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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 96

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Count Antsol was riding his beloved pure white warhorse “Pineapple” as he quickly went up a hill. Looking up, he could see the people in front of him and he curled his lips as he revealed a look of disdain.

“These fellows are the Rudson Kingdoms armies Look at them, they have less than five thousand people, so where do they have the courage to go against me”

“Lord Count, you cant look down on them. Look, the Rudson Kingdom army is equipped with all those military magic machines, they have much more than us. We have to be careful later.”

“Military magic machines” Count Antsol gave a cold snort, “You fellows keep mentioning these things, as if we cant go to war without them. In my opinion, they arent anything great. Just with the few people they have, my elite cavalry can take care of them with a single charge.”

“This……Lord Count, I feel that its better to be more careful. What if……”

“Theres no what ifs!” Count Antsol impatiently waved his hand, cutting off his loyal adjutants advice, “Send down the order, have the mounted brigade prepare to charge. We will give these fellows a lesson of blood from the beginning for daring to go against our Candra Empire!”

The adjutant looked at the scattered Rudson Kingdom army that only had a few thousand troops without a single warhorse and he couldnt help shaking his head. He thought that there shouldnt be any worries facing these military magic machines, so he didnt try to persuade Count Antsol again and sent down his orders.

Count Antsol was leading one of the ten elite regiments of the Candra Empire, the Shining Regiment. Their mission was to attack the Rudson Kingdom first as the vanguard.

Half a month ago, because the Stantine Duchy had rejected the Rudson Kingdoms request to ban the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Candra Empire had declared war on the Stantine Duchy.

Then because the Rudson Kingdom denied the Candra Empires request to enter their land, the Candra Empire had also declared war on the Rudson Kingdom.

The Shining Regiment that Count Antsol was leading was the first army to enter the Rudson Kingdom, which was the vanguard regiment.

“Hei, I worked hard to get this vanguard position. This battle will be the time for me, Romance Antsol to shine!”

Seeing that the cavalry was already prepared and in formation, Count Antsol raised the sabre in his hand.


“Glory shines in my heart!”

The three thousand heavy cavalry that were fully armoured in thick armour let out an angry roar before their three thousand horses charged forward at the same time.

Just the soldier and the warhorse weighed a ton and adding in the armour and weapons that they had, they could easily reach a shocking weight of two tons.

When this kind of heavy cavalry charged, their momentum was shocking.

With three thousand of them charging at once, naturally their momentum was powerful.

The ground trembled from the charging warhorses and the thuds on the ground came together, sounding like thunder that was roaring through the air.

Seeing his heavy cavalry unit charging at the Rudson Kingdoms lines like a flood, Count Antsol roared with laughter.

“Ah, such a beautiful formation, such a beautiful sound! A small Rudson Kingdom dares to be this arrogant, daring to fight our great Candra Empire! Today is the day of your burial!”


There was a strange sound like something had quickly flown through the air.

Count Antsol turned in the direction of the sound with a surprised look and saw a red glow coming from the Rudson Kingdom army, flying over at them.

“Humph……A little toy……”

Before Count Antsol could finish, he saw the fire red glow land among the charging heavy cavalry unit.


There was a bright flame that suddenly exploded, creating an incomparably powerful explosion.

Countless heavy cavalry soldiers and their warhorse were blown into the air. There were even some severed limbs that flew into the sky.

With just a single attack, there was a giant hole in the tightly knit formation of the heavy cavalry.

However, it wasnt finished.

Then with several more fire red glows that flew out from the Rudson Kingdoms formation and then landed among the heavy cavalry units formation.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong!”

There was a series of intense bursts of flame followed by the sounds of explosions. Countless heavy cavalry soldiers and their horses were blown away, as countless limbs filled the sky.

In an instant, the powerful unit of three thousand heavy cavalry soldiers that were like an unstoppable flood had been shattered, leaving only less than a thousand heavy cavalry units. There was no way for them to continue their charge, not to even mention maintaining their formation.

