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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 88

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“Arch Magus Camilla often said that to me before, but I never thought that you would feel the same, your excellency Arch Magus Ofalian.”

Xu Yi had the same smile as he saw this person appear, but his heart sunk even more.

Another Arch Magus!

Moreover, it was Arch Magus Ofalian who could be considered the most powerful out of the nine Candra Empire Arch Magi!

It had to be said that the Candra Empire really had gone all out this time. They had deployed two powerful Arch Magi who could be considered the strongest on the Sines Continent, which showed that they didnt want to give Xu Yi any chance of escaping.

Arch Magus Ofalian was already eighty seven years old, but he looked even younger than Arch Magus Laduca. People would even believe it if it was said that he was only around fifty years old.

After hearing Xu Yis reply, he took a deep look at Xu Yi before giving a sigh, “Chairman Xu, if youre willing to take a Magic Vow now and announce that you will dissolve the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, auctioning off all the Frestech Chamber of Commerces assets and never stepping foot in the magic machine industry again, Laduca and I can guarantee that there will be no threat to your life. What do you think”

“Many thanks to your and Arch Magus Laducas evaluation of my magic talent, but…..your excellency Ofalia, do you know something When I introduce myself to others, I always stress that I am the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman and a merchant. As for my status as a magician, that is secondary.” Xu Yi replied with a faint smile.

Arch Magus Ofalian silently looked at Xu Yi for a bit before letting out a long breath and giving a nod.

“Alright, I understand. Actually, I know that you would answer this way since all the people who can become an Arch Magus are stubborn and wouldnt be easily persuaded by others. But I still feel that it is a pity. Chairman Xu, do you know that with the talent you have demonstrated, as long as youre willing to focus on studying magic, you might become the first magician to become a Great Magus in the past several hundred years”

“Arch Magus Camilla has said this to me many times, but…..I dont care.” Xu Yi gave a shrug before saying with a relaxed look, “Ive already said it, compared to my status as a magician, I care more about my status as a merchant. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce represents my ideas and I will not give them up no matter what.”

“But if you were a Great Magus now, the two of us…..No, even if all nine Arch Magi of our Candra Empire work together, we wouldnt be your match Do you understand this” Arch Magus Ofalians expression suddenly turned sharp.

“Its a pity that Im not.” Xu Yi revealed a smile, “So…..your two excellency Arch Magi, you shouldnt try to convince me with words, theres no meaning to this.”

Arch Magus Ofalian gave a slow nod before raising his hand.

The magic space that had just calmed down went wild again as endless elemental magic energy moved back and forth in this space. The several hundred meter area that had just been destroyed became a purgatory once again.

Arch Magus Laduca on the side also started making a move. The magic space condensed and it became deathly still, forming a sharp contrast to the magic space that Arch Magus Ofalian controlled, looking very strange.

Magicians under the Arch Magus realm relied on their spells to fight each other, but once one reached the Arch Magus level, what decided who won would be their understanding towards domains.

Because for a magician that can control domains, magic was just controlling the elemental magic energy and didnt have any meaning.

As long as they controlled the magic space with their domain, any spells could be easily dealt with.

So a fight between Arch Magi were simpler than lower grade magicians because there weren't any flashy spells clashing, rather the entire battle process seemed a bit boring.

However, under this boring appearance, there was a danger hidden that normal people couldnt imagine.

Once the magic space was controlled by the other Arch Magus, it meant that all the elemental magic energy in this space was controlled by the other side, which also meant that they could be torn to pieces at any time.

So in a battle between Arch Magi, there was also an extreme danger.

And Xu Yi was currently facing the attack of two Arch Magi at once.

This wasnt Xu Yis first time facing an Arch Magus.

Nine years ago, Xu Yi had already faced Arch Magus Levin Hasko sent by the Mana Magic Kingdom.

But Xu Yi had still been a Great Magician, so he didnt have the idea of fighting the Arch Magus head on.

This confrontation was nothing more than luring Arch Magus Levin Hasko into the trap that had been set.

