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When he returned to the office, Xu Yi thought about the scene when the list of people who passed the Fifth Grade exam was announced.

Perhaps it was because Xu Yi had been too noticeable and he didnt display that much power during the real combat, so after everyone knew that he passed the Fifth Grade exam, the magicians who had a more outstanding performance than Xu Yi in the real combat test, but didnt pass couldnt help questioning it. There were even some people who were doubting that there was something happening behind the scenes with the Magicians Guild.

For the doubts of these people, the response the Magicians Guild gave was that Xu Yi scored first on the written test. Moreover, his answers on the written test were beyond what a Fourth Grade Magician and even normal Fifth Grade Magicians were at, showing that he had a very high level and aptitude in terms of magical theory. So the examiners were all unanimous in letting Xu Yi pass the test.

To this answer, although the other magicians didnt accept it in their hearts, they couldnt refute it since the Magicians Guild had always stressed that magicians should reach the standard in terms of theory. For Xu Yi to even surpass the standard of theory for a Fifth Grade Magician, it was alright to let him pass the Fifth Grade exam.

But like this, there were quite a few Fourth Grade Magicians who didnt pass who spoke out against Xu Yi. Many of them even looked at Xu Yi with gazes of hatred.

A magician even specially came in front of Xu Yi and threw down some fierce words at him.

“Kid, dont think youre great since youre a Fifth Grade Magician now. I am just a Fourth Grade Magician, but do you believe that I can knock out all your teeth”

Xu Yis only response to him was just a calm smile.

To him, magic was only useful in application and there was no use in using it to fight at all.

The magicians of the Sines Continent wielded this magic that was comparable to the industrial technology on earth in vain. There were even some places that created incredible powers, but they always used it to fight each other or slaughter others. They had never thought of using magic to change other peoples lives, it really was a waste of precious resources.

“If all the Great Magicians were like Great Magician Camilla and invested a bit of their mind into studying magic application, wouldnt the people of the Sines Continent not have to worry about food and clothing now” Xu Yi gave an emotional sigh. He walked through the door of the office and the scene he saw scared him.

The foyer space of the office was not large, but in the empty space behind the main doors, there were all kinds of iron lumps placed there. There wasnt even a place for someone to stand.

“Sir chairman, youre back!” A spirited voice came from among the iron lumps and a familiar youth jumped out with a smile.

“Alex, youre here.” Xu Yi replied with a smile. He pointed at the magic machines and said with a knit brow, “Didnt I tell you to properly wrap them up, why do they look like this It cant be that when you were transporting them, you put them into the carriage like this and rushed over, right”

The iron lumps on the ground were naturally the various magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Other than agricultural magic machines, there were also fifty brand new Magic Air Conditioners.

After the last batch of agricultural magic machines were burned, Xu Yi had Viscount Leslie send someone to Banta City to contact the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He prepared eighteen agricultural magic machines for the agricultural department, letting Harvey and Seveni test them out on a larger piece of farmland, better understanding the performance of these magic machines.

As for the fifty Magic Air Conditioners, of course they were the first batch prepared for Victors group of three.

“Of course not!” Alex quickly shook his head, “Sir chairman, you specially said to treat these fellows like treasures, so how could I be careless Be assured, on the road, I even wrapped each magic machine in a thick cloth and only unpacked them here. Take a look, these fellows dont even have a single scratch on their surface, right”

Xu Yi bent over to check and found that these magic machines really didnt have any damage before giving a satisfied nod, “Very good. Alex, didnt you always say you didnt want to stay in Banta City Youre quite good at transporting items. Ill talk to Heinz later and have you be our companys transport manager. Our companys products will soon be sold to many other cities on the continent, so if you take the post of transport manager, I can guarantee that youll run all over the continent.”

Alexs eyes lit up, “Really Sir chairman, youll really let me be the transport manager”

“Would I lie to you” Xu Yi gave a snort, “Moreover, you wont be riding in a horse carriage at that time and youll be riding in a faster and more stable cart, which is much more comfortable.”

“Faster and more stable What kind of cart is that” Alex asked in a confused voice.

Xu Yi laughed, “No comment.”

Alex was completely stumped, but he knew that Xu Yi wouldnt tell him, so he could only helplessly scratch his head.

“Alright, first take inventory of these things, especially the Magic Air Conditioners. There will be someone coming to take them later.”

Xu Yi said this to Alex before looking for Housekeeper Lahm, having him send a servant to contact Victor.

In less than half an hour, Victor had already charged over with glowing eyes.

When he saw the Magic Air Conditioners on the ground, he was stunned. He pointed at the Magic Air Conditioners and asked Xu Yi with an expectant expression, “Chairman Xu, these are the Magic Air Conditioners you mentioned”

Xu Yi smiled and didnt respond, rather he signaled to Victor to help. The two lifted the Magic Air Conditioner into a room and placed it on the nails already prepared on the wall.

Seeing Victors doubtful look, Xu Yi took out a Magic Crystal and swayed it in front of Victor before putting it into the Magic Air Conditioner. He then pressed the on switch and pulled Victor in front of the Magic Air Conditioner.


