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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 85

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Leader Uther and Count Zidal both had ugly expressions on their faces.

“They all escaped” Count Zidal couldnt hide the shock in his eyes, “With such a powerful attack, we couldnt keep them all here This…..Isnt this too unbelievable!”

Uther looked at him before turning to the only person wearing a magicians robe among the four of them.

“Master Jonah, what do you think”

The old magician being called master Jonah also had an ugly look. He looked around before replying in a deep voice, “It was my mistake. I thought that an Eighth Grade Spell would be enough to keep them here, I never thought that they could actually block it.”

“But youre a Great Magician! Why not just cast a Forbidden Spell Now that they are all gone, this is equal to us failing! Do you know that” Count Zidal roared out in an angry voice.

Master Jonah coldly looked at him, “Do you think that it doesnt take time to prepare a Forbidden Spell Moreover, a forbidden spell makes quite a bit of noise, so they would definitely notice it and it would have been useless.”

“Then cant you at least use a Ninth Grade Spell! Whats with the Eighth Grade Spell Why are you saving your magic power Dont you know how important this mission is Do you know……”

Leader Uther knitted his brows and reached a hand out to stop Count Zidal. He looked at the only person left who was a normal looking middle aged man in the clothes of a noble.

“Duke Roman, this group of Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards will definitely return to their base near Drow City. I need your Drow Race Kingdom to help us block them along the way.”

The middle aged man called Duke Roman gave a nod, “No problem. Its five hundred kilometers from Drow City here and they dont have any Magic Cars. It will take them at least several days traveling on foot, so we will have enough time to catch them.”

After saying this, Duke Roman gave a laugh, “Actually, you dont need to worry too much. Although weve let them escape this time, they wont be able to escape our Drow Race Kingdom. Then again, even if they could, what could they do When they arrive, the base might already be in our hands”

“Un.” Leader Uther gave a nod before saying to master Jonah and Count Zidal, “We cant delay this matter, we need to take action now. Master Jonah, you will move with us. Count Zidal, I have to ask you to go back and report on the situation here. As for how well move after this, it will depend on the empires side.”

“Alright, Ill go now.”

After the four of them discussed this, they all left separately.

When silence filled this place again, about a hundred meters away from them in a large tree, there was an elf warrior that had appeared.

He looked down at the Magic Illusion Recorder in his hand and after confirming that he had recorded what had just happened, he carefully put it away before disappearing into the trees.


The Candra Empires capital Wimbledon City was around two thousand kilometers away from Namco Mine, but because it was in the northwest, based on the latitude of the location, it was in a different time zone.

So when the sun was just starting to rise over Namco Mines, the sun had already risen over Wimbledon City.

Xu Yi had already gotten out of bed at this time.

After some exercise, the two maids came in and prepared to help Xu Yi get ready.

Xu Yi waved his hand and sent them away before going into the lobby.

After waiting for a bit, he was told that the Candra Empires magic machine industry management departments chief Count Raphael Irvine was about to come.

“Chairman Xu, you really do get up early. I thought that you would be used to the relaxing life and wouldnt get up until the sun rose.” Count Irvine said with a smile that looked very friendly.

“I dont have the same habit as the old nobles.” Xu Yi looked at Count Irvine and stood up, “Come, lets make the best use of our time and solve this matter today.”

Count Irvine was a bit surprised, “Chairman Xu, theres no need to be in this much of a rush, right Its hard enough for you to come to Wimbledon City, you might as well play for a few days. Ive prepared many things today. Look, lets have some breakfast first and then…..”

“If this matter isnt solved, Im not in a mood to play.” Xu Yi shook his head and rejected Count Irvines goodwill without any courtesy, “Or does your Candra Empire not plan on solving this matter at all”

These words could be considered very impolite. The smile on Count Irvines face froze for a second before he said with an awkward smile, “How could that be We invited chairman Xu over this time just to discuss how to solve this problem.”

Xu Yi looked right into Count Irvines eyes and said word for word, “Lord Count, Ive already wasted two days here, I cant waste anymore time here. Do you understand what I mean”

“Actually, even if chairman Xu didnt mention it, we also want to solve this problem. Weve just made some preparations over the last two days and now that it has been prepared, please come with me, chairman Xu.”

Xu Yi nodded and followed Count Irvine into a Magic Sedan which drove out of Wimbledon City, quickly heading to the east of the city.

“Lord Count, where are you going” Xu Yi asked with knitted brows.

“Ill reveal a bit to chairman Xu.” Count Irvine lowered his voice, “The conflict this time is related to a certain important person in the army, so before we continue with our negotiations, its best to talk to the military first. After hearing that chairman Xu was coming to Wimbledon City, this important person in the army wanted to see you first.”

