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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 - Chapter 111

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Volume 7 – Chapter 111

Crushing traditions

“Count Denpusy, I am very happy that you are a smart person.”

Chief Harts tall figure stood in front of Count Denpusy who wasnt even one meter and seventy centimeters. It was like a mountain in front of him which placed pressure on him.

“Because of your wise decision, the citizens of Mero City dont need to suffer from the flames of war. They should thank you, the City Lord, for your wise decision. I also represent sir chairman to express admiration for your correct judgement. Before setting off, sir chairman kept stressing that we should reduce the casualties as much as possible, especially civilian casualties. Now that youve chosen to open the city and surrender, it is very satisfying for us.”

Count Denpusy didnt show any expression, but he was secretly gritting his teeth. Looking at this chief Hart, he wanted to bite this fellow to death.

If it was possible, who would want to open the city gates!

However, as soon as these Frestech Chamber of Commerce fellows appeared, no one expected that with a single explosion, they would cause the wall by Mero Citys west gate to collapse!

Gods, Mero City was the most important city on the southwest border and the city walls had received special allocation from the Candra Empire army headquarters, along with the Denpusy Familys several hundred years of careful planning. It was already thirteen meters tall and close to ten meters thick, with even the thinnest parts being at least five meters thick.

Because of this city wall, Mero City was even famous for being one of the top ten hardest cities to attack and capture on the Sines Continent.

But this wall that all enemies were helpless against, with a single attack from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had collapsed without even lasting a single moment!

With the collapse of the city wall, the confidence of Count Denpusy and the guards in Mero City also collapsed.

Even this exaggerated city wall couldnt stop the Magic Cannons of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, so what could Mero City use to defend against an even stronger attack from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce

So Count Denpusy only spent less than two minutes thinking before deciding to open the city gates.

Of course, now that Mero Citys western wall had been blown up by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, even if they didnt open the city gates, would there be any meaning

As for what chief Hart had said, surrendering this easily would save the people of Mero City from being baptized by the sea of flames from the artillery, although Count Denpusy had considered this, the main reason he had surrendered this easily was because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had attacked with a terrifying power that even surpassed Count Denpusys imaginations.

Even if the army headquarters investigated this, when they saw the collapsed city wall, they wouldnt be able to pick out any faults.

“Alright, Count Denpusy, you can just remove all the guards from the city. Then you can do what you want, you dont need to care about us.” Chief Hart suddenly waved his hand.

Count Denpusy was stunned.

What was this “do what you want” Wasnt the current situation Mero City being captured by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards and them occupying the city

Why was it that based on chief Harts words, they werent planning on doing anything and Mero City could still remain the same as before

“Well take care of Mero Citys defenses, but as for the others…..were not interested.” Chief Hart could see Count Denpusys doubts and explained, “We are only seizing Mero City, this is the only task sir chairman gave us. As for the others, well consider it later.”

Count Denpusy thought about it and felt that it was reasonable.

After all, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards were only in charge of military action. As for how Mero City would be arranged after it was seized, it would depend on the other departments of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. These soldiers wouldnt care about this.


“Could it be that you really think you can hold our Mero City” Count Denpusy gave a cold laugh. He looked at chief Hart with a look of contempt, “I admit that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards is very strong, but if your chairman Xu thinks that you can occupy our Mero City with just a few thousand people, he really is naive!”

“Is that so” Chief Hart looked at Count Denpusy and laughed several times. Then he waved his hand and several Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards took Count Denpusy away.

“Chief, I feel that to be safe, we should take care of this fellow. Im worried that he will stir up resistance in the city in secret which will cause trouble for us.” The vice leader of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces human guards Noons came over and said in this in a small voice.

“No.” Chief Hart shook his head, “Based on the report, Mero City is the Denpusy Familys territory and the Denpusy Familys influence is deep rooted here. We can cause people to feel scruples by detaining him, but if we really kill him, that would cause a lot of trouble instead.”

