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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 94

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Time passed bit by bit and Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca could feel the power of Xu Yis domain weakening bit by bit, which caused their serious expressions to change into faint smiles.

Based on this, it wouldnt take long before Xu Yi used up all his magic power. Not to mention resisting, he wouldnt even have the magic power to run away with.

However, Xu Yi had stayed in the air the entire time without making another move which really was confusing for the two of them.

Even if mXu Yi knew that he wasnt a match for the two of them, he should at least put up some resistance, right

Accepting fate like this, no matter what, it wouldnt be something that Xu Yi, the famous chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would do.

“The two of you, can you answer a few more of my questions” Xu Yi suddenly said.

Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca were both surprised. After looking at each other and thinking about it, Arch Magus Ofalian asked in a deep voice, “What else do you want to ask”

Xu Yi didnt move at all, which was what they wanted to see.

Otherwise if Xu Yi ignored everything and wildly threw spells down on Wimbledon City like before, the two of them would have to run around.

If they were careless, there might be a giant loss in Wimbledon City.

Now that Xu Yi was not doing a thing, they would be happy to talk to Xu Yi to waste time.

“Based on what Marshal Sudman said, I can tell that the goal of your Candra Empire is just to kill me and throw our Frestech Chamber of Commerce into chaos, giving you the chance to swallow our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. But Im very curious, where do you have the confidence to swallow our Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“This is something for his majesty and Marshal Sudman to consider, it isnt related to us.” Arch Magus Ofalian shook his head before saying this in a deep voice.

“Is that so Oh, thats right, you two are honourable Arch Magi, you only need to make a move when necessary, so of course you wouldnt care about these trivial things.” Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “Then Arch Magus Ofalian, lets talk from the perspective of the magic world. Do you think…..that if your Candra Empire swallows our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the magic machine technology will develop as quickly as before”

“This isnt related to me.” Arch Magus Ofalian replied with a cold look, “The things that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce made are nothing more than cheap tricks in my eyes, they have already lost the true meaning of magic research. Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce as well, youre luring magicians and making them study things that dont have any use.”

“So your thoughts were like this, no wonder……” Xu Yi gave a nod before turning to Arch Magus Laduca, “Arch Magus Laduca, do you think the same as Arch Magus Ofalian and feel that our companys research is just unorthodox research”

Arch Magus Laduca was silent for a bit before slowly giving a nod, “Magic tools are only ornaments for magic research, how could you research important things like this It will only lower the level of magic on the continent, so I dont like it.”

“He, he……” Xu Yi couldnt help laughing, “Your two excellency Arch Magi, I have to say that your thoughts are really too behind…..Could it be that you cant see that so-called magic is more powerful than just seeing whose spells are stronger and using it to kill people”

“No, we only care about the essence of magic, we dont like wasting time and effort on useless things like magic machines.” Arch Magus Ofalian said in a deep voice.

“Arch Magus Laduca, do you think the same”

Seeing Arch Magus Laduca giving a nod, Xu Yi gave a nod before saying with a smile, “Alright, I understand. The two of you are magicians who care about important theoretical magic research and I am someone who cares more about practical magic research. The tradition of the Sines Continent cares more about theoretical magic research, so it isnt strange for you to think this way. After all, Arch Magus Camilla was the same before, but…..do you really think that the magic theory that you are studying is correct”

Hearing the slight tone of ridicule in Xu Yis voice, Arch Magus Ofalians expression became a bit darker as he said with a cold snort, “Xu Yi, dont think that just because you are talented in magic, you have the rights to question our achievements in magic research. Dont forget, the two of us have been Arch Magi for many years, so the things that we have studied are much stronger than the things someone who has just become an Arch Magus like you studies!”

“Is that so But why dont I think the same” Xu Yi laughed at this, “If the two of you were stronger than me at magic research, then how could I escape from you before Why are the two of you only confident in trapping me with the Magic Domain Sealing Array Why is it that when the two of you work together, you can only barely keep me at a stalemate”

With this series of “whys” being asked, Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca both had flushed expressions as a trace of shame appeared on their faces.

Because Xu Yis questions were right. If they really surpassed Xu Yi in terms of magic research, they would be able to easily take care of Xu Yi based on the current situation. They wouldnt have to wait until Xu Yi depleted his magic power, using the most crude method to suppress Xu Yi.

“The two of you and when many other magicians see me, they would praise my magic talent.” Xu Yi then said, “I dont deny this, my talent is indeed not bad, but if its unmatched like you say it is, I cant accept that. Because this view of yours completely ignores my hard work, as well as the more important point which is that I have a deeper understanding of magic theory from studying magic machines.”

