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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 - Chapter 110

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Volume 7 – Chapter 110

Their territory was being attacked

When he received the report from his subordinates that an enemy was invading, Mero Citys City Lord, Count Dean Denpusy couldnt believe his ears.

Enemy invading

As the head of the Denpusy Family, Dean Denpusy had been the City Lord of Mero City for twenty six years and this was his first time hearing the words “enemy”.

Even in the four hundred years that the Denpusy Family had been given this territory, there had never been a case of enemies invading Mero City before.

It had to be known that they were the biggest city by the border of the Candra Empires southwest province! They were known as the pearl of the southwest province border!

This famous city was actually being invaded by reckless people

Or it should be said that these people were daring enough to invade the Candra Empire

In the near thousand year history of the Candra Empire, other than the few rare periods where they had been in a decline, other than the Marlow Empire, which other country had the guts to invade the Candra Empire

This was simply not knowing how they died!

“Where did the enemies come from Have you verified it What is the border army doing They actually didnt stop these fellows” Count Denpusy asked with a dark look on his face as he walked out to give his orders.

He wasnt a trash noble City Lord, naturally he understood that since the other side had the guts to invade Mero City, they would be confident in their power.

If they didnt deal with it well, while Mero City wouldnt fall, he would still be unable to accept it if Mero City suffered even a bit of loss from the flames of battle.

Hearing his question, the subordinate who came to report had a very ugly expression. After giving a gulp, he finally replied with a bitter smile, “It has already been verified. Based on the information the scout sent back, the enemy came from the southwest and they…..had the flag of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce……”

Count Denpusy suddenly stopped as his eyes opened wide to reveal a look of shock.

“Frestech Chamber of Commerce Is there a mistake! Why is it them No, where did they get the courage to invade our Candra Empire They are only a company!”

The subordinate just gave a bitter smile without saying a thing.

He was also filled with doubt when it came to this question, how could he answer Count Denpusys question

“No……” Count Denpusy suddenly gave a shiver as he suddenly thought of some rumours on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce among the empires nobles.

Just half a month ago, most of the nobles understanding of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was that they had various convenient household magic machines.

When the nobles talked about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they mainly talked about the Frestech Chamber of Commerces high end Magic Sedans. They would all boast about how they had been able to buy a custom Magic Sedan from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

As for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces military force, although the nobles of the Candra Empire had heard rumours, they only knew that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made some powerful military magic machines that were very easy to use on the battlefield.

As for how easy they were to use or how strong they were, other than the nobles under the army headquarters, most people didnt understand.

Now that half a year passed, with the Candra Empire trying to invade the Rudson Kingdom during the past few months, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had truly demonstrated their unparalleled power.

Fighting the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards had caused the Candra Empires army of one hundred and eighty thousand troops to lose in less than two months. They announced their failure and had no choice but to return to the empire.

Later the Frestech Chamber of Commerce created storms in other places on the continent, but the empire had always been silent, not making a single sound.

This made all the nobles of the empire recognize a fact. It was that the army headquarters had clearly admitted that they didnt have the ability to fight the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which was why they had remained silent.

So the nobles of the empire truly recognized the might of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for the first time. When they discussed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they mainly talked about the strange military magic machines they produced.

Count Denpusy was only a remote noble in the southwest corner, but he was still a noble in the end and was very sensitive about this information.

So he already knew about the military might of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce from various news sources, but he had never thought that there would be a day where he would face their power.

In the end, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was only a company. No matter how strong their military power was, no matter how unstoppable their guards were, how could they invade the Candra Empire

Count Denpusys heart was filled with doubt, but this wasnt the time for that.

He knitted his brows to seriously think for a bit before waving his hand for his subordinate to come closer.

“Send people to the Governors Manor to ask for reinforcements.”

The subordinate was surprised.

Reinforcements Mero City was the most important city on the southwest provinces border, there were over thirty thousand troops stationed here and they would be provided with many military magic machines produced by the army headquarters. Just in terms of defenses, they could be considered the strongest army in the southwest province aside from the Governors Manor.

