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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 106

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Visit to the royal palace

However, even if Sancheli was the person who discovered this Magic Array, he didnt seem to understand why it was like this at all.

Moreover, he didnt understand the important meaning this Magic Array had, so naturally he couldnt comprehend Xu Yis meaning.

Even if Xu Yi tries very hard to explain it to him and Sancheli worked hard for an entire day, he still couldnt write anything.

Seeing Sancheli distressed and speechless appearance, Xu Yi took a deep breath and thought that perhaps he was being too forceful and hasty.

The magicians of the Sines Continent didnt care about this aspect at all before, forcing them to have the same ideas as him was completely impossible.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi calmed down and said to Sancheli in a slow voice, “How about this, dont worry about what I said before. From now on, you just have to record every detail of this Magic Array. Ill make it a bit more simple, you just need to teach this Magic Array to me and let me grasp every aspect, do you understand what I mean”

Sancheli thought about it, “This…..Sir chairman, if I teach this to you, will you still need me”

Seeing Sanchelis anxious appearance and the cunning look hidden in his eyes, Xu Yi couldnt help knitting his brows.

This fellow, when he was dead inside as a beggar, he didnt care about anything. Why was it that after being full for two days, he had completely changed

Xu Yi didnt like this kind of people, but he knew he couldnt just tell him to scram now. So he coldly looked at him and said, “What are you afraid of You think I would go back on a promise”

Sancheli didnt say anything, but the expression on his face disclosed the thoughts that he had.

“Blind fool!” Xu Yi gave a snort in his heart. He dug into his chest and threw ten gold coins onto the table.

“Here, this is the first months wage paid in advance, take it now. If you can let me understand this Magic Array, I will give you five gold coins as a reward. Other than that……” Xu Yi took a paper from the table and took the pen from Sanchelis hand as he quickly drew a Magic Array on it, “This is a Burning Magic Array, study it and then make changes to it based on my request. If you succeed, youll receive another ten gold coins as a reward.”

Sanchelis eyes instantly lit up, “Sir chairman, what are your requests”

“Its very simple. You should have seen a standard Burning Magic Array before. A weak flame will appear after the Magic Array is activated, but my request is to have this flame burn in this Magic Array for five minutes before it extinguishes itself.”

Sancheli was stunned, “Then just cut off the magic power supply.”

“Let me finish. My meaning is to have the flame extinguish, but to have the array still active. After two minutes, the flames will appear again and will extinguish after burning for five minutes. Do you understand what I mean” Xu Yi said with a serious face.

Sancheli thought about it before revealing a difficult expression.

“This…...To have the Magic Array remain active while not letting out flames…...Sir chairman, what about the heat of the Magic Array It cant be that you want to have the Magic Array make the heat disappear, right That would turn this magic array into a completely different magic array.”

Xu Yi couldnt help giving a nod of praise. Although Sancheli was a bit greedy and a bit sly, his mind was sharp enough.

“No. My request isnt to have the heat of the Magic Array disappear, but to maintain the heat without needing the flame, do you understand”

Sancheli let out a sigh of relief. After thinking about it, he said with a smile, “That is much simpler. Sir chairman, give me a bit of time, I should be able to complete this task. But…..” Sancheli hesitated a bit before revealing a flattering smile, “Sir chairman, this…...Can you pay these ten gold coins to me in advance as well If you can do ten, five is also good……”

Xu Yi looked at Sancheli for a while, forcing him to lower his head before taking out ten gold coins and putting them on the table.

“Sancheli, as long as you can contribute to the company, money is not a problem. But I hope that you will not hide anything from me.”

“Of course not, I definitely wouldnt hide anything from sir chairman.” Sancheli gave two dry laughs. There was no hesitation at all in his hands as he swept those ten gold coins into his pocket.

Xu Yi looked at Sancheli with a forced smile on his face with knitted brows. If it wasnt for the fact that this fellow could control Magic Arrays by programming them, he wouldnt be willing to hire him at all.

After eating lunch, Xu Yi continued to discuss this matter with Sancheli.

With Xu Yis magic talent and deep knowledge of Magic Arrays, he quickly grasped the Wind Magic Array Sancheli had placed on the crystal ball.

It had to be said, the Wind Magic Array Sancheli discovered really was unique. Although it wasnt as complicated as Xu Yi thought, only being a bit more complicated than a normal Revolving Wind Array, there were many details that were different.

And it was because there were these minute differences that made large changes to the manifestation of this Magic Array.

