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Magic Industry Empire Volume 7 Chapter 73

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Without a single word, Cassandra kicked Leons butt.

“You cant even find the humans, what use are you”

Leon didnt dodge at all and took this kick before saying with an aggrieved look, “How could I know that in just a few decades, those humans would completely change. Now their population is several times bigger and they have even gone several dozen kilometers away to build a city. It seems like theyre living quite well.”

“Oh There are already human cities” Akali was pleased before asking, “Then did you contact those humans How are they living right now”

Leon shook his head, “Humans are afraid of us dragons, how could I contact them”

“Cant you change into human form” Akali couldnt help saying.

Leon gave a snort as he looked at Akali with eyes filled with disdain.

“I am an esteemed dragon, how can I change to human…..” After saying this, Leon looked down at his current human form and swallowed the rest of his words. He gave a cough before continuing, “In short, dont hope that Ill go to the human place asking around for you, I wont do it.”

Akali stopped Cassandra from kicking him again and said with a smile, “Its good enough knowing about the humans. Lets not talk about the humans, lets talk about you black dragons. How was the reaction to the things you brought back last time Did your clansmen like it”

Hearing Akali ask this, Leon immediately revealed an excited look.

“Hey, you…..Human, what are you called”

“Akali, just call me Akali.”

“Oh, Akali. Do you still have more of the Magic Illusion Projectors that you had me bring back last time Are there more episodes to those films as well Quickly tell me, I cant wait anymore!”

Seeing this expression from Leon, Akali and Cassandra couldnt help looking at each other with smiles.

It seemed like the black dragon tribe was the same as Cassandras red dragon tribe, they liked the Illusion Films very much. It seemed like Akali really did the right thing having Leon bring those things back last time.

“Of course I do. If youre interested, you can have Cassandra recommend some to you, shes very familiar with them.” Akali said.

“Really Cassandra, quickly tell me, what happened to that Prince Tusk after Did he die Also, his father, that beautiful king is a bad person, right Also……”

Seeing Leon and Cassandra start to discuss Illusion Films, Akali shook her head, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

The dragons really were strange.

They were a naturally powerful race and they should see humans like bugs, but whether it was the red dragons or the black dragons, they were very infatuated by the Illusion Films that described human stories. It really was something that people couldnt understand.

Seeing their chat fire up, Akali felt that she should wait even if she did have questions. She told Cassandra that she was planning on heading back to camp first.

Cassandra waved her hand to show she didnt care. However, when Akali was about to fly into the sky, Leon seemed like he had suddenly remembered something.

“Right, Ah…..Akali, when I was flying over, I saw some humans being surrounded by goblins. Do you know those humans”

Akali looked in the northwest direction Leon was pointing in and after thinking about it, her expression changed.

Just this morning, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sent a transport team to the Chrome Halfling Tribe. They were sending some of the new household magic machine that arrived to the halflings to let them know the convenience that the household magic machines brought.

Calculating the time, they should still be on the road.

Moreover, there werent any humans in several hundred kilometers around this place. If Leon saw a group of humans, it should be the transport group from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

However, Akali didnt receive a distress signal from the transport team which meant that either Leon was mistaken, or the transport team had reached a place where the magic communication signal didnt reach.

Akali believed it was the latter, so after thinking for a bit, she pulled a Magic Communicator out of her chest. She called the person in charge of the camp defenses, team leader Reinhold from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards and reported the situation.

“Team leader Reinhold, Ill go verify the situation, you should follow right away. We need to maintain communications at all times.” Akali said.

“Wait! Akali, since the transport team cant contact us, then they are outside of communication rage. Youll be the same if you go there, so how will we contact you” Team leader Reinhold said in an urgent voice.

“Its fine, I have two dragons with me, I can create a few temporary floating magic signal devices along the way to create a temporary communication network. That way you can contact me at all times.”