Arch Magus Ofalian knitted his brows again, “What do you want to say”

“What I want to say is that practical magic machine research isnt your traditional magic tool research. In fact, because of the high requirements of magic machines, researching magic machines always has a high requirement and very precise study of magic theory. In my opinion, the magic knowledge gained from studying the magic theory related to magic machines is much better than just forcing yourself to study magic.”

“Youre saying that you gained your magic power through studying magic machines What a joke!” Arch Magus Ofalian refuted him without any courtesy.

“Of course, its not all because of studying magic machines, but it is the main factor.” Xu Yi paused before continuing, “I know that you wouldnt agree to this, then Ill just give you an example. How do you think……I escaped from your domains so easily before This isnt a coincidence.”

Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laducas expression sank.

When Xu Yi had easily escaped from the two of them working together, it was simply shameful for them.

Now Xu Yi was even repeating it again and again which was simply like slapping their faces.

“Ill let you see something.” Xu Yi reached into his chest and took out a small metal part, throwing it to the two Arch Magi.

The two Arch Magi looked at each other before silently controlling their domains to create a path for that metal part to go through.

“This thing is the key to how I easily escaped earlier. If you can study it thoroughly, I believe that your understanding of magic space will improve again.”

Xu Yis tone was like a teacher talking to their student, however, Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca knew that Xu Yi had indeed demonstrated that his understanding of magic space was above theirs.

This made them very confused. Now that Xu Yi had actually given the key to this problem to them, then it wasnt a problem if he spoke with a bit of disrespect.

“Right, itll be a bit hard to study this with this thing. I suggest that you read the seven hundred and sixty third issue from October of last year to the seven hundred and eighty sixth issue from February of the «Frestech Magic Machine Weekly», theres a series that I published on Magic Space there. After you read it, I believe that you will have a completely new understanding.” Xu Yi said.

Arch Magus Ofalian was silent for a bit before putting that little metal part into his chest and looking at Xu Yi.

“Have you finished your final words Is there anything else you want to say”

“Final words” Xu Yi blinked before revealing a smile, “Your excellency Ofalian, Im afraid that youve made a mistake. I just felt that it would be very unlikely we would have a moment to talk in the future, so if I didnt take this chance to give you some new magic concepts, there wouldnt be a chance in the future. As for my final words……”

Xu Yi gave a shrug and looked at the sky above him. He reached out his right hand and there was a strange glow of varying colours that fell from the sky above him into his hand, turning into a metal box.

This was the metal box that Xu Yi had thrown out of the Magic Domain Sealing Array before. After it had been on the magic barrier for some time, now that it had returned to Xu Yis hand, there was a complicated pattern with varying different glows that were on it.

Xu Yi looked down at it and then he tightened his hand, sending a wisp of magic power in.

The wisps of magic on the metal box created different coloured beams of light, which all came together to form different patterns on the surface of the box.

Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca in the distance knitted their brows when they saw Xu Yi doing this before getting a bad premonition.

When they had been in Marshal Sudmans manor, Xu Yi had suddenly taken out those strange metal parts before disappearing in front of them.

Now that he had pulled out another strange metal box, could it be…..

Thinking of this, Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca released their magic power at once and strengthened their domain attack on Xu Yi.

However, this didnt have much effect. Xu Yi just strengthened his own magic power and easily blocked their attack.

After a while, the light on the metal box in Xu Yis hand dimmed and he put it back into his chest before looking up.

“The two of you, Ive already finished speaking, I dont care if youre willing to listen or not. As for killing me…..Im sorry, that is impossible, so…..Ill say goodbye once again.”

After saying this, Xu Yi suddenly flew up.

Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca looked at Xu Yi with surprised looks.

There was the invisible magic barrier above him and he had been injured when he had hit it before. Now that he was flying up like this, did he want to die

However, while the two of them watched, there was a strange faint glow that suddenly appeared around Xu Yi. Then as if there wasn't a barrier at all, he flew right into the sky. With a flash of his figure, he disappeared from above Wimbledon City, not leaving a single trace.

Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca both had their looks of surprise turn into looks of shock.

Then as they reacted, they flew into the sky.

However, after flying for a bit, there were two strange glows that appeared before they bounced back like they had suddenly hit a wall.

The two of them stabilized themselves with difficulty before looking up at the fading glow of the magic barrier with eyes that were filled with doubt.

The Magic Domain Sealing Array was clearly still there, so how could Xu Yi pass through-

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