But after grasping these details, it didnt mean that Xu Yi had completely grasped this Magic Array.

Although he could completely reproduce this Magic Array, causing the Magic Array to have the same programmed effects as when it was placed on the crystal ball like before, Xu Yi wasnt very clear just what made this Magic Array different from other Magic Arrays.

What Xu Yi needed was a summary of the set rules of programming Magic Arrays and not to just understand a single Magic Array.

Another part of industry was to popularize and mass produce, not to just create a single exception.

But even Sancheli himself didnt know what the theory behind this was because he had discovered this special Wind Magic Array by accident, it was not because he had finished a complete set of theories.

So when they were studying Magic Arrays together, Xu Yi supervised Sancheli as he research the Fire Magic Array he had him study, telling Sancheli to clearly state his thoughts when he was researching this.

After researching with Sancheli, Xu Yi believed that he could find a rule that he could compile into a complete theory to apply to other Magic Arrays.

Being lost in research caused time to fly. Xu Yi had only had a slight view of the solution when time had already passed into the afternoon. Someone came from the palace to tell him to enter the palace to wait for his audience with the king.

After confirming that this person did indeed come from the palace, Xu Yi gathered his things and followed that person, leaving the office.

When he had taken strolls in Anvilmar City, Xu Yi had approached the palace before, but he had only take a few looks and had never approached it before.

Now that he had been summoned by the king, Xu Yi could finally openly walk into the palace. This filled his heart with a bit of excitement.

It was not just because he could discuss business matters after seeing the king, it was also because of being able to enter the palace itself.

Although there were many historic royal palaces left in many countries on earth, Xu Yi never had the chance to enter them. He had some understanding of them through what he saw on television and other news sources, but of course he had never personally experienced entering them.

Only after entering the Lampuri Kingdom Royal Palace to the north of Anvilmar City, Xu Yi was a bit disappointed.

This palace didnt look that big from the outside, being around the size of two-three football stadiums from earth. Xu Yi found that although the inside was decorated quite luxuriously, there wasnt anything that really surprised him. It was far from comparing to the magnificent royal palaces that Xu Yi had imagined.

Looking at this average royal palace, Xu Yi couldnt help making estimates in hiss heart.

A royal palace was a demonstration of national power. The reason why the Lampuri Kingdom Royal Palace wasnt as luxurious is most likely caused by the Lampuri Kingdoms national power.

As a normal small kingdom to the central southwest of the Sines Continent, the Lampuri national power couldnt compare to the only two empires on the Sines Continent, the Marlow Empire and the Candra Empire. Even among the kingdoms of the same size, they could only be considered at the medium or low level, so naturally they wouldnt have a strong national power.

Of course, a palace wouldnt have to be poor if a country wasnt strong. For example, there were poverty stricken countries with sky high government official buildings to show off their power, not looking poor at all. Compared to this, even though the Lampuri Kingdom wasnt that strong, they could decorate the royal palace this luxuriously which still shocked people.

The current appearance was because the Lampuri Kingdom royal family had always been thrifty, leaving behind a tradition seeking effectiveness over appearances.

Adding in the turmoil in the Lampuri Kingdom over the past ten years, greatly decreasing its national power, the king had been even more stringent and didnt allow any wasteful spending at all. This royal palace hadnt been repaired in ten years and it was around the same as the manors of some nobles.

Xu Yis eyes saw quite a few marks inside the royal palace, with the paint peeling off quite a few walls. He thought that if this king really cared about efficiency more than vanity like the rumours said, his ideas would be more easily accepted by the king.

As a mechanical engineer, Xu Yi appreciated this kind of character because in the machine industry, not a single bit of error was allowed.

After the servant guided Xu Yi into the royal palace, they didnt bring him far. After going through two corridors, they brought him to a small room to rest for now.

“Wait a minute.” Xu Yi called out the servant who was about to leave, “Can I ask, to have me come this early, is there some special order”

The servant replied without any expression, “No comment, I am just following orders to lead you here.”

Looking at the servant whose facial expressions were like stone, Xu Yi knew that he couldnt get anything out of him, so he just waved his hand.

Unexpected to Xu Yi, after the servant left, there was no one who came to call him.

Xu Yi had been alone in the room for close to half an hour and finally couldnt take it anymore, so he stood up.

When he stood up, he found that the door to this little room had been blocked by something from the outside!

Xu Yis face instantly fell.

It seemed like he had fallen into a trap.-

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