“This……” Team leader Reinhold still hesitated, but he chose to believe in Akalis specialty, “Alright, then please maintain communication. I will immediately organize a group right now.”


Akali didnt hang up and held it in her hand as she nodded to Cassandra.

Cassandra and Akali had researched the floating signal for over a year now, so of course she understood Akalis meaning. She quickly turned back into dragon form and slowly floated into the air before chanting some Dragon Word Magic to create a white ball of magic in the air.

This was the floating magic signal that Akali and Cassandra had developed together. It could replace the basic functions of a magic signal tower and act as a transmission medium for the magic signal.

But if this thing was compared to the stable magic signal towers that were placed on the ground and formed from Magic Crystals and Magic Arrays, it was much less stable, so it was very hard to use it to completely replace magic signal towers.

But it had one advantage over magic signal towers which was that it could float, so it wasnt limited by the topography. At the same time, it was less affected when acting as a transmission medium for magic signal, so it had a longer range and a stronger signal.

Akali researched this thing mainly to create a magic communication network that stretched across the seas, finally connecting the Magic Cloud Continent and the Sines Continent.

Seeing that Cassandra had finished the temporary floating magic signal device, Akali tested the Magic Communicator in her hand and confirmed that there wasnt a problem with the signal. Then she turned to Leon to say, “Go, bring me to where you found the humans just now.”

Leon was staring at the Magic Communicator in Akalis hand with a curious look.

“What is this thing It seems very fun.”

“Fun your head!” Cassandra flew down and flapped her wing to slap Leon, causing him to roll twice on the ground, “Stop wasting words and lead the way.”

Leon pulled his head out of the ground and didnt dare refute her. He just changed back into his dragon form and flew off in the northwest direction he had pointed in.

“Come, get on.”

Cassandra let Akali jump onto her back before flapping her wings to follow him.

After flying for around four to five kilometers, Akali had Leon and Cassandra stop before having Cassandra create another temporary floating magic signal device. After confirming that the signal was fine and that they could contact team leader Reinhold, they continued flying northwest.

Repeating this seven times, flying over forty kilometers, they finally heard sounds from in front of them.

Leon flying ahead roared out, “Its over there.”

Akali looked in the direction the sounds came from and saw a flash of bright blue light before a loud sound rang out that seemed very scary.

“They even used the Magic Bazookas, are the goblins really that powerful” Akali couldn't wait anymore and jumped off Cassandras back as she flew off in that direction.

With her power as a Ninth Grade Magician now, it didnt take her long to fly this distance.

After a while, she went to where the light and sounds came from.

Looking down, Akali felt her scalp tingle.

There was a patch of grassland under her that looked very open.

However, there was a group of humans right in the center and all around them were goblins that were completely green.

Looking down, it was like seeing a group of ants spread out. With a rough estimate, there were over ten thousand of them.

“Cassandra, Leon, you……”

“No.” Cassandra who was flying beside Akali shook her large head. She could tell what Akali was thinking as she said, “Akali, our dragon race has sworn to the Dragon God that we cant interfere in the matters of the other races, so we will not participate in their battles. I cant help you.”

Leon on the side also said, “Theres no other way, human, this is the pledge passed down in our dragon tribe, I cant help you either.”

Akali looked at the two dragons and felt a bit surprised.

However, this wasnt the time to think about this. Akali nodded and then took out the Magic Communicator as she called team leader Reinhold again.

“Over ten thousand goblins” Team leader Reinholds voice took a deep breath in the Magic Communicator, “Whats the situation with the transport team”

“They can still hold on for now, but I dont know how long they can hold on.”

“Good, Akali, you are a Ninth Grade Magician, I hope that you can help them fight for some time. We are on the way. Itll take…..at least twenty minutes before we can get here, so help them hold on!”

“Good, the transport team and I will be waiting for you.”

After saying this, Akali took a deep look at Cassandra and Leon and then she flew towards the group of humans encircled by the goblins without any hesitation.-

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