“Important person in the army” Xu Yi was confused.

Could it be that the Candra Empire insisting on interfering with the Namco Mine incident and even sending two thousand troops was because of the Candra Empire army

With this thought in mine, the Magic Sedan drove for around an hour, entering some plains to the north of Wimbledon City before finally arriving at a giant manor.

When Xu Yi came out, he was surrounded by several dozen soldiers.

Just based on this, it showed that the owner of this manner wasnt normal.

The other nobles would just have some private guards, but this manor actually had soldiers that were wearing the uniform of the Candra Empire army.

Count Irvine who came out the other side saw the soldiers coming over and raised his hands, letting the soldiers pat him down.

Seeing the surprised look on Xu Yis face, Count Irvine said with a smile, “Its the rules here, I ask chairman Xu to forgive us.”

Xu Yi was even more surprised.

Count Irinve was the chief of the Candra Empires magic machine industry management department, so he could be considered an important person. He had to accept this body search when he came to this manor, so could it be that the owner of this manor was someone that even he couldnt match

Even seeing the Candra Empires emperor wouldnt be like this……

Thinking about it, Xu Yi raised his hands to play along.

But when the soldiers were about to pat him down, there was an old and strong laugh that suddenly rang out.

“Alright, all of you can leave. Chairman Xu is a powerful Great Magician, weapons dont mean anything to him.”

Xu Yi turned in the direction of this voice and he saw a powerful old man with white hair and a glowing face in a military uniform coming over.

“Chairman Xu, this is our first time meeting. You really are so young that it surprises me.” The old man in the military uniform gave a loud laugh as he said this, “I am Campbell Sudman, I think that youve heard my name before.”

Xu Yis brows jumped up, “The Candra Empires marshal, how could I have not heard of the famous war god of the Candra Empire”

“Ha, ha, what war god, that is all in the past. Since I took over this useless marshal title, I havent gone to the battlefield in twenty years.” Marshal Sudman waved his hand while laughing loudly.

Xu Yi nodded.

Based on the information he read, this marshal who had a high prestige, even not losing out to the emperor in the hearts of many people hadnt set out to the battlefield since the last battle with the Marlow Empire nineteen years ago.

But that didnt matter to him. After a pause, Xu Yi knitted his brows to ask, “Lord Marshal, I wonder what youve summoned me here for this time”

“Good! Refreshing!” Marshal Sudman gave Xu Yi a thumbs up to praise him and then took Xu Yi with his arm, pulling him into the manor, “We have to go in to talk if we want to talk. Although I am a crude person, I still understand basic hospitality.”

Marshal Sudman was very strong and when Xu Yi was caught by him, he could only move forward.

Turning back, he saw that Count Irvine wasnt following them.

It seemed like Marshal Sudman had prepared just to meet Xu Yi alone this time.

Xu Yi was still very confused.

He was only a merchant in the end, his fame couldnt reach the same level as the famous Candra Empire armys Marshal Sudman. Why did Marshal Sudman specially arrange this meeting between them

The two quickly entered the living room of the manor.

After sitting down, Marshal Sudman looked over Xu Yi before asking, “Chairman Xu, I dont like wasting words. I have a question for you this time and I hope that you will answer honestly.”


“Will your Frestech Chamber of Commerce never transfer the military magic machine technology to our Candra Empire”

Xu Yi was stunned.

He never thought that Marshal Sudman would ask such a sensitive question.

After thinking for a bit, Xu Yi shook his head, “It isnt like this. Lord Marshal, based on the strategic cooperation agreement weve signed, we will transfer the military magic machine technology based on how the magic machine industry develops in the empire. There isnt a problem transferring it at all.”

“Pei! Theres no use in these kinds of things. For our empire, its the same as not having anything.” Marshal Sudman said in a voice filled with disdain.

“Lord Marshal, you cant say it like this. This matter needs to progress step by step, especially the military magic machines. You need to accumulate resources for a long time to grasp them. Even if I transferred them to you now……”

“So youre not willing to transfer it to us in the end, right” Marshal Sudman cut Xu Yi off without any courtesy.

Xu Yi knitted his brows, “Lord Marshal, I think that Ive already made it clear. Moreover, our company has cooperated with your country for a long time, so our side has already said this many times. I dont believe that you dont already know this.”

“I do, so I wanted to give you one last chance.” Marshal Sudmans gaze turned sharp as he looked at Xu Yi, “But its clear that you dont plan on seizing this chance. I will ask you one more time, are you willing to give our Candra Empire the military magic machine technology or not”

Xu Yi felt a bit of danger and knitted his brows as he looked at Marshal Sudman.

“Lord Marshal, what do you mean by this”-

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