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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 75

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Because this place was over ten thousand kilometers away from the Sines Continent, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had the right to manage most things themselves with Xu Yis permission.

Suddenly being attacked by such a large number of goblins was without a doubt a very serious matter. However, it was clearly impossible to report to the headquarters and wait for their response.

So the manager Bannett had gathered representatives from the various branches for an emergency meeting to discuss this issue.

After a day of discussion, the branch had decided their preliminary actions.

First, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to build a stable base here, so the first thing they had to take care of was the bases safety.

Before the communication network was perfect, they had to avoid going too far from the base to avoid any unexpected dangers.

The headquarters had already sent six thousand guards here and with the large amount of military magic machines, the guard team leader Reinhold estimated that they could guarantee the safety of no more than twenty kilometers out from the base.

Next, while building the base, the branch also had a task of understanding the Magic Cloud Continent as much as possible, trying to build good relations with the locals to facilitate future trading.

So they couldnt break their current relations with the Sansa Elf Tribe and the Chrome Halfling Tribe, while at the same time, they had to develop relations with the other locals.

The branch had to send teams out regularly to achieve this goal.

But because of the besiegement of the goblins this time, they had decided that the exploration teams would take the Magic Airships out in the future.

Because based on their current understanding of the continent, there were only the dragons and the few experts of the various races that could attack from the air right now.

With the Magic Airships setting out as a unit, even if they cant win, they could run in most situations.

Of course, the branch only currently had twenty Magic Airships.

Deciding on this plan meant that the branch would send out far fewer exploration teams and it would seriously affect their exploration rate.

But sir chairman had always stressed that “safety was number one, people were the most important thing”, so choosing the safest way in this situation was something that had no doubt.

Moreover, manager Bannett would hand an application to the headquarters on behalf of the Magic Cloud Continent branch to get as many more Magic Airships as soon as possible.

Next, they would ask for more support when it came to communication equipment and personnel.

Because this event had exposed the serious flaw in their communication, causing the branch to be passive in many matters.

Other than these two major decisions, the high level members of the branch discussed some other issues and decided on proper methods to deal with them.

Other than this, team leader Reinhold had given a very bold idea.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces exploration fleet hadnt found any goblin tribes around here, which meant that the influence of the goblins hadnt spread here yet.

Now that there were over ten thousand goblins that surrounded the transport team, it meant that the goblins that the elves and halflings said ruled the continent were noticing the unusualness of this region, so they started taking action.

Team leader Reinhold felt that since it was impossible to hide, then instead of waiting for the goblins to come, it was better to attack the goblins instead. They could launch a fierce attack that would make the goblins fear them. They might even clean up the area around the base to guarantee the safety of the surrounding area.

When it came to his suggestion, manager Bannett and the other high level members of this branch had different ideas.

Although the goblins had appeared and attacked the transport team, that didnt mean that the goblins would attack this base and had hostility towards this base.

If this was just a coincidence, if the branchs guards took action against the goblins and angered them, it might mean bringing danger to this base.

The goblins could dominate the Magic Cloud Continent because one, there were many of them and two, they were united.

If they provoked the goblins, it would mean many goblins would come to attack them and they would be forced to fight to the death with the goblins.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces influence on the Magic Cloud Continent wasnt strong yet. Although they werent afraid of the goblins' attack, it wasnt possible for them to initiate an attack.

“So What did your company decide in the end Will they stay like this and wait for the goblins to come” Cassandra asked Akali with a curious look.

Akali gave a sigh and shook her head, “No one could convince the other, so they havent decided yet. But there is something that is certain, its that no matter what, we have to cultivate public roads first.”

“Public roads” Cassandra was surprised as she quickly searched her mind before reacting, “Its those very smooth roads that I saw on the Sines Continent before”


“Why do you need to pave roads”

“Because it will be very convenient after the roads are paved.” Akali answered without any hesitation, “Not to mention anything else, it wouldnt take more than a day to reach the Sansa Elf Tribe in the future at least. If we can build a road to the Sansa Elf Tribe and use large transport Magic Cars, it would only take three hours to go there and back. Dont you think that its much more convenient”

“Is it” Cassandra thought about the situation on the Sinse Continent and nodded without really understanding, “But arent you worried that the goblins will attack even if you build roads Will there be a difference”

“Un, we dont have enough people now, so we can only take our time. Right now weve decided what to do, which is to lay down the roads and the magic communication network. The bigger the area of these two things, the more range we have to move in.” Akali thought about it before suddenly saying, “Cassandra, do you really think its impossible for us to negotiate with the goblins If the goblins are willing, our company is willing to discuss with them so that both sides can get what we want, it would be beneficial to them too.”

“I urge you not to think like this.” Cassandra shook her head, “The goblins are famous for not trusting other races, they dont even trust people of the same race. The reason for their unity is because of other races. But it isnt impossible for you to negotiate with them, but its very simple, you just have to beat them until they submit to make them think that they cant defeat you, so they will accept negotiating with you. For example, our dragon race, the goblins dont have any ideas when they see us. Of course, our dragon race doesnt have any ideas towards those lowly goblins either.”

“Completely beat them……” Akali knitted her brows to think for a bit before suddenly revealing a smile, “Its probably not that difficult.”

Cassandra wanted to refute Akali, but thinking of seeing the might of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airships two days ago, she fell silent again.

Although Cassandra was certain that if she was facing a Magic Airship, there was no doubt she would have an advantage.

But Akali had said before that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could keep making Magic Airships, they could have as many as they wanted.

The dragons had a limited population, so they couldnt take losing even a single one.

With this contrast, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces potential far surpassed the dragon races.

Thinking of this, the way that Cassandra looked at Akali changed slightly.

She was willing to contact these humans before mainly because they gave her interesting things, for example, the rich Illusion Films.

However, after seeing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards easily repel the attack of over ten thousand goblins, Cassandra suddenly felt that these humans werent just better at dragons than having interesting things.

Compared to the small population and weak humans of the Magic Cloud Continent, the humans from the Sines Continent that Akali and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce represented were countless times stronger.

If the humans of the Sines Continent came to the Magic Cloud Continent, would they be able to replace the goblins

Cassandra thought about it and found that there should be no doubt about this.

Just the battle strength of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce surpassed that of the goblins by several times.

If more of them came, the goblins might not be able to resist them even with numbers.

Then if the Magic Cloud Continent were ruled by these humans, how would it affect it

Cassandra seriously considered this for a bit and couldnt find a certain answer.

She had gone to the Sines Continent and seen the lively society the humans built there, as well as experiencing the various entertainment that the humans had shown her.

But she hadnt been on the Sines Continent for long and couldnt tell if there was a difference between humans ruling the continent and goblins ruling the continent.

But after thinking about it, Cassandra felt that perhaps this was a good thing for the Magic Cloud Continent.

After all, the goblins had ruled this continent for several thousand years and the Magic Cloud Continent had always been listless and boring.

Rather, the humans from the Sines Continent were more interesting.

If Cassandra had to choose, of course she liked the humans from the Sines Continent more.

A human and dragon thought about their own things and fell into silence.

After a while, this silence was broken by a large gust of wind.

Leon flapped his wings above them and after falling for a bit, he suddenly realized something as he quickly changed into human form before continuing to fall.

“Hey, Akali, Ive decided. Give me a set of those military magic machines and its best if you give me a Magic Airship as well. Ill go back and convince our clansmen to cooperate with your company, what do you think”-

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