A cold wind was blown out of the front of the Magic Air Conditioner and they couldnt help shivering at the same time.

“Xu…..Chairman Xu, this fellow, why…...Why is it blowing cold wind So cold!” Victor dodged to the side and found that after the Magic Air Conditioner blew out cold wind, the temperature in the room had decreased a bit.

“Ah…...Oh, this is the Variable Temperature Magic Air Conditioner, so I wanted to show you the cold function first.” Xu Yi gave a dry laugh, determined not to tell Victor that he had pressed the wrong switch.

Coming in front of the Magic Air Conditioner, Xu Yi looked at it. He found that Heinz had followed his design and had put two switches of blue and red on it. The one he had just pressed was the blue switch for cold air.

He then pressed the red switch and the blue switch jumped out with a click.

Even this small design had never existed on the Sines Continent before. When Xu Yi mentioned it, he had received commendation from Master Lanus and Camby for it.

After the red switch was pressed down, the Magic Air Conditioner stopped blowing out cold wind. After a while, warm wind was blown out and Victor who was standing in front of the Magic Air Conditioner couldnt help trembling when he was hit by this warm wind.

Not long after, not only was it warm in front of the Magic Air Conditioner, the room that had been freezing because of the winter gradually warmed up.

Victor even felt that he was a bit warm and couldnt help taking off his thick coat.

Xu Yi raised a hand to stop him and turned off the Magic Air Conditioner. He asked with a smile, “How is it, young master Victor What do you think of the effects of the Magic Air Conditioner”

Victor didnt hesitate to give Xu Yi a thumbs up as he kept praising him, “Great! So strong! Chairman Xu, I never thought that such a normal looking piece of iron would have such a good effect! This thing is is simply more effective than a large scale Frost Array or Flame Array!”

“Then youre not confident in selling them all” Xu Yi asked.

Victor laughed as he shook his head, “No, now Im filled with confidence! Chairman Xu, weve actually asked some noble friends of ours in the past few days and many people are curious in this novel thing. If they could see the powerful effect the Magic Air Conditioner has, I dare to guarantee that theyll go crazy snatching them! Chairman Xu, fifty units definitely arent enough, I want a hundred! No! Two hundred! The more the better!”

Xu Yi smiled and deliberately revealed an awkward expression, “This…..Young master Victor, we can supply more goods, but as for the payment……”

Victor was stunned. After he came back to his senses, he patted his head, “Right, right, this was my fault. Chairman Xu has been friendly enough to give us fifty units first, I cant be too greedy, right Alright, after these fifty Magic Air Conditioners have sold, Ill give you the payment for the first batch. Then the three of us will make some more money and buy another batch from you, what do you think”

Xu Yi then revealed a smile and gave a nod, “That is very good. But young master Victor, I will be leaving Anvilmar City tomorrow and will be returning to Banta City…..”

“How could that be!” Victor quickly cut off Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, our cooperation is just beginning and will be making a large amount of money soon, how can you just leave If you leave, where would we get another batch of goods and itll be a problem when I need to pay you for the first batch. Could it be the three of us have to go to Banta City”

“Of course theres no need, Ive made preparations.” Xu Yi walked out and called Alex who was outside organizing the products, “Young master Victor, he is called Alex, he will be our companys temporary representative in Anvilmar City, who has the complete right to represent me and our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. After I leave, you can just look for him if you need anything. Whether it is for more Magic Air Conditioners or to pay for the goods, you can just look for him.”

Heinz had already talked to Alex before he came here, so he knew that he was here to do something and wasnt surprised because of this. He revealed an honest smile to Victor and said, “Hello.”

Victor sized up Alex for a while before giving a slow nod, “Since its someone trusted by chairman Xu, I have no opinions.”

After setting Alex as his representative, Xu Yi determined some simple details in front of the two of them.

This was Victors first time doing formal business and it was Alexs first time taking this kind of responsibility, so the two were clearly quite nervous.

Compared to them, Xu Yi who had just passed twenty seven this year was quite calm. He raised the ideas he had already thought of and the two kept nodding as they listened to him, rarely disagreeing with him.

Not long after, the three of them had finished deciding the details of the transaction and Xu Yi even took out a contract he had prepared to let Victor and Alex sign their names on. After they signed their names, it officially started the long term cooperation between the two.

Victor carefully put away the contract before looking out the window to look at the sky and suggesting, “Chairman Xu, brother Alex, itll be noon soon. How about we go out and find a place to eat It can also serve as a celebration to our successful cooperation.”

Xu Yi smiled and wanted to respond, but Housekeeper Lahms voice suddenly came from outside.

“Chairman Xu, Lord Viscount Leslie is here.”

Xu Yi was surprised and a dark look that wasnt easy to see flashed across his face before he said to Victor with a smile, “Im sorry, the Lord Viscount is here, Im afraid I cant come. Alex, you can represent me to drink a few cups with Victor. You will be in contact with each for a long time in the future, so you might as well take this chance to become friends.”

Victor helplessly shook his head, “Thats fine. I hope that next time chairman Xu comes to Anvilmar City, you will let me properly entertain you.”

“There will definitely be a chance.” Xu Yi laughed before leaving the room.-

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