Noons thought about it and felt that this was right. Then he said, “Then at least we should think of a way to control him”

“Of course, those elf fellows have already prepared for those and can guarantee that he wont be able to do anything.”

“Mind control” Noons immediately revealed a smile.

Seeing that chief Hart had already prepared everything, he felt assured. He started looking at Mero Citys north wall that hadnt been damaged at all.

“Chief, do you think that we have time to prepare before the Candra Empire reinforcements come”

“I dont know.” Chief Hart gave a shrug, “No one knows when the Candra Empire reinforcements will come, but we are certain that as long as they come within fifty kilometers of Mero City, we will be able to discover them. Since the airship team hasnt sent back any news yet, it means that the reinforcement army isnt here yet.”

“Un…..No matter what, we have to hurry up.”

Chief Hart looked at Noons and knitted his brows, “I say, Noons, you arent some young kid who hasnt seen blood before, why are you so nervous this time”

Noons awkwardly scratched his head.

“When I think about how were invading the Candra Empire, I cant help being a bit nervous. Chief, think about it, this is the Candra Empire. In the history of the continent, other than the Marlow Empire, has there been anyone else who has dared to invade the Candra Empire”

Chief Hart curled his lips in disdain, “Arent we invading now Sir chairman had said countless times, what Candra Empire, what Marlow Empire, they were all just seemingly powerful paper tigers. In fact, the strength that we have has already cast them behind the times, but they arent aware of this and still think they are strong. Back in the Rudson Kingdom, we fought with the Candra Empire army many times and you saw the disparity between us many times, so why are you afraid”

“Im not afraid, Im just worried……” Noons licked his lip as his expression became a bit nervous, “The Candra Empire is the strongest country on the continent and we are only a company, but were fighting the Candra Empire. This……”

Hearing this, chief Harts expression suddenly turned fierce and he looked at Noons with a dark look while saying in a sharp voice, “Noons, if youre afraid, then you can go back now!”

Noons quickly waved his hands, “No, no, no, chief, youre mistaken, Im really not afraid. Only…..Only Im not that confident……Look, we only brought five thousand people this time and the Candra Empire can easily send out fifty thousand or five hundred thousand. I feel that…..there will be some things that dont seem appropriate……”

Chief Hart gave a cold snort and strongly waved his hand before saying in a deep voice, “Sir chairman has already said it countless times, it is no longer an era where population can decide everything, so why cant you still understand”

“Of course I dont feel that sir chairman is wrong, but……But I am just a bit lacking in confidence.”

Seeing the difficult look on Noons face, chief Hart gave a secret sigh and helplessly shook his head.

If even a senior officer of the guards like Noons was like this, there must be quite a few thoughts spreading among the guards.

It seemed like it really was like what sir chairman had told chief Hart in secret. Even if it had been proven many times through actual combat that the modern fighting method with military magic machines had already surpassed the era, far surpassing the traditional method of war and even breaking the traditional concepts, countless people of the continent still held these traditional ideas and didnt have enough confidence in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“So our goal this time isnt to occupy the entire Candra Empire, this isnt realistic. With our companys current power, even if we could eliminate all the armies in the Candra Empire and rout all opposition forces, we wouldnt be able to truly control the Candra Empire. This is decided by the difference in scale between the two sides.”

Chief Hart thought about what Xu Yi had said and couldnt help secretly nodding.

Sir chairmans mind was truly clear, he wasnt confused by the many battles the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had won.

“Our real goal is to crush the traditional ideas on everyones mind and let them know that the current era has changed, making them accept the changes brought to the world by the magic machine industry and accepting our Frestech Chamber of Commerce in leading the development of this era. To achieve this goal, we have to crush the strongest power in everyones mind, which is the Candra Empire.”

“As for how to crush it……we need to do it bit by bit through this operation. The first step is…..to crush the thing that represents invincibility in everyones minds……”-

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