Count Antsol looked at the scattered heavy cavalry troops in the distance, not daring to believe what he saw.

Gods! This was three thousand heavy cavalry soldiers!

This was the pride of the Shining Regiment, the most elite Candra Empire troops that even the Marlow Empire couldnt stop!

But now before they had even reached the enemy, the majority of this unit had been lost!

“This is impossible……This is impossible!” The deep fear and shock filled Count Antsols heart and he couldnt help roaring out in a voice filled with rage, “How could trash like the Rudson Kingdom have this kind of power! This must be a dream!”

The adjutant on the side gulped with difficulty before turning his eyes away from the pitiful battlefield and anxiously shouting to Count Antsol, “Lord Count, we should quickly retreat. They even have Magic Cannons, we arent a match for them at all!”

“Retreat” Count Antsol turned to look at his adjutant, “Retreat where We are the vanguard! Do you understand what being the vanguard means”

“But Lord Count, we definitely arent a match for them. If we dont retreat……most likely……”

Count Antsol coldly looked at him before shaking his head, “Impossible. Since Ive taken on the position as the vanguard, there is no chance of retreating. Send down my order, all troops will attack!”

“Lord Count, you cant do this!” The adjutant was shocked as he roared, “Even the heavy cavalry were finished off like this, how can we beat them You should listen to me and retreat. We should request some military magic machines from headquarters before coming back, then it wont be a problem at all!”

Count Antsol turned to see that the Rudson Kingdom army was already moving.

Although they didnt have warhorses, they entered strange looking things which should be the Armoured Magic Vehicles. These things were very strange and they caught up to the heavy cavalry that were escaping in the blink of an eye.

There were flames that came out of these Armoured Magic Vehicles, which swept through the remaining heavy cavalry like a sickle through wheat, giving them no chance to resist.

Count Antsol took a deep breath.

He had relied on his familys power to snatch the position of vanguard in this battle, it was to gain some military contribution to help increase his own position in the future.

However, now that he had seen the terrifying might of the Rudson Kingdom armys military magic machines, he couldnt move at all.

Seeing a red glow fall and blow away a group of heavy cavalry soldiers, Count Antsol couldnt stop his eyes from twitching.

“This must be the power of a devil……”

After being silent for a bit, he raised his hand and pulled on his reins. “Pineapple” under him understood what he meant and turned in a circle before turning around.

“Retreat!” Count Antsol said in a low voice.

Although they only had a single engagement with the Rudson Kingdom army, he could tell that he had underestimated the might of the military magic machines. Even the Shining Regiments most powerful heavy cavalry had been completely annihilated.

In front of these powerful military magic machines, he was certain that his subordinates wouldnt be able to resist, so he could only choose to retreat.

Seeing that Count Antsol had finally decided to retreat, the adjutant was filled with joy and quickly sent down the order.

But it was hard for the Shining Regiment to organize their formation right now. As soon as they made preparations to retreat, there were several dozen lights that fell down from the sky and landed among them.


The flames were impartial and fell down less than two meters away from Count Antsol.

Count Antsol only had time to open his eyes wide and reveal a look of shock as the exceptionally bright flame created a shockwave that was irresistible, hitting him and “Pineapple” that he was sitting on.


Year 3802, June 4th, the Candra Empire fought with the Rudson Kingdom army. The Candra Empire had sent the Count Antsol to lead the Shining Regiment which was one of the ten elite regiments. They were sent into the Rudson Kingdom as the vanguard and had met the Rudson Kingdom army in battle.

After a single day, it was a total defeat for the Shining Regiment.

According to the stats from after the war, the Rudson Kingdom had suffered zero casualties.

As for the Shining Regiment, the most elite three thousand heavy cavalry had been destroyed and a total of fifteen thousand light cavalry, heavy infantry, and archers equipped with Magic Repeating Crossbows had suffered over 70% casualties. In the end, there were less than five thousand people who had barely escaped.

The commander Count Antsol had died in battle, not even leaving a corpse.-

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