attack like before.

Turning to look at the Magic Array that had been laid down by the magicians squad under the leadership of the three Arch Magi, Marshal Sudman let out a soft sigh. He ignored the generals arguing around him and turned to look at the Marlow Empire army in the distance that also surrounded the enemy on the other side.

The Marlow Empire had given up the grudge between the two empires, sending out two hundred and fifty thousand troops. They certainly must perceive the danger that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce posed to them……


Among the Marlow Empire formation, the Marlow Empires Marshal Senri also had a serious expression.

His eyes swept over the uncertain expressions of his subordinates and he said in a heavy voice, “I know that many of you are puzzled as to why we are here supporting the Candra Empire, but I dont need you to understand what were doing this right now. Rather I request that as the most elite generals of the Marlow Empire, since you are here, you will fight with all your might and achieve certain victory! Do you understand”

“Understood!” The Marlow Empire military officers slapped their chests and roared out.

“Very good.” Marshal Senri gave a strong nod before looking at the encircled Rudson Frestech Allied Forces in the distance, feeling a bit of anxiety. Then his eyes went past the Rudson Frestech Allied Forces to look at the Candra Empire army. He thought that if it wasnt for the higher ups understanding that this was the only chance to defeat the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Marlow Empire would have never entered the Candra Empires central province and they never would have worked with the Marlow Empires sworn enemy to face a common enemy.

Yes, this was very likely the two empires only chance to defeat the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the army they supported.

If the two empires with their four hundred and fifty thousand elite soldiers still couldnt defeat the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Rudson Kingdom allied army, then the two empires wouldnt be qualified to contend with the other side anymore.

There was no need to mention the Candra Empire. Once the Frestech Chamber of Commerce took care of the Candra Empire, their goal would change to the Marlow Empire and the Marlow Empires fate would be uncertain.

This fight wouldnt just decide the life and death of the Candra Empire, it even decided the future fate of the Marlow Empire.

The Marlow Empires higher ups had decided to accept the Candra Empires request this time, sending reinforcements all for the chance of obtaining victory.

If they succeeded, everything would be good.

If they failed, then there was nothing to say.

So it wasnt an exaggeration to say that this battle was a final battle for the two empires.-

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