Why did the Lord City Lord immediately think of asking for reinforcements as soon as he heard about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards were rumoured to be very strong, how strong could they be

Seeing that his subordinate was in a daze, Count Denpusy glared at him and angrily roared, “What are you standing in a daze for Why arent you going!”

The subordinate was surprised before quickly agreeing and turning to run off.

Count Denpusy didnt stop at all as he left the City Lord Manor. He sat down in the Magic Sedan that he had just bought four months ago and quickly headed to the garrison outside the city.

However, before he even made it out the city gates, he heard shocking explosions coming from outside the city. It was so strong that he could even hear it in the Magic Sedan and it made his scalp itch.

Count Denpusy looked up in shock and saw that the sky outside the city was already dyed red by flames, as if even the clouds were being burnt away.

After being in a daze for two seconds, Count Denpusy suddenly realized something as he instantly reacted.

The direction that the flames were in, wasnt that the direction of the garrison outside the city!

Count Denpusy suddenly opened the car door and rushed onto the city wall by the gate, looking outwards.

Around three kilometers away from the city was the garrison near Mero City with close to thirty thousand troops.

Looking over now, the garrison was already surrounded in flames. He could only hear the explosions that were like thunder and the screams that followed in the distance.

Count Denpusy was stunned before suddenly grabbing Mero Citys defense officer who had rushed over after hearing the news.

“Immediately send people to investigate, as soon as you can! Understood”

The defense officers fat face was covered in a cold sweat as he quickly nodded and turned to send people.

Count Denpusy turned to look in the direction of the garrison in the distance as his heart turned cold.

Although he had heard that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards only had less than twenty thousand people, he didnt doubt that with their power, they could easily take care of these thirty thousand troops.

What made him fearful was that he had just received news that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was invading before the Frestech Chamber of Commerce destroyed the garrison near Mero City, which was even considered their biggest advantage.

This speed was simply unheard of.

He could tell that before the Governors Manor even sent reinforcements, the other side would have already taken care of this garrison.

If they came to attack Mero City next, how would he block them

Just like Count Denpusy had guessed, several minutes later, there were strange Magic Cars that suddenly came out of the smoke and flames that filled the garrison, quickly heading towards Mero City in an imposing manner.

Looking at it, he could tell that this was a team made of several hundred Magic Cars, but with the flames of the garrison behind them, it made them seem like demons who came from hell which was truly terrifying.

Count Denpusy took the telescope from the defense officer and saw the Frestech Chamber of Commerces half wing flag hanging over the Magic Cars.

“It really is those fellows!” Count Denpusy gritted his teeth as a dark look appeared on his face.

He couldnt count on the garrison of thirty thousand outside the city. Right now Mero City only had five thousand city guards and two thousand guards from the City Lord Manor for a total of seven thousand soldiers.

Although there were some Magic Cannons that the army headquarters made on the wall, they were imitations of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Cannons. How could they match the real goods from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce

However, as Mero Citys City Lord, he could just give up.

Otherwise when he was held accountable by the army headquarters, he would lose his title as a noble just from this and might even spend the rest of his life in jail.

“Damn! No matter what this is our Denpusy Familys domain, how can we give it up so easily!”

Count Denpusy cursed in his heart before turning to the officer in charge of the city guards to give an order in a deep voice, “Close all the city gates and prepared to defend the city!”

The defense officer looked at the Magic Cars with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces flag coming over here in an imposing manner with a look of shock. He thought that even the thirty thousand troops from the army couldnt resist the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, how could they resist with their several thousand guards

“What are you in a daze for” Count Denpusy kicked the defense officers butt, “Im telling you, if you dare to think about giving up, do you believe I wont cut you down right now!”

The defense officers face turned cold. All the expressions on his face quickly faded as he gave a salute to Count Denpusy and turned to prepare the citys defenses.

But as he turned around, before he even took two steps, there were whistling sounds that came from the distance.

Turning to look, he found that several fire red lights came up from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces formation. It instantly crossed the span of two kilometers and slammed right into Mero Citys tall city walls.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong!”

Countless explosions rang out in Count Denpusy and the defense officers ears. Then they revealed an amazed look as they found that the city wall…..had collapsed…..-

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