Then Arch Magus Levin Hasko had been hit by the super powerful Magic Cannon that had gathered hundreds of thousands of Evs of magic, causing him to die. It wasn't related to Xu Yi at all.

From beginning to end, Xu Yi had barely made a move himself.

However, now he wasnt at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Not only did he not have a trap for an Arch Magus, Xu Yi himself had fallen into a trap and was being attacked by two Arch Magi that had reached this realm a long time ago.

For any magician, this would be a certain death scenario.

Even if Xu Yi had broken through to become an Arch Magus, he didnt have any hope of escaping.

Marshal Sudman had already drawn back a safe distance and narrowed his eyes to look at Xu Yi.

Countless people in the empire had headaches over the threat of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and when they didnt know what to do, only he had the key to solving this question.

Thats right, the key was Xu Yi.

Although many people felt that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had already become a giant that even the Candra Empire had difficulty dealing with.

Marshal Sudman knew that Xu Yi, this Frestech Chamber of Commerce chairman who appeared less and less in front of the public, was the unquestionable core of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

For any other company on the continent, perhaps the death of the chairman would affect it, but it wouldnt be that serious. Most of the time, they could just change the chairman.

However, for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Xu Yi wasnt just the chairman, but rather their soul and backbone.

Marshal Sudman was certain that once Xu Yi died, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be without a leader. They would be torn to pieces and wouldnt be able to gather again.

This kind of Frestech Chamber of Commerce was much easier for the Candra Empire to deal with.

So even if the Candra Empire had made many secret preparations this time, the most important part of the plan was still Xu Yi.

As long as they killed him, the plan could be considered half finished!

In order to guarantee Xu Yis death, Marshal Sudman had used his identity as the empires marshal to even persuade the emperor to act, which had finally moved these two noble Arch Magi to move at the same time.

This kind of treatment had only happened a few times before in the history of the Candra Empire.

Just based on this, even if Xu Yi died, he could die without any regrets.

But Xu Yi didnt want to die at all.

Although he was being attacked by two Arch Magi at once, which could be considered a hopeless situation for anyone else, Xu Yis expression didnt change. He even casually used his magic to seize control of the magic space around him with his domain, while also having time to size up Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca.

These two Arch Magi naturally didnt have any expressions on their faces……

Xu Yi gave a sigh. He knew that no matter what these two Arch Magi had just said, in front of national interest, it meant nothing.

Of course, he wasnt someone who could blame others.

No matter how lofty his ideals were, he was also the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman and before anything else, he still considered the overall benefits of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

So……how could he die here!

Xu Yi slowly raised his right hand and gathered all his magic power. There was a black glow that appeared at the tip of his right index finger that immediately turned into a barrier of light that quickly spread out.

Whether it was the wild elemental magic energy of Arch Magus Ofalians domain or the frozen elemental magic energy of Arch Magus Laducas domain, once this black light passed by it, it was like boiling water meeting an ice cube or a fish returning to the sea as everything had returned to normal.

The black light quickly spread over several hundred meters with Xu Yi as a center.

The strong control of the two Arch Magis domains over the elemental magic energy in the magic space was lost under this glow. The strange space instantly turned to normal as if nothing had just happened.

Arch Magus Ofalian and Arch Magus Laduca looked at Xu Yi in surprise as their faces were covered in disbelief.

Since the two of them had become Arch Magi, there were fewer and fewer people who dared to fight them.

But in the few fights that they had been in, as long as they released their domain and the enemy wasnt another Arch Magus, they would be suppressed and wouldnt be able to make a move.

Even if the enemy was an Arch Magus, with both sides competing in the strength of their domains, the battle would be dangerous and wouldnt be easy.

But when Xu Yi faced the attack of both of them, he just lifted his hand and strangely broke the effect of their domains. It was as if he had destroyed the weapons they were most proud of which they couldnt believe.

To the two of them, even if Xu Yi had shocking talent, having a strong understanding of domains right after becoming an Arch Magus, he still wouldnt be able to contend with their domains.

However, Xu Yi had directly broken the influence of their domains which went against their common sense!

This young brat, how had he done it-

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