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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 - Chapter 106

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Volume 7 – Chapter 106

Pursuit battle

Arch Magus Laduca knitted his brows as he looked at the Magic Airship in the distance that had quickly stabilized itself and kept flying at high speeds, as if it hadnt been affected by his magic and his heart sank.

Although the Thunderclap Fury that he released just now was only a Ninth Grade Spell, with his special attainments in Wind Magic and his powerful magic power as an Arch Magus, the might of this spell far surpassed the might of a normal Ninth Grade Spell.

Even if it wasnt as powerful as a Forbidden Spell, it wasnt that far off.

But this powerful spell had directly hit the Magic Airship and it had been blocked by the light barrier that had appeared around it. In the end, it had only shook the Magic Airship in the sky and hadnt caused any damage to it.

This was just too unbelievable!

But no matter how surprised he was, Arch Magus Laducas hand didnt stop. He kept flying fast while opening both hands, gathering magic power for a real Forbidden Spell.

Since a Ninth Grade Spell couldnt pose any threat to the Magic Airship, he would use a higher grade Forbidden Spell!

No matter what, he had to make sure that these Magic Airships stayed here!

As the Arch Magus that the Candra Empire army had sent out to protect the backlines of their expedition force, not being able to stop the Magic Airships from ambushing the supply depot was already a mistake on his part and a great shame. If he wasnt able to keep the other side that only had a wisp of magic on them even after catching up to them, then he really wouldnt be able to face other people in the future.

“The magic fluctuations from behind keep getting stronger!” Kandishek shouted out, “It keeps increasing……gods! This magic fluctuation is definitely above a Ninth Grade Spell!”

“Above Ninth Grade Spell Isnt that a Forbidden Spell”

Reblo was shocked. He looked at the red light on the Magic Radar that was getting brighter and he took the Magic Communicator without hesitation to give his orders.

“Everyone listen, the enemy is preparing a Forbidden Spell. Prepare to dodge it and also raise the power of the Magic Barriers to max. Leiz and Noveli, your two ships must be prepared to immediately release magic space countermeasures behind us right away.”



Leiz and Novelis voices came from the Magic Communicator in response. After a while, another response came from them.

“Thunder Eagle is ready.”

“Dawn is also ready.”

“Very good, listen to my order…..” Reblo said as he watched the Magic Radar while also listening to the nervous report from Kandishek.

“The magic fluctuation is still surging…..its over ten thousand Evs which can be considered a Forbidden Spell……The magic space is already starting to collapse, the Forbidden Spell will be ready soon!”

“Leiz, Noveli, listen to my countdown……”



“Good. Countdown started, three……two……one……release!”

Arch Magus Laduca suddenly noticed that there were tiny dots of light that came from the Magic Airships that he was chasing that covered the entire sky.

But these dots were very small and he didnt care about them.

Moreover, he was already almost ready to cast the Forbidden Spell, so he didnt have the time to care about all this.

With his magic power wildly surging, Arch Magus Laduca focused his mind. The sparkling Lightning Forbidden Spell, Thunder Gods Fury that had condensed was thrown out.

But at the final step, he suddenly felt the magic space around him fluctuate. It caused the elemental magic energy gathered in the incomparably powerful Thunder Gods Fury that he had gathered to suddenly have a strange fluctuation.

If it wasnt for the fact that he had a strong control over Wind Magic and the Lighting Magic that was derived from that, just this would have been enough to make his spell fail.

But because of this interference, although he was able to release his Thunder Gods Fury, the might wasnt as good as he would want it and it wasnt considered a perfect spell.

Of course, no matter how much it was influenced, this Thunder Gods Fury was the Lightning Forbidden Spell that he was the most confident with, so its might was above a Ninth Grade Spell.

Seeing the thick bolt of lightning that seemed like it could cut the sky in half, Arch Magus Laduca revealed a faint smile.

Those mice from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that overestimated themselves, they would be turned to dust by the Thunder Gods Fury!

But then the smile on his face turned into shock.

As soon as the lightning was sent out, there was a thick azure glow that came from the ten Magic Airships. Then the ten Magic Airships sped up and flew off in eight different directions.

The Thunder Gods Fury flew right by them and it actually couldnt hit a single Magic Airship.

“Humph, you think you can hide with just this”

Arch Magus Laducas eyes turned cold and he started using his magic power, activating the magic mark that he had left inside of the Thunder Gods Fury. The Thunder Gods Fury exploded in the air and scattered into many bolts of lightning that densely filled the sky.

The Magic Airships couldnt dodge this at all and each Magic Airship was hit with countless bolts of lightning.

However, the magic barriers around the Magic Airships were able to block these bolts of lightning. They only rocked in the sky a bit, there wasnt any substantial damage that was dealt to them.

Arch Magus Laduca wasnt that surprised by this since the Thunder Gods Fury was stronger than any of these scattered bolts of lightning, but it also couldnt do anything to the Magic Airships.

After thinking about it, Arch Magus Laduca raised his hands and prepared his next attack.

“Gods! That fellow is preparing another Forbidden Spell!” Kandishek shouted in a loud voice.

Reblos expression sank as he confirmed his guess.

This magician that had just appeared wasnt a normal Great Magician. He was able to easily cast these powerful Forbidden Spells and he could cast them again and again, which showed that he was at least a peak Fifth Grade Great Magician or even an Arch Magus that stood at the peak of all magicians!

Thinking of this, Reblo no longer dared to hesitate as he grabbed the Magic Communicator again.

“Everyone listen to my order. Immediately push it to the second drive and do not limit your speed, escape with all your might!”

This time the other commanders didnt say anything in response and just simply agreed before heading off to do their own things.

The actions of this magician after he appeared was too shocking, making them understand that they were not in a good situation and it was hard to fight back. Of course the first choice that they had was to escape as quickly as possible.

After a while, the Magic Communicator had replies from the other commanders that they were ready.

“Very good. Charles, Chekov, Flaycud, you three will release the magic space interference. After releasing it, you have to escape at full speed, do you understand”

There were replies from the Magic Communicator chain before Reblo gave another simple countdown, preparing for the three Magic Airships that he named to release their magic space interference.

Seeing the strange glows coming from the Magic Airships in front of him, Arch Magus Laduca raised his guard.

He was certain that when he released the Thunder Gods Fury, it must have received interference from these strange things which caused it to be weaker when it was released and he couldnt hit the Magic Airships.

Now that the other side was using the same trick, he wouldnt fall for it.

Arch Magus Laduca released a bit of magic power to investigate and was preparing before the strange change in the magic space appeared.

But when the wisp of magic power went out, the ten Magic Airships all released a bunch of bright azure lights before quickly speeding up. They instantly threw Arch Magus Laduca behind and changed into ten small black dots in the distance.

Arch Magus Laduca was surprised before finally reacting.

The other side knew that the situation was bad and had escaped!

“Humph, how could it be that easy to run away from me!”

Arch Magus Laducas expression changed as he released his magic power, suddenly disappearing on the spot.

When he appeared, he was in the air two kilometers away, right in front of the ten Magic Airships.

Seeing that the ten Magic Airships were quickly coming over, Arch Magus Laduca raised his hand and a stone wall that was close to ten meters thick appeared in the air.

If the ten Magic Airships continued flying like this, they would slam into the stone wall.

At the same time, Arch Magus Laduca gathered his magic power again to start gathering the elemental magic energy around him, preparing to cast another Forbidden Spell.

But he hadnt even finished half of his preparations when the ten Magic Airships had already flown over.

When they were about to hit the stone walls, there were flames that appeared in front of the ten Magic Airships at the same time that slammed into the stone wall.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong!”

The ten meter thick stone wall was blasted apart by this attack and then the ten Magic Airships charged forward with their light barrier, not stopping at all.

Arch Magus Laduca clearly couldnt cast a Forbidden Spell at this time, so he could only silently watch those ten Magic Airships fly off again.

“How can I let you go like this!”

Arch Magus Laduca didnt give up as he used spatial magic to appear in front of the ten Magic Airships again.

But this time he still didnt have enough time to prepare a Forbidden Spell, he could only use normal spells to attack the light barriers around the Magic Airships, but he couldnt do anything to them at all.

Arch Magus Laduca used spatial magic to appear in front of the ten Magic Airships again and again, but he could only helplessly watch them fly by again and again.

After repeating several times, Arch Magus Laduca saw those ten Magic Airships fly away while also seeing a mountain range that was covered in green forest and red wood in front of him.

He knew that this mountain range was the border between the Candra Empire and the Rudson Kingdom.

If he kept chasing, it would mean entering the Rudson Kingdoms borders.

After hesitating for a bit, Arch Magus Laduca could only helplessly give a sigh and give up